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'28 to 31' of 38 Steps to Khalsa.

Steps 1 to 3............COMMIT YOURSELF
4 to 7..................KNOW YOUR OWN SELF
8 to 11.................LISTEN
12 to 15................BELIEVE
16 to 19................HONOR THY COMMANDMENTS
20 to 23................SHINE the SOILED SOUL
24 to 27................BECOME A VISIONARY
28 to 31................BECOME FLAWLESS
32 & 33.................SAY Nooooo....! to FALSEHOOD
34 to 37................SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE as LORD DOES
38th, the Last Step.....DRAW SUSTENANCE from TRUTH & TRUE IDEAs


Step 28: WIN YOUR OWN MIND to Win the World

  • O you Yogies and hermits committed to wisdom Let :-
    • Patience be your ear rings (traditionally worn by the Yogies)
    • Hard Work be your pride, knotted bag ( a piece of cloth knotted as bag which Yogies traditionally sling around their shoulders ) & food bowl.
    • Concentration be the smear of ash ( traditionally applied by Yogies on their entire body )
    • Reality of DEATH be your bed ( instead of a rotten yogic style bed made of rags).
    • Caring & maintaining a Healthy body be the Yogic way of living .
    • TRUTH & TRUE IDEAs be your yogic stick to support you ( a stick used by Yogies to support their limbs in various awakward yogic postures).
    • Brotherhood of all mankind be the highest order of Yogis ( called Aai Panthi ). Be a Fan of 'No One' but 'Lord TRUTH', a 'Friend of even foes' & 'Foe of None'.
  • This is a TRUE IDEA to conquer your own mind, thereafter the entire world stands conquered.

Culture of propagating False History, False fashions & False Socio-cultural / political / spiritual / regional / racial / commercial /..../.... attires of any make model & fashion, in any style & on any protext what so ever, by the 'Haves' to further bloat op their dump of 'haves' (possessions) by misguiding the illiterate & gullible 'Have Nots', world over & typically in India, is outright rejected by SatGurBani. We Sikhs need to propagate nothing but NAAM DAAN & ISHNAAN of SatGurBani. There after all above Falsies by default will become TRUTHs through the grace of universal language Gurbani

Step 29: CONSOLIDATE KNOWLEDGE, Meetings & Separations ...

  • O you detached hermits & Yogis ! Let TRUE IDEAs guiding you to TRUTH be your food, and compassion the attendant, serving you the food. You do not have to uselessly blow the trumpet hanging around the neck of each one of you ( a yogic ritual followed during their meals time). Let Lord TRUTH gifted life be the trumpet instead.
  • Let 'no one', (' Gorakhnath' who initiated the Yogic Sect ) but Lord TRUTH be Your Naath. He Himself is the Supreme Master of all humans, including you Yogies.
  • Glory & successful acquisition of eight miraculous powers ( expected to be true aims of life as far as yogic thinking is concerned ), like other human temptations, are vices to deviate you from the path to TRUTH.
  • Instances of meeting of human beings & their separation are not at random but are part of scheme of things with Lord TRUTH. This is how truths prevailing over the universe are regulated by Lord TRUTH to make every one of us walk the way of Thy Will.
  • If only one understands Lord TRUTH's Will of making us walk as per his commandments, The wall of ego & falsehood collapses from deep within.

Step 30: PERCEIVE TRUTH Through Mythological Falsehood...

  • As per Vedic Thinking One Divine Mother conceived and gave birth to the three Vedic deities....Brahama: the Creator,....Vishnu: the Sustainer &....Shiva: the Destroyer.
  • These Deities are believed to be defining Lord TRUTH & his functions. This is FALSEHOOD.
  • The truth is that Lord TRUTH makes things happen as per He/r own will & makes every one walk the way of life as per Your commandments.
  • Such is Your Celestial Order. All pervasive Lord TRUTH watches every one but ManMukhs living at the bottom of endless ocean of FALSEHOOD soaked in arrogance just can't see TRUTH through the the wilderness of pitch darkness, How wonderful! & mind boggling are your ways of GOD I bow to Him! I humbly bow! I bow....!!!!!!!.

Step 31: LET Your Creations be as TRUE as Those of Lord TRUTH

  • Lord TRUTH exercises his control over all his creations which spread world after world.

Thou work on all these creations only once

  • Thou work on all these creations only once & Make them flawlessly perfect & TRUE in first attempt as per thy scheme of things, unlike me who do even a small bit in a messy way making a chain of mistakes to slowly & progressively give final TRUE Shape to a TRUE IDEA.
  • Having done with the 'creations' part of Thy function , Thou move on to Thy next step of Keeping a 'flawless, endless & real time watch' over Thy creations.
  • Wow! What magnificent, perfect & awe inspiring management of the Universe & beyond. O Lord please! Please! Teach me that sort of working.
  • I bow before you O Lord ! I humbly bow & am a sacrifice to Thou & Thy Creations.