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kiv sciara hoviyy ??

  • Step 1: Commit: "will Obey Orders"
  • Step 2: Resolve "will understand orders without being argumentative".
  • Step 3: Motivate: ...gav" koi taan....-- (any one there to dare on this path of TRUE Sikhi.??). Register Yourself Here (Just write your name under appropriate heading & tell the whole world that you have joined the order of Khalsa
  • Step 4 : Understand Orders by pondering over wisdom during
    Amrit Vyla....!!
    & by sharing True Ideas i.e. Solutions to the Problems in compamy of Motivated Sikhs.
  • Step 5 : Publish: the solutions arrived at in the morning through Singing, Speaking, listening to inputs from others & stay focused on nothing but on ground execution of orders understood in 4th step.

....s~c nau vdiaai veecar.A TRUE Sikh offers nothing but his Head to TRUE Guru during TRUE Time in the company of TRUE Persons.

  • Those who sleep Through Amrit Vela are DOGs.....SatGurBani
  • Those who sleep Through Amrit Vela are better than not even a Log of Firewood. --SatGurBani
  • If you claim yourself to be a TRUE Sikh, Chop off your head & offer it to the kitchen stove, at least we will save some wood.....SatGurBani

kiv sciara hoviyy ??....kee bolx bolie"....??

Language of Lord TRUTH....!!

Learnig a Language

Step1 Step2 ..... Stepn

Amrit Vela: Resolve to Learn the Language of SatGur

We Resolve & Commit Here before SatGur(read Humanity)that...

  • Step1: " We will learn" the Language of [SatGurBani|SatGur]]during Amrit Vela.
  • Step2: We will evolve SatGurBani cultural classes in our nearby Gurdwara & will learn as a group during Amrit Vela. Who so ever volunteers can teach others
  • Step3: We will encourage our near & dear Ones to practice speaking, singing & writing SatGurBani language through the day by communicating with all in Lord TRUTH's own language i.e. SatGurBani. We will make best of the Sikhi. Web Space on Khalsa Web Sites.

BANI DHIAVYY: Learning TRUTH god's Language

We WILL Sleep & rise Early

  • Step4: We will jointly spend Two periods(hrs) throgh Amrit vela & start learnig SatGurbani as resolved in Step1

avr" naam jpv": Helping others Learn Lord TRUTH's Language

........ ........ ........