Gurdwara Pehli Patshahi, Shikarpur

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Shikarpur is a very big town of Sukkur district. There is a sacred shrine of Sat Guru Nanak Dev Ji in this town. In Sindhi language it is known as "Puja Udasian Samadha Ashram". It is a very big shrine and in the shade of the Banyan tree Sat Guru Dev Ji is still there. Prakash of Guru Garanth Sahib Ji takes place daily. There are the samadhs of Udasis besides the Prakashasthan. A wooden baradari is built on these samadhs and has been painted red. It is because of these samadhs that the place is known as Samadh Ashram. The Sangat is Nanakpanthi. The Langar is distributed round the clock.

It is located in Shikarpur village in the Sindh province of Pakistan.