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Things to Do


Monthly checking

Work in progress

interesting articles/news

System Upkeep

1: SikhiWiki:Proposed Featured Articles

2: Category:Work to be done

3: Check if articles need deleting: Category:Articles under Deletion

4. Special:Uncategorizedcategories

5. Category:Uncategorized_templates

6. Setup Today's FA

Other things to enhance SikhiWiki

1: Add/Create New Articles: see SikhiWiki:Articles required

2: Change/improve existing Articles: see SikhiWiki:Articles needing attention

Other Items

Kids Section

  • Require a kids section on mainpage
  • Need to set up a kids full sub-page
  • need more kids related material

Sakhis & Kathas

  • More Sakhis need to be added
  • Sakhi Bhai Kabir & 2 Shabads in Gurbani re Bhai Balvinder Singh's Katha
  • Look at other Kathas - Translate and setup
  • Need to setup written translations and audio/video links

Bani & Scriptures

  • Setup other banis
  • Vaar Bhai Gurdas
  • Translation for Vaar 22 onwards

Months of the year

  • Get pictures from Raju for months of the year

List of Gurdwara

  • Sort out Gurdwara Layout of Pages (gabbled)
  • Upload pictures of Gurdwaras in Glasgow

Celebrations & Festivals

  • add turban tying ceremony
  • Sikh Names - Add more names, meanings & Punjabi text Done


Changing System Variables

Yearly Cycle

On 01-01 of every year

1. Edit the Template:ThisGYearandNYear1 and Template:ThisGYearandNYear2

2. Edit the Template:Forthcoming Events‎ with the 3 moveable dates for every year

Moveable Dates

Phases of the Moon: Moon Calendar - Moon Phases in Delhi

  • Hola Mahalla appears to be 1 day after Holi which is on Full moon in March
  • Bandi Chhor appears on the same day as Diwali, which is on the day before the New Moon in October & November
  • Prakash diwas Guru Nanak is on the full moon in October/November

On March 14

Also create Nanakshahi calendar for the next year: 553 for March 2021 to March 2022; 554 for March 2022 to March 2023, etc

Monthly Cycle

  • 1. No monthly editing is now (from about 2019) required
  • 2. Previously this is what had to be done for each month in advance

- Create & edit Template:2021Jan... to Template:2021Dec

  • Create the monthly calendar pages Template:2021Jan... to Template:2021Dec from the previous year's templates and edit Template:2020Mar , Oct & Nov to reflect the correct dates for the movable Sikh Festivals in March, Oct & Nov

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