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The following is a list of articles that are required to be added to SikhiWiki. If you are able, please create these new articles.

If you have any suggestions for articles that need to be added to SikhiWiki then please add to the top of the New list. Many thanks.

New list

Add Youth of month: [1]

Old list

Kids Section

  • Require a kids section on mainpage
  • Need to set up a kids full sub-page
  • need more kids related material

Sakhis & Kathas

  • More Sakhis need to be added
  • Sakhi Bhai Kabir & 2 Shabads in Gurbani re Bhai Balvinder Singh's Katha
  • Look at other Kathas - Translate and setup
  • Need to setup written translations and audio/video links

Bani & Scriptures

  • Setup other banis
  • Vaar Bhai Gurdas
  • Translation for Vaar 22 onwards

Months of the year

  • Get pictures from Raju for months of the year

List of Gurdwara

  • Sort out Gurdwara Layout of Pages (gabbled)
  • Upload pictures of Gurdwaras in Glasgow

Celebrations & Festivals

  • add turban tying ceremony
  • Sikh Names - Add more names, meanings & Punjabi text Done