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external link: [[File:example.jpg|link=|caption]]

no link at all: [[File:example.jpg|link=|caption]]

At other sites: [http://url.for/some/image.png]

Or with different text: [http://url.for/some/image.png link text here]


Format of pictures: Basic



Shortcut using local function:

{{P|Image:Tengurus.jpg|[[The Ten Sikh Gurus]]}}  <--- 250px

{{P2|Image:Tengurus.jpg|[[The Ten Sikh Gurus]]}}  <--- 200px

{{P3|Image:Tengurus.jpg|[[The Ten Sikh Gurus]]}}  <--- 300px

{{PL|Image:Tengurus.jpg|[[The Ten Sikh Gurus]]}}  <--- ALigned to left


[[image:file.jpg|thumb|300px|right|{{cs|'''Sultanpur'''<br>(courtesy map)}}]]

[  Click here to go to Yahoo! India Maps]
[[Image:Banga.gif|thumb|800px|center|{{cs|'''Banga''' (click to enlarge)<br>(Map courtesy of Yahoo! India Map )}}]]

Gallery template



Image:Harimandar sahib overview.jpg





<gallery caption="Picture Gallery" widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="5">


Audio ogg files

File:Sees dheya par sirar n dheya- Gian S Surjit & Gurbachan S Hamdard.ogg

Click on arrow to Play Audio
[[File:Sees_dheya_par_sirar_n_dheya.ogg|180px|noicon|center]] '''<center><small>Click   on arrow to Play  Audio</small></center>'''<br>