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Sikh religion

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Today is my 1st day at this forum and so excuse me for all the mistakes I make while writing my questions.

I work in a public school system in Virginia and is the only Sikh male maintaining my sikhi saroop in the system. I have a teacher who is doing masters in Religion Studies and so is interested in the answers of his following question about Sikhism. I would greatly appreciate help from anyone who can answer any of his questions at the earliest possible. I do not fully understand his questions and also not that good in English and so seek your help.

Here under is the teacher's email to me.

Hi Mr. Singh,

This is Beau Obetts from Yorktown. I had asked you if I could interview you for a class I am taking about religion since we need to interview people of different faiths. If you are okay with this, could you please send me answers to the questions listed below in the next few days? If you would rather do an in person interview that is fine too, just let me know when you are available. Also, if you can't do it, please let me know as soon as possible. Finally, if there are any questions you feel uncomfortable answering please feel free to skip them. Thanks for your help. Beau

1) What are some of the main rules your religion gives for living an ethical life? How do you go about living a good life? Are there rules your religion accepts that you reject? 2) What does your religion say about salvation and the afterlife? What do you believe about the afterlife? 3) How does your religion deal with the question "Why do good things happen to bad people?"
Do you accept any of the answers offered by your religion? If not, how would you address the issue? 4) Are there any other ways that your personal belief differs from the official doctrine of your religion? 5) Do you have any favorite passage(s) from the scripture of your religion? If so, why does it appeal to you?

Satgurji Aap Sab Te Mehar Karan Ji. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Rajinder Singh

  • Please read the reply here

2nd battle of Chamkaur (transferred from Help:Format a page by HS)

We are pleased to note an exhaustive account of battle of Chamkaur Sahib in your esteemed Sikhiwiki website. Indeed it is a painstaking work from your side. We congratulate you over this magnificent outcome.

The period of 2nd battle of Chamkaur is 21,22 and 23 Dec., l705. In Bikrmi, it is 6,7,8 Poh l76l The Evacuation of Anandpur Sahib is on the night of 20th Dec., l705. The 300th year Martyrdom celebrations of two elder Sahibzadas were commemorated on 2l,22 and 23 December 2004, at Chamkaur Sahib, at National level, by Panjab Government led by Capt. Amarinder Singh. Similarly, the300th year Martyrdom celebrations of two younger Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh were commemorated in the last week of Dec.,2004 at Fatehgarh Sahib (Sirhind)

Sikhiwiki website needs some corrections in Second Battle of Chamkaur Sahib. We mention as under:-

1. Wazir Khan (Suba Sirhind) did not participate in this battle. Mughal Generals –Nahar Khan, Gairat Khan and Khawaja Mohammed Murdud participated in this battle. 2. Departure of Guru’s entourage from Anandpur Sahib is on 20th Dec.,l705 in the night. 3. Battle at Sarsa rivulet is at the dawn of 2lst Dec.,l705. It is few miles away from Kiratpur Sahib towards Ropar. Parwar Vichhora happened in that commotion.

4. Arrival at Chamkaur is in the afternoon of 2lst Dec.,l705. 5. Guru along with two elder Sahibzadas , 5 Piaras and 40 Sikhs took charge of Kachi Garhi of Chamkaur in the evening of 21st Dec., l705. 6. The distance between Ropar and Chamkaur Sahib is l6 KMs. 7. Kachi Garhi was owned by Bhai Budhi Chand and some record it of Chaudhry Roop Chand and Jagat Singh. The descendents of Roop Chand and Jagat Singh are still there in Chamkaur Sahib. 8. Guru Gobind Singh visited Chamkaur in l759(Bikrmi) for the first time, 2 years before the 2nd battle of Chamkaur. At the behest of hilly Rajas, a Mughal contingent led by Sardar Sayad Beg and Alif Khan attacked Guru in l759(Bikrmi) , at a place called Ranjitgarh in Chamkaur. They were defeated by the Sikhs. 9. The Kachi Garhi was besieged by l0 lac Mughal Army. Guru has himself penned in the Zafarnamah.There should be no doubt in it. This battle was fought by Mughals along with hilly Rajas.Ere to it, several battles had taken place between Guru and Mughals in the past. The Mughals were aware of Guru’s strength. Hence this strength. 10. When Saragarhi post of 2l soldiers could be attacked by l0,000 Pathans in l897 why it cannot be l0 lacs in battle of Chamkaur. To conjecture a figure of 700 or l000, in the siege of Kachi Garhi is not a justice to the unique battle of Chamkaur. 11. The figure and names of 40 martyrs of Kachi Garhi as given by S. Kahan Singh Nabha are taken as authentic. Figure given by SGPC in 2004 was not in fact correct. It was later withdrawn by SGPC itself. The credible figure of martyrs is 40 Sikhs and two Sahibzadas. In the Theme Park of Chamkaur 42 Pillars of Rock installed in the Open Air Theatre, are indication of that. 12. Vastar and Shastar and Kalgi was given to Bhai Sangat Singh by Guru Gobind Singh at the time of leaving Kachi Garhi of Chamkaur. From History point, it is now a settled issue. 13. On 23rd Dec., the day of l705, Bhai Sangat Singh alongwith other remaining Sikhs sacrificed their lives in the battlefield of Chamkaur. 14. While leaving Chamkaur at dead of night of 22-23 Dec.,l705, Guru uttered the words “Peer-e-hind mei ravad.” The same site is now known as Tari Sahib a few furlong from Gurudwara Katil Garh Sahib,Chamkaur. 15. The Saka Chamkaur Theme Park is in ruins. Its Construction is stalled since 2007. Politics has taken toll of it.

Kindly examine the above at your end.

Sri Chamkaur Sahib Development Forum is engaged in the all round development of the historic town and elaqa, since December 2003. Despite setbacks,it has, at its credit, a legacy of good work done. Thanks, Yours sincerely,

( Rajinder Singh Delhi) Patron