Guru Nanak at Shikarpur

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Guru Nanak ji visited Shikarpur while coming from Turkistan (a region in Central Asia, which today is largely inhabited by people of Turkic decent) on his way back to Kartarpur (Ravi).

There, Noor Nushtar, a poor butcher who was grazing some goats, caught sight of Guru ji, who was wearing the attire of a faqir, he kindly took the Guru a glass of milk. Guru Nanak asked the reason for him bringing the milk. The butcher replied:

I'm a poor man, I haven't a penny. I have heard, if we serve the faqirs, they give blessings which become true. That's why I bhought the milk for you, thinking that you would make me a rich man of this land.

Guru ji replied:

Take a bath in amrit vela (early in the morning), reciting the name of the lord. Always serve the needy, if you can. By that alone all your wishes will become true.

Then a weaver named Dawood, brought a galicha (carpet or Dari) for Guru Nanak. He asked the Guru to put the galicha down and sit down on it. Guru Nanak said:

The earth is the galecha, which is spread by the lord. This galeecha neither grows old nor becomes dirty.

Then there was a pregnant female dog, that was shivering with cold. Guru ji said: "Put this galeecha on this pregnant female dog and give her food." Guru ji asked about his wish. Dawood told Guru Nanak that he was childless and wanted a child. Guru ji gave him blessings that his wish will be fulfilled.

From there Guru jee moved towards Sindh.


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