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Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Takhat Sri Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo, Bhatinda, is the fifth "seat of authority" (Takhat) of the Sikhs. Literally, "Damdama" means "having a break or rest".

This sacred shrine is located at village Talwandi Sabo, 28 km southeast of Bathinda in southern Punjab, India.

It was declared as the fifth Takhat by the government of India in April 1999 during tercentennial celebrations of the advent of Khalsa.

This place owes its importance to the literary work of Guru Gobind Singh done here during his stay in 1705-6. It was at Damdama Sahib that Guru Gobind Singh prepared the revised and final version of the Adi Granth, the initial Sikh holy scripture.

The completed volume is the same scripture which is now honored by the Sikhs as their perpetual "spiritual teacher" or Guru and is called the holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The Guru added to the original version prepared by Guru Arjan Dev the verses of his father, Guru Teg Bahadur. The Damdame Wali Bir (Damdama Sahib volume) as it is sometimes called was completed here. The entire volume was transcribed by Bhai Mani Singh while the Guru dictated it verbally. .....More

Sevadars working in the Guru's kitchen

Seva or Karseva also shortened to ‘Sewa’ is a word used to refer to "selfless service", performed without any thought of reward or personal benefit.

The person performing this service is called a Sevadar. All Sikhs are encouraged by their Guru (Sri Guru Granth Sahib) to perform Seva or Selfless Service.

This is not only good for the community but is also good for the moral uplifting of the person performing the service. You will find Sikhs engaged in free service in Gurdwaras washing dishes, performing kirtan or cleaning the floors, etc.

Sikhs are also encouraged to help the community by performing unpaid work in hospitals, old peoples' homes, community centres, etc. Volunteers engaged in Seva or Sevadars find that this activity forms an essential part of their life, providing spiritual fulfilment and practical benefits.

Sikhism is founded on principles of "Sarbat da bhalla" - "working towards the common good". For Sikhs, this means reaching out to serve and to uplift all of humanity as an expression or devotion to the Creator. Many other Sikh institutes like Guru-ka-Langar, Kirtan, Paath, etc depend on the performance of Seva by many in the congregation. So the principles of Seva underpins many of the Sikh values and institutions - Such is the importance given to Seva in Sikhism. .....More

Did you know...

Akhand Jaap November 2006
  • .... that Akhand Jaap - is a movement instigated by the youth as a "World Prayer for Peace". It involves the continuous repetition of the word "Waheguru" (Wonderful Lord) which is sung continuously from 1 to 24 hours; It is continuous meditation without interruption. The sangat (congregation) is led by various groups of 'Kirtanias' or Ragis (musicians) in succession and the whole of the congregation join in.
  • ..... that Siropa is a term adopted from Persian sar-o-pa (head and foot) or sarapa (head to foot) meaning an honorary dress and is used in Sikh vocabulary for a garment, scarf or a length of cloth bestowed on someone as a mark of honour.

"Those who do not forget the Lord, with each breath and morsel of food, whose minds are filled with the Mantra of the Lord's Name they alone are blessed; O Nanak, they are the perfect Saints. (1)" (SGGS p 319)

Once Baba Bulleh Shah was sitting on the bank of a river when he saw this lady selling carrots. People were coming to buy her produce, but when they start picking and choosing the carrots, she would say, "I only sell carrots in volume; there is no pick and choose." So all these people had to buy carrots in volume/in bulk; not by selection.

Then there was this handsome man, who came to her to get carrots. However, this time she herself picked the best carrots for him! Bulleh Shah was quite surprised looking at the incident. So after this men had left, Bulleh Shah went to the lady and asked her. "How come you let him hand pick the carrots; in fact you picked and chose the carrots for him yourself." She replied, "Bulleh Shah ji, he is my husband, there is no counting or accounting between lovers." ....More

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True is that temple, within which one meditates on the True Lord...
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Guru Granth Sahib page 107
Sikh Taxi driver's story on 9 News
Lakwinder Singh Dhillon.png Watch this video (1.60 mins) on YouTube of the a Sikh cabbie in Australia who has set an example of honesty after he returned 110,000 Australian dollars to passengers who had left the bundle of cash in his taxi. The incident happened in Melbourne recently (October 2013) when the cab driver Lakhwinder Singh Dhillon was doing his routine job of picking and dropping passenger .....Watch, listen, read & ponder...
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Bibi Bhinderpal Kaur 2 sml.jpg This wonderful Shabad by Guru Arjan Dev is beautifully sang in AKJ kirtan style by ragi, Bibi Bhinderpal Kaur. "The Guru has clearly revealed the Lord to me. Here and there, in each and every heart, and in every being, My fascinating Lord resides". .....Listen, read & enjoy...
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Q. Can Sikhs have tattoos?
FAQ-sml.jpg A. I don't believe there is anything directly written against or in favour of tattoos in the Sikh scriptures. Tattoos can be grouped with "extreme make-up" which the Guru calls "decorations" and I ask you.. .....More



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