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Understanding Gurbani Language........."You are the Way to Lord"...>>


This Receptive & Relentless TRUTH Crafter(), Shares this Idea (ਗ੝ਰ ) with all, as per the will & grace (ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ) of SatGurBani .

ਗ੝ਰ Satgurbani ( Hukm / WILL / SECRET / TACT / PLAN / VISION / INTENT / COMMANDMENT / TRUTH ) can be realised / appreciated / glorified / understood / perceived / comprehended / envisioned / shared / applied / desseminated / popularised / enjoied / personalised, only through the grace of TRUE Name through flawless demonstration of Obediance of Hukam.

GurSikhs Demonstrate Obedience without any arguments/hesitation what so ever.

<<User:Mutia/Khalsa Defined


One who calls himself a Sikh belonging to the martial Order of Khalsa. , Rises before 4th Quarter of Night , Introspects, Envisions and Plans

1. Bathes his self with SatGurBani

2. Ponders over wisdom

3. Introspects

4. BECOME A VISIONARY and dash on to day's Work.

Through the Day: Walks on this....

....Path of Panth

5. Believes in , Remembers, Obeys & Lives by True Ideas.

6. Sings and Shares TRUE IDEAS.

7. Stays relentlessly focused on TRUTH & TRUE IDEAs.

Through his Life: Helps others walk on This Path

8. Motivates & takes others along. SuchIDOLs of TRUTH besides their own self, carry others also along to Lord TRUTH


  • Kanga Makes Me NOT A Sikh.
  • Kesh Makes Me NOT A Sikh.
  • Kara Makes Me NOT A Sikh.

YES!.,. YES!.,. YES!.,. YES.......

  • Love For Knowledge Makes Me......................... a LISTENER.
  • Love For Equality Makes Me ?...................Humble

Roles of a Sikh

Difference between a Sikh. & non-Sikh faith...

...A non-Sikh faith persona of a human being is socially crafted / guided / inducted by the Non-Sikh Society, typical examples are..

  • One does not becomes a Hindu unless he goes through elaborate ritualistic ceremonies dictated by the Hindu Society.
  • Similarly One does not becomes a Muslim unless rituals are approved by the society.

where as a Sikh. persona is crafted not by the Sikh society but by the individual himself by climbing 38 steps of Sikhi / GurMat leading to SACH KHAND.

  • A Person becomes a Sahajdhari Sikh if he climbs 3 Steps of Japuji.
  • The moment S/He crosses 4th Step he has to declare/call himself a Gur Sikh. climbing further and reaching 38th Steps he becomes a flawless scholar & writer through the grace of TRUTH's(GOD's) own Gurbani language.
  • Only Sikhism is a faith where clergy does not exist & each human being within the society is considered to be straight away accountable to 'GOD & GURU in 'ONE'. the only way to communicate with GOD is in GOD's language. Gurbani is TRUE {GOD's) language of HUMANITY & HOT LINE to Human beings(TRUE IDOLS of GOD) & TRUTH(GOD) as well.

Khalsa is Flawless TRUTH (GOD) incarnate i.e TRUTH (GOD in human form) reflecs nothing but TRUE light of TRUE HUMAN values to HMANITY ........Khalik Khalak Khalak my Khalik poor rahio sab thain

Here thoose who call themselves GURUs / GODs / swamies / sants / Babas /Bapus / Piaras /fake clergy & try to define a Sikh. in socio political hue & culture typical of brahamanism can no way face Guru,GOD & Khalsa...... They believe in nothing but hiding from Humanity & put up FALSE big shows staying TRUE to their described by the ONLY the language of TRUTHful beings

  • dillon muhabbat sai sachian......
  • jin man hor mukh hor sy kandy kachian....
  • Sakat sang na keejiyy duron jaaiy bhaj
  • Mood mudaun sakat ki mai...
  • ....kkod raja kood praja kood sab sansaar...
  • Asankh chor haramkhor...
  • kytyyan moorakh khahi khahyyn.....

........... should we Sikhs care for these monkyies & their monkey bussiness to waste our time on writing about them...??. Let us Sikhs live in the pool of Bani which is everlasting bliss against all odds. Let us live in the Kingdom of Eternal Khalsa society of Dare Devils.

  • TRUTH(GOD's) commandent is explicit on the issue
  • Nabak vigsy by prvaah... (cold not care less for whatever is not approved by SatGurBani....)

All human beings without any regard what so ever to race /cast / socio-lingual / socio political denomination etc are considered equal & honoured by the society strictly based on the extent of universal human virtues, to which the person proves Her/im self being TRUTHfull to .

The only & only ONEfaith is committment to nothing but Gurbani, the language of god & actual on ground Practice of the commandments prescribed there in supplemented by taking others along (in public view).

A sikh can not hide himself. If one does try to do that, one willingly nagates of his being a Sikh. Such shameless persons stand committed to FALSEHOOD & duality & not, I repeat not to of the universal Human values.

Any body, as long as S/He is a human being (may or may not formally belong to Sikh society), has access to each aspect of the socio religious domain formally, objectively & rationally encapsulated in Guru Granth Sahib in SatGurBani language.

once the individual crosses 4th step & relishes the bliss of Amrit vela (loosely hyped as Khandy Batty da Amrit' by ignorents & malicious FALSE Sikhs), one publically declares that one has crossed 4th step.

Khalsa society acknowledges one's claim honours, the person & formalises his having become a member of the order of the Society of TRUTHful & Dare Devil Beings who would not care less for FALSEHOOD & TERRORISM. He is publically honored through a social protocol called "Khandy Batty da Amrit".

One has to make ONE self a Khalsa through the grace of SatGurBani. "Khanada Batta..." is just a social protocol & has nothing to do with the spritual aspect of Sikhism. The protocol has nothing more than historical / traditional / and cultural significance.

  • Sikh faith is diffrent from all other faiths that the GurMat Philosophy is immune to Time / language / History / culture / .

Sab jag challan haar naank Thir nahin koy....... (every persepective of every matirial /language / culture / history & 'every thing' is fast changing variable & it is worthless to draw spiritual & socio political strength from these aspects which themself are not stable.

nothing but TRUTHfull words of TRUTH's (GOD's) [[Gurbani|language alone are strength. ---Gurbani

False sikhs of course will leave nothing unturned to ensure & let gullible & ignorent masses believe that 'Peel of POTATO' & not the 'POTATO itself' is the 'TRUE POTATO'.

They have wonderfull Brahmanik ways (trial evaluated & proven since vedic times). If you do not believe just watch one of the landmark junction on TV jithy sab kuchh dogla hai.

  • KHANDA nahin trishool.
  • 1ikk Guru Granth Sahib nahin do.
  • ....lao gall nu khunjy la dyeey 'Gurdwara' nahin 'mata da mandir'.......ih bhi daat tery datar.

the responsibility of one's TRUTHfully crossing 38 steps of Khalsa Path(Panth) is that of the individual with due socio cultural & moral support from the Khalsa Society.

TRUE Sikhs feel proud of being Naank Ghar ka Gola & Khalsy dy dar da kookar. That is what is the commandment of (GOD)......

As per GurMat a Sikh. has to put in whatever he has to practice....

  • NAAM (aap japyy )
  • DAAN (avryy naam japavyy)
  • ISNAAN (ishnaan karyy amrit sar navyy}

A Sikh's commitment to above three functions reward him with

  • Gur Mery sang sada hay naaly....a True Sikh. could not care less for anything else....Nanak vigsyy by prvah.....

TRUE GurSikhs to TRUITH(GOD) & SatGurBani are rare.

Gurmat dy mutibik har Sikh 'Nanak ghar da Gola hyy Saryy Sikh Nanak Ghar dy goly aty TRUTH dy dar dy kutty han. isy faith nun SatGurBani Sikhi da aty Sikh nu Babbr shyr da swaroop dindi hai.

Sikh da dimaak Duudhiy (milky) amrit da Sagar hyy Raam-Raheem brand dy Sick is Samunde vich nimbu dian buunda dy jaag da injection laun dee Guru Sahiban dy jmany to jee tod koshish kar rhy han.

SatGurBani dee dili seva Gurbani bhasha vich,.....

  • rabb (mtlab rabb dy bandy) nal gllan karan naal(
  • oh ManMukh han.
  • appan sary GurMukh banan dy utty jaan de baaji laan lai tiyaar han. GurMat mutabik ManMukhan dee shan dykhna ve mnaa hai appa ohna dian gallan nahin, sirf SatGurBani veechar (argument nahin) karna hai.

Sakt sang na keejiy duron jaaiy bhaj.......--Mutia 16:36, 5 May 2007 (EDT)