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As a TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(), here i commence Sharing this Idea (ਗ੝ਰ ) with all, as per the will & grace (ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ) of SatGurBani. A TRUTH Crafterrrrrrrrrrr's ਗ੝ਰ Satgurbani ( Hukm / WILL / SECRET / TACT / PLAN / VISION / INTENT / COMMANDMENT / TRUTH ) can be realised / appreciated / glorified / understood / perceived / comprehended / envisioned / shared / applied / desseminated / popularised / enjoied / personalised, only through the grace of TRUE Name i.e. KHALSA.


First Sentence of Gurbani defines KHALSA as under:--

A Penpal^^^^^ bearing True Name as :-

Writer Khalsa. Singh Nirvair Gurbani's Idol, Steadfast and Self Realized through Gurbani's Grace Dear Jpuji Sahib Jii!

Guru Gobind Singh 1.jpg

The above(Khalsa) was your True Name,.....

  • had been your True Name,
  • is your True Name here & Now at this moment and
  • it will remain your True Name for times to come.

--"Earning True Name i.e. Truth, and accumulating the Wealth of TRUTHs, the truthful person gains a reputation of Mr TRUTH(Khalsa.)."Pg37

--"Says Nanak ,Understand A TRUTHFUL Person as TRUTH(Almighty) himself" Pg15

Khalsiat: Satgur blesses Sikhs with True Ideas through Amrit Vela

As per Sikh thinking there is no difference between Truth (read GOD) & 'Path to Truth' ( read GURU ). Path to Truth can only be achain of Truths(38). Lovingly We refer to 'Almighty TRUTH' ( Nanak expects us to treat all other Names of 'Almighty TRUTH' as artificial as 'Stigur' i.e. 'Set of TRUTHS encapsulated in Gurbani'.

  • Theologically One way of understanding the theme is to say that 'TRUTH' is a consolidation of all universal Truths, and 'GURU' (a TRUTH) being the consolidation of a set of eternal socio-political TRUTHs guiding Sikhs towards 'TRUTH' through their lives. What happens after death..? is known only to TRUTH.
  • Practically All faiths other than Khalsa may endlessly / theorise / write / dicuss / project / glorify / politicise / socialise endlessly on this issue. In Sikh way of things i.e., nothing but Creativity & gainfull employment in the service of Humanity alone matters. Philosophising gurbani is scralicage.
  • Legally Another way of looking at it could be GURU (a truth) being parallel to the 'ruling' of a Judge in a Court. A 'ruling' deduced from nothing else but 'facts' (TRUTHs).
  • Mathematically SatGur refers to 'TRUTH' being 'One' & 'Many' at the same time.Any modern day mathematician, IT software engineer or logician will stand by Sikh Thinking beyond any doubts What so ever. 'TRUTH' (God)and 'Path to TRUTH'(Guru) are two constants. both have no attributes but a constant value =1. both are identified by their value '1'. That is what Nanak begins Gurbani with (Ikk O Angkaar^^^^^)
  • Scientifically TRUTH, who is beyond Time & Space, initiated the universe and is the source of all PHYSICAL LAWS & MORAL ETHICS
--Head of the International Genome Project Scientist, Fransis S Collins, in his Book, The Language of GOD: A Scientist's Project's Evidence for Belief (extract from the article "kia eeshwar hamara teacher hai ?" i.e. "is 'TRUTH' our 'Guru' as well ?" published in Indian Hindi national daily 'Navbhart Times' dated 13 Nov 06)

Vedic Faith vs Khalsa Faith

  • As per Vedic Faith a believer of faith has to go through the cycle of 84 lac birth & rebirths before he is born again as a human. His/Her State of painfull/ happy living in this life The is the result of his doings/ misdoings in her/his previous birth / births.
  • As per Khalsa Faith Manush janam durlabh hyy mily na barambar. A Sikh finishes all his cycles only in one Incarnation never ever to be born again. It is subject to the condition that Satgur blesses him with hir NAAM and the Sikh. lives his life as per the Hukam of Nitnym. His state of painfull/ happy living in this life (Today) is the direct result of his doings/ misdoings in his previous birth(Yesterday).

One acts wisely and earns Name & Fame to his credit or acts stupidly & spends a miserable life earning rejection & insult all through, is the result of Satgur being or/ not pleased with him. This foundation concept cannot be explained/ analysed/ argued about / discussed / shared through spoken/ written words. It can be understood only by publically bearing & wearing Your TrueName & through Demonstrative Obedience of Your Hukam.

Khalsa Role Models BAL DAL

  • Sahibzada Khalsa Zorawar Singh Nirvair..was just over eight (born in 1696).
  • Sahibzada Khalsa Fateh Singh Nirvair was...less than six (born 1699)
  • Sahibzada Khalsa Jujhar Singh Nirvair, (1691 - 1705) Born at Anandpur on 14 March 1691 (is now celebrated on 9 April each year - Nanakshahi calendar).Like his elder brother, started training in the fighting skills & started learning Jap(u) at the age of about 4 to 5 years. when he was eight years old, he received holy Amrit at the rites of Khalsa initiation
  • Sahibzada Khlsa Ajit Singh Nirvair barely 12 years of age then, when he as head of 100 Sikhs, punished Ranghars and recovered the looted proper