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Youth of the month - Jatinderpal Singh
Jatinderpal singh sml.jpg I am Jatinder Pal Singh from newly made district of Punjab “Sahebzada Ajeet Singh Nagar”. I am 26 years old & running my own business. We are four members in our family, my step-father lives is in Germany, .....read more
The Sikh TV Channel asks for financial support
sikhchannel-225x300.jpg The Sikh Channel, which wants to become the UK's first all religious Sikh TV service has opened up a Facebook message group, as well as a website requesting members of the public to contribute financially..... → read more
Bollywood’s blues or box-office gold
billu-thumb.jpg The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) sought a ban on Akshay Kumar-starrer Singh is Kinng for allegedly ridiculing the Sikh community. However, the movie became a box office record breaker........ → read more
Foundation receives Record number of Applications from Needy Students
SHD-THUMB.jpg Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) received nearly 400 scholarship applications from needy students from Punjab and other Northern Indian states for the academic year 2008-2009. The Foundation expects to approve....... → read more
Sikh Children convey Sikh ideals to American audience
play-THUMB.jpg Audience of about 400 from all walks of life and faiths applauded the perfectly choreographed performance of Sikh children who staged two musical plays recently at Wootton high School in Rockville, Md...... → read more
Punjabi Film "Sat Siri Akal" breaks box office records
SatSiriAkal-Thumb.jpg Sat Sri Akal’ is running successfully in all the theaters, especially in Delhi. The earning of this film will go to Mata Triptaji Charitable Trust. The film is setting new benchmarks for filmed entertainment in Punjabi language...... → read more
Bhai Nirmal Singh to get Padma Shri Award
BhaiNirmal_Singh-225x300.jpg It is a proud moment for Sikhs round the world as Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa has become the first sikh kirtania to get Padma Shri Award. Bhai Sahib is the Hazoori Raagi of Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar...... → read more
Sikh teaches primary pupils about his culture
Roop singh.jpg 'Children were given a religious education lesson with a difference when their class was taken by Roop Singh, a Sikh. Mr Singh, of Leeds, taught the Year 5 and 6 pupils at Triangle Primary School.... .....read more
Nina Kaur wins Care Innovator Award at Care Unique in UK
Nina-225x300.jpg Nina Kaur an Amritdhari Gursikh has made Khalsa Panth proud after she has won Care Innovator Award at her prestigious organisation Care Unique......... → read more
These Sikhnis have an eye on Miss Kaur crown
Kaur-225x300.jpg On Friday evening, 19 beautiful Sikhnis who avoid trimming their hair and wear the shining kara on their wrist will compete for the title of Miss Kaur International 2009, likely the first beauty contest..... → read more
Punjab CM starts Akhand Path at Golden Temple for PM's fast recovery
Manmohan-2.jpg Parkash Singh Badal got Akhand Path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib started at Golden Temple here to pray for speedy recovery, sound health and long life of Dr. Manmohan Singh. He said “PM Singh was born and lived in the holy city of Sri Amritsar Sahib...... → read more
Iraq to rebuild Guru Nanak's shrine
Shrine Guru Nanak.jpg Watch news video in English & Hindi - In a significant development, the Government of Iraq has decided to rebuild the 15th century Guru Nanak Dev's shrine which was destroyed in the 2003 war in Baghdad... .....read more
Sikh spends distressing times in Korean Jail
Jasprit Singh Chawla sml.jpg
Good looking, devout and down to earth Jasprit Singh Chawla has been in a Korean prison for the last thirteen months. Nominated by Lloyds last year for the “Shipmaster of the Year” award for his heroic efforts during the oil spill....... → read more
Jathedar Akal Takhat visit US Sikhs
groupsnap.jpg On the invitation of Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa, Ambassador of Sikh Dharma and other prominent US Sikhs, Jathedar of Akal Takhat Sahib visited the West Coast of USA including New Mexico, Arizona and California...... → read more
Cambridge announces Manmohan scholarships
Manmohan-225x300.jpg St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, announced that ‘Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships’ is seeking to award £35,000 to each PhD student for up to three years, with three scholarships........ → read more
Dream IT, achieve IT! Rural Sikh girl shows the way
Jasvir.jpg “I want to do something significant for my state Punjab after completing my study in UK”. These were the words of Jasvir Kaur, a Sikh Punjabi girl, who left for UK on a scholarship, provided by University of Wolverhampton....... → read more
Sikhs donate blankets, food bags and toys
Sikhs-donate2-sml.jpg Nanak Parchar Sabha and Sikh community of Southern California donated more than 15,000 blankets, food bags and toys at Fred Jordan Mission in downtown Los Angeles on the 65th Annual Skid Row Christmas Party. .....read more
Nearly 70% of youth in Punjab are in the grip of drugs
Drugs.jpg Even as nearly 70 per cent of youth in Punjab are reported to be in the grip of drugs, very few among the DCs, SSPs, civil surgeons and the director, social security and welfare, Punjab seem to be interested in controlling the drug menace...... → read more

Children convey Sikh ideals to American audience
Sikh-kids-play-sml.jpg Audience of about 400 from all walks of life and faiths applauded the perfectly choreographed performance of Sikh children who staged two musical plays on Dec.13 at Wootton High School in Rockville, Md. .....read more
The World went 'Balle Balle' in 2008
Sikh-225x300.jpg 2008 was the year in which Punjabi culture ruled the world! From Singh is Kinng becoming the highest grosser of 2008, to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh achieving some huge goals for India and from Abhinav Singh Bindra..... → read more
Sikh cabbie displays real spirit of Christmas
F 0 taxi g 320.jpg We got talking to the driver about the Christian aspect of Christmas. He was saying, as a Sikh, that he found it silly that some people - politicians mainly - were scared of using the word Christmas and Christ. .....read more
All doctors in one Sikh family
17family001.jpg Dr. Sant Singh and his wife Dr. Basant Kaur both studied at the same medical college in Amritsar. After serving for nearly 30 years, they both retired as Chief Medical Officer with a unique pride that they were leaving a rich legacy of an entire family of doctors. .....read more
Former Sikh scientist pedals to look after the poor
DrMangat_225x300.jpg Clad in a simple kurta-pajama with a bag slung on his shoulders, one would not easily believe that the man riding a bicycle in labour colonies all through the day is not only a former Scientist of Punjab Agricultural University,....... → read more
American Sikhs to keep the homeless warm
50sikh001.jpg During this week, in respect of the sacrifice of sahibzadas their young lives, Sikh families will give away $50,000 worth of coats, gloves and socks to the needy beginning Saturday at the Larch-Clover Community Center. .....read more
Dr Inderjit Kaur receives Honour from NCM
Inderjitkaur.jpg Dr Inderjit Kaur has been honoured by the National Commission of Minorities, for her grass root efforts to promote the rights of minorities and communal harmony in India. .....read more
Sheriff-elect to talk about alleged abuse by deputies
Garcia_225x300.jpg Harris County Sheriff-elect Adrian Garcia took off his shoes and put on a head covering to enter a Sikh temple Sunday, where he pledged to expand diversity training and investigate a complaint..... → read more
Referee 'told Sikh boy to remove turban'
Sikh youth in patka.jpg Football authorities in Dublin are investigating allegations that a referee tried to force a Sikh boy to take off his turban during a schoolboy match. The family of Karpreet Singh and anti-racist campaigners have contacted the Football Association of Ireland ... .....read more
Jagjit Singh, a Canadian Sikh sets new world record
Jagjit Singh Canada sq.jpg On Sunday, Dec. 7, 2008, Jagjit Singh will be presented the Guinness World Record for Longest Drumming Marathon - Individual, to recognize his record-breaking 110 hours of playing Tabla. Singh, a Brampton resident and local Tabla teacher, eclipsed .....read more
Sikhs express shock at European court ban on turban
Jean paul costa sml.jpg I am shocked to hear this! On the one hand President Sarkozy said on his visit to India that the turban is not banned in France and that Sikhs are free to practise their religion. But where is the freedom after today's decision? .....read more
Sikhs family harassed by Harris County deputies
Police forgot their duty.jpg The Sikh Coalition strongly condemns misbehaviour by Harris County police officers towards a Sikh family whose home was burgled in Houston last week. The officers' behaviour sent a loud message.... .....read more
Sikhs offer food to security forces
Chapatis med2.jpg During the chaotic aftermath of the terror strikes many ordinary Mumbaikars came out to offer whatever help they could. One such group of young Sikhs worked relentlessly to offer food.. .....read more
Sikhs celebrate at UK Parliament
Parliament-UK-mod.jpg On Thursday, 20th November 2008 from 4pm to 6pm, a celebration was held at the Members Dining Room at the House of Commons to mark the Tercentenary of The Guru Granth Sahib. Many people of.. .....read more
US Airways pilot refuses to fly three Sikhs
raagis-225x300.jpg In a disturbing incident reminiscent of widespread discrimination in 2001, three eminent Sikh classical religious musicians, Gulbag Singh, Davinder Singh, and Iqbal Singh were 'kicked off' a US Airways flight........ → read more
US Sikh woman racial harassed, wins settlement
SukhbirKaur.jpg In a settlement agreement worth a total of $255,000, National Wholesale Liquidators (NWL), agreed to make changes to their employment policies and pay money damages to nine victims of harassment, including Mrs. Kaur. .....read more
Sarika Singh bangle case cost school £76,000
Uk-mp-Ann-Clwyd-sml.jpg British Labour MP Ann Clwyd has strongly criticised school governors after it emerged that their decision to ban a Sikh pupil, Sarika Singh from wearing a religious bracelet, called a Kara will cost the school more than £76,000 ($100,000). .....read more
This video misrepresents Gurbani of Guru Nanak
Bhajan Guru Nanak.jpg This video on youTube purports to be a shabad by Guru Nanak the founder of Sikhism. The last line of the shabad reads "says Nanak listen seekers of the lord in this world no one is yours". Having searched the Guru Granth Sahib thoroughly, nowhere can the shabad be found. .....read more
Tragic death of a Sikh Policeman
Kulwinder-225x300.jpg It is a very sad, but honoured privilege to share with you a few of the many reasons why Kulwinder was so widely regarded amongst his friends and colleagues in the City of London Police...... → read more
Guru Nanak’s message for peace by Manju Ahluwalia
Guru Nanak by sobaSingh sml.jpg Guru Nanak launched his movement for peace and love in the fifteenth century, but his message enshrined in Guru Granth has a timeless quality and universal appeal. His utterances are as true and compelling in the strife-ridden world as they were some 500 years ago .....read more