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School that discriminated against Sikh billed £200,000...
Sarika_Watkins-Singh.jpg It is also believed Sarika herself may have a cheque from the education bosses, who have been ordered to pay the student banned from wearing the Sikh Kara damages believed to be at least five figures...... → read more
The Hand of God: Amazing X-ray of a supernova in space
HandOfGod-THUMB.jpg Taken by NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory from it's orbiting 360 miles above the Earth, the recently released photo of Pulsar B1509 captures the X-Ray nebula in a state shaped like a human hand. NASA estimates the shape spans 150 light years,..... → read more
Sikh celebration in B.C. brings crowds and controversy
Surrey-THUMB.jpg The morning drizzle did little to dampen spirits as colourfully-dressed people from all faiths and cultures streamed through Vancouver’s Main Street and Surrey’s 128 Street. But the celebrations were mixed with political undertones...... → read more
Impact of WWI on Sikh soldiers based on their letters
1915-THUMB.jpg These letters of Sikh soldiers project their courage, loyalty, will to win the war or die like Sikh heroes. They have followed the great Sikh tradition of martyrdom laid down by their Guru Gobind Singh..... → read more

1,200 Sikh Yatrees arrive in City
Sikh yatrees.jpg Pakistani officials welcomed more than 1,200 Sikh Yatrees at Wahga Joint Check Post on Saturday who arrived here from India through special trains. The Yatrees during their ten-days stay in Pakistan will attend the 310th Besakhi Festival .....read more

The Guru's Langar
gt-thumb.jpg Forty to fifty thousand people, on an average, partake of langar every day at Harmandar Sahib. "On Sundays, festival days and Masya, the number exceeds 1 lakh," says jathedar Harpinder Singh, who is in charge of the langar...... → read more
British Army join in annual Vaisakhi Jaloose
BitArmy.jpg The British Army will walk side by side with Sikhs in Derby as they join the annual Vaisakhi procession for the first time. Soldiers will be among the estimated 12,000 people taking to the streets as part of the procession through Pear Tree...... → read more

Broken heart 'really can be bad for your health'
BrokenHeart.jpg An international team has carried out the study and found that a broken heart can take a toll on a person's health as emotional loss triggers symptoms similar to a heart attack,"The Daily Telegraph" reported...... → read more

Gurumustuk Singh to be recognized with SALDEF 2009 Award
Gurumustuk-THUMB.jpg SALDEF is proud to announce that Gurumustuk Singh, founder of SikhNet, will be recognized with the 2009 SALDEF Youth Leadership Award during SALDEF’s 2009 Civil Rights Awards Gala on May 2, 2009 in Los Angeles. ..... → read more

Siri Pritam Kaur shares her experiences with Students
SiriPritam-THUMB.jpg Department of Ethnic Studies invited Siri Pritam Kaur Khalsa to speak to our class as a representative of the American Sikh, a derivation of the traditional Punjabi Sikh culture that normally serves as the focus of our class discussion...... → read more

Seeking Sikhism - English-Language TV Show on Spirituality
ss-tv.jpg New weekly TV show in BC (Canada) called "Seeking Sikhism". It is an English-language show focused on discussing important life questions and topics using the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib ji as the foundation...... → read more

In Loving Memory of Bhai Nirmal Singh
ManvirS-THUMB.jpg On 13th March 2009, Gurmukh Bhai Nirmal Singh (UK) passed away in the early hours of Amrit-velaa, having bravely accepted the Hukam of terminal cancer. Bhai sahib was a Sikh youth preacher with an undying passion for Sikhi and seva...... → read more
Turmeric ingredient makes membranes behave for better health
Turmeric-THUMB.jpg In recent years, research into the healing powers of turmeric's main ingredient, curcumin, has burgeoned, as its astonishing array of antioxidant, anti-cancer, antibiotic, antiviral and other properties has been revealed...... → read more
An Interview with the Singh Twins
SinghTwins-225x300.jpg I was initially introduced and drawn to the art of Rabindra and Amrit Kaur Singh (otherwise known as the "Singh Twins") when I saw their piece titled Nineteen Eighty-Four..... → read more
Sikhs take offence to title “A Warrior's Religion"
film-225x300.jpg A documentary that has aimed to go into the crevasses of gang fare has caused concern amongst the Sikh community in Canada. During the 1990s Buttar was one of the scariest men in Metro Vancouver..... → read more
Man minus Ego equals God
man-ego-god.jpg Baba Iqbal talks in the simplest terms about the essence of spirituality according to Sikhi. If we drop our ego then we will be united with the Infinite. Man less Ego equals God, couldn't be any simpler..... → read more
Sikh Gurdwara in London destroyed by fire
Fire-THUMB.jpg ONE of London's most important Sikh temples has been partially destroyed in a suspected arson attack. The local Sikh community is mourning the loss of the Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, in Bow, and the priceless religious books...... → read more
Amrit Kaur Becomes Head of a Leading Interfaith Body in Washington
Amrit-225x300_0.jpg A Sikh woman, Ms. Amrit Kaur, became the President of the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington recently when this body, representing 11 world religions and various judicatories, elected her as the president for a two-year term..... → read more
California Assemblyman Furutani offers sword bill
Furitani-225x300.jpg Assemblyman Warren Furutani has introduced a bill that would educate police officers on how to properly deal with blade-carrying members of the Sikh religion. Baptized Sikhs are obligated by faith to carry a kirpan at all times. ..... → read more
NRI doctor celebrates his birthday unique way
doc-225x300.jpg Aged NRI Dr Avtar Singh showed an exemplary way to others to celebrate birthday. The NRI came all the way from the USA to celebrate his 80th birthday by sponsoring an eye camp at Raipur Pir Bux Wala, a remote village of Kapurthala...... → read more
Anger really can kill you, U.S. study shows
anger-225x300.jpg Anger and other strong emotions can trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms in certain vulnerable people and this impact in the heart's electrical system can lead to sudden death, U.S. researchers said on Monday...... → read more
Sikh Teen’s documentary to screen in Hollywood
RootsANDwings.jpg A documentary film by the Teen Sikh filmmaker, Angad Singh will screen as one of the top family oriented films from around the world, selected for the International Family Film Festival (IFFF), to be held in Hollywood, California, this weekend...... → read more
UNITED SIKHS 'Feed the Hungry' Campaign
UnitedSikhsCampaign-sml.jpg "Under the "Feed the Hungry" campaign, UNITED SIKHS will work with Gurdwaras, to feed and clothe the needy from all communities around the world. To date 10 Gurdwaras in Ontario have agreed to participate in this campaign" .....read more
Vitabiotics - a better pill to swallow
Lalvani-225x300.jpg After years of slow and steady growth, Dr Kartar Lalvani has turned Vitabiotics into a market leader. He tells us how - When in 1971, he founded Vitabiotics in London , it was the UK's only specialist vitamin supplement company...... → read more
Sikh Pilot Saves Lives of 150 Passengers
Mumbai.jpg A split-second decision taken by an Air India pilot, Captain S S Kohli to abort a take-off helped avert a horrifying collision with helicopter of President Pratibha Patil's at Mumbai airport on Monday morning...... → read more
Dr. King, Sikh Scholar & Historian Passes Away
Noel-225x300.jpg Dr. Noel Q. King, a towering academician, scholar, historian, and a saintly person, who illuminated the academic and literary circles for almost half a century, quietly passed away on February 1, 2009 at his home in Corralitos, California...... → read more
The Kalgidhar Trust organizes Gurmat Camp in Michigan
Camp-THUMB.jpg Sangat at the Gurdwara Sikh Society, Michigan Heights, witnessed one of its proudest moments when Sikh children and youth of the area performed during a special Diwan to mark the culmination of an extremely successful Gurmat camp...... → read more