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Saturday May 30, 2015

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Gurdwara Nanak Shahi Dhaka in Dhaka is one of the seven known Gurdwaras in Bangladesh. It is the most important historic Gurdwara, commemorating the visit of Guru Nanak in 1506-1507. This Gurdwara is said to have been built in 1830. Besides, the founder Guru, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Guru of the Sikhs also stayed at Dhaka for over two years.

The news of the birth of his only son Sri Gobind Rai - Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj - in Patna was received by Guru Tegh Bahadur when he was sojourning in Dhaka. This gurdwaras is among the few places outside India which was graced more than once by Guru Baba Nanak. Its historic and religious importance outside India is second perhaps only to the Gurdwaras of Nankana Sahib and Panja Sahib.

The present building of the Gurdwara was renovated in 1988-1989 and a parkarma verandah has been constructed on all four sides of the original building to protect it from wear and tear. This was a massive task completed with the help of overseas Sikhs. A beautiful rose garden has been laid out in the front yard, with about 100 rose plants and about 200 beauty plants, further beautification was planned and remains overdue. .....More

Harmandar Sahib, in Punjabi literally means "Temple of God". This is the most important Gurdwara of historical, spiritual, and emotional significance to the Sikhs and is situated in Amritsar, Punjab in north west India.

Guru Amar Das, the third Sikh Guru first conceived of this sacred place; although construction did not begin until Guru Ram Das became the Guru. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had the structure plated with gold in the early 19th century for the first time. During 2003, the gold plating was replaced with new gold.

"Shining in the morning light, the gilded splendour of its panelling, big dome and small minarets, this temple is a fairy world palace to the devotees of the Sikh faith. Certainly, the first look brings onto the innocent eye the image of a transcendent fact.

The 'loving sight' peering into heaven from the legends of the miraculous cures by the touch of the water in the pool of nectar, in which the shrine stands makes for ecstatic awareness. The vision has been received by millions of pilgrims who have come here for centuries from near and far."
(quoted from a devotee) .....More

Did you know...

Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib Patiala
  • ..... that Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib Patiala marks the place where Guru Tegh Bahadur visited village Lehal on 24 January 1672 and stayed under a banyan tree by the side of a pond. Soon the sickness in the village subsided. The site where the Guru had sat came to be known as "Dukh Nivaran" literally meaning Eradicator of suffering.
  • ....that Guru Gobind Singh had four adopted sons and the one of them was also called Zoravar Singh Palit - (palit means adopted). These four adopted sons were Baba Charan Singh, Baba Punjab Singh, Baba Ajaipal Singh and of course, Baba Zoravar Singh Palit.

Once there was no rain in a particular area for an extended period resulting danger to the crops. In some areas, the crops had already been destroyed.

So the local people of that area decided to do Ardas - a prayer or supplication to God so that their crops may be saved. Many hundreds of people gathered together at the designated place for this Ardas.

While this gathering was in progress, a passing Sikh Saint stopped by. He asked one of the crowd why there was such a big crowd gathered and what was the purpose of the gathering. One of them told the Sikh Saint that that they had gathered here to do Ardas because the crops will be destroyed in the absence of rain; they were going to ask God for rain.

The Saint said that was a good thing that they were doing an ardas but he did not see anyone carrying an umbrellas or "barsatie" (rain coats)…. When Waheguru (God) accepted your Ardas then there will be lot of rain. One group leader laughingly said, "But we do not know whether it will rain or not."

The Saint said, "How will your Ardas be accepted when you do not have faith in Waheguru" . He told them all to go home .


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"Battle of Zojila" fought by Lt col Gyan Singh and company
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