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Becoming Hari Nam Singh Khalsa
HARINAM-225x300.jpg "I was a hippie” Hari Nam Singh Khalsa says. “A peace-love-groovy kind of guy.” The host of the television program “Insight into Sikhism” is explaining how he came to be baptized in the faith...... → read more
The first ever Indian Sikh film festival to be organised at Amritsar
FF-3.jpg To promote Sikh history and culture, the first-ever Sikh film festival in India will be organised at Amritsar in the beginning of next year, that is 2009, which will be dedicated to the 300th celebrations of Gurta Gurgaddi Diwas of Guru Granth Sahib...... → read more
The History of Our Nishan Sahib
nishan.jpg In this first panel you see Guru Gobind Singh with his beloved Singhs - the Nishan Sahibs have on them 2 'Kirpans' a 'Katar' and what could be a 'Chakar' or a shield - it could also be a 'degh'..... → read more
Arpinder Kaur, a new first officer for American Eagle
ArpinderKaur1 sml.jpg
Arpinder Kaur, of San Antonio, Texas, is the first Sikh women pilot and a new first officer for American Eagle, the regional subsidiary of American Airlines. As far as anybody knows, she is the only female Sikh airline pilot in North America, and possibly anywhere...... → read more
Constable fulfils his late father's dream
Jagmohan_225x300.jpg On the beat in Nelson Thursday night, a proud Constable Jagmohan Malhi fulfilled his late father's dreams and became the first New Zealand police officer to wear a turban on duty...... → read more
Punjab’s First Sikh University - high ambitions?
Ggswu model sml.jpg
The Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, a project that has the potential to be groundbreaking, was announced in September 2004. As it’s currently being presented, it’s quite an ambitious project...... → read more
Weapon Masters: The Deadly Chakram


Mike travelled to Punjab to meet with Nidar Singh Nihang, a master swordsman who has spent the last twenty years researching the history, philosophy, and unique warrior traditions of the Akali-Nihang Sikh...... → read more
Meat: Making Global Warming Worse


Need another reason to feel guilty about feeding your children that Happy Meal — aside from the fat, the calories and that voice in your head asking why you can't be bothered to actually cook a well-balanced meal now and then?..... → read more
Third Annual SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival LIVE!


The Third Annual SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival will be held LIVE online for the first time this year with a broadcast streaming event on September 13th and 14th. See the schedule of screenings here..... → read more
B.C. Sikh first member of Canadian Air Force to wear turban


As the first member of the Canadian Air Force to wear a turban, 2nd Lieut. Jasbir Singh Tatla figures he's a good role model to issue a call to arms to his fellow Sikhs. And if you want to honour the Sikh tradition of being warriors,..... → read more
Australian school apologises for refusing Sikh pupil.


An exclusive Australian school on Tuesday apologised for refusing to enrol a 12-year-old Sikh boy unless he discarded his turban and cut his hair to conform with the school's uniform regulations...... → read more
One Sikh man dead, One Wounded in Sikh Temple Shooting
Sacramento 3 sml.jpg Two men attending an Indian cricket match in south Sacramento were shot - one fatally - by two men who apparently had targeted them, authorities said Sunday afternoon. The brazen attack occurred at 1:20 p.m. .....read more
A different kind of Bandhan with thanks to a good Samaritan
TIMES sml 19-08-08.jpg While the whole country was celebrating the symbolic ceremony of universal love and affection of strong bond, between brother and sister, may be some children, especially those who are orphans were also dreaming of celebrating it. .....read more
Jaswant: "I missed the Lockerbie flight by minutes"
Jaswant PA103 sml.jpg At Heathrow Airport, Jaswant Singh Basuta checked in for Pan Am flight 103 to New York in plenty of time. As fate would have it, he missed his flights and kicked himself as he saw the plane pushed away from the gate without him... .....read more
Melodious Music of film Sat Sri Akal released
Sat-sri-akal-5m-sml.jpg For many decades, a void has been felt in the Punjabi film industry which has not had any significant Punjabi film produced for a long time. The waiting is almost over! With the imminent release of this classic film.. .....read more
13 year old UK Sikh passes Panjabi Language AS Level
JagdeepSingh2m sml.jpg This week a 13 year old UK born Amritdhari Singh from North London became one of the youngest students to pass Panjabi Language AS Level in England. The AS level examination is the first year of the A Level examination normally taken by 17 year olds. .....read more
One Light to shine in San Diego, Chicago and Sun Valley.


As the entire cyber community awaits the pearls of joy, tears and consciousness, that the 3rd Sikhnet Youth Online Film Festival brings, I wanted to share the latest in the journey of ‘One Light’. A seed planted right here...... → read more
Salman Khan’s no smoking rule
Salman khan heroes sml.jpg Salman Khan, the famous Bollywood actor may be a Muslim but he respects every single religion. And he also practise what he preaches. A source close to him recently revealed this to us: “Salman is playing a Sikh character in Samir Karnik’s "Heroes". His character sports a turban in the film. .....read more
First turbaned Sikh becomes regular officer in Canadian Air Force


Lieutenant Jasbir Singh Tatla, 35, is the first turbaned Sikh to become a regular officer in the Canadian Air Force as Air Field Engineer.Tatla was born in Dhothar village in Ludhiana district of Punjab, India. He attended Central School, Halwara.. ..... → read more
Sikh shooter wins first ever individual gold for India at Olympics
Abhinav bindra gold sml.jpg Abhinav Bindra hit bull’s eye in Beijing Monday winning top honours in the air rifle event and India’s first individual Olympic gold medal, sending his billion strong nation into celebration mode with the president and prime minister joining in to congratulate him for realising their dreams .....read more
Singh is Kinng - had its worldwide release on August 8, 2008
Singh is kinng 1 sml.jpg Singh is Kinng the movie starring lead actor Akshay Kumar as "Happy Singh" and actress Katrina Kaif as "Sonia". The film portrays Happy Singh as an accident prone Sikh living in a village in Punjab. Although shown as a sahajdhari Sikh .....read more
Goodbye gentle soul, Ishmeet. Family wants a probe into death
Ishmeet blue sml.jpg Tributes to Ishmeet Singh, winner of Star Voice of India on his Antim Ardas flowed in by the thousands. Nineteen is a young age to attain celebrity status and definitely too young to die. But that reality of life came home to millions mourning the sudden death of Ishmeet Singh... .....read more
08 SikhNet Youth Film Festival is on! Hurry deadline Aug 31, 08
Film festival.jpg Get your cameras warmed up and ready for the third annual SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival! Win cash prizes and have your video seen by thousands all over the world! Videos must be submitted by August 31st, 2008 .....read more

Maghar - new month starts on November 14
Prabhu Picture19.jpg Maghar is the ninth month in the Nanakshahi calendar. A calendar system which governs the activities within Sikhism and is based from the birth of the founder of Sikhi, Guru Nanak in 1469. This month coincides with November/December.. .....read more
'"Be my guest", Indian Sikh tells Musharraf
Pervez Mushrraf2.jpg An Indian Sikh has offered to host former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf on his sprawling farm in the state of Punjab after the latter’s resignation. Baldev Haeussler Singh says the former military ruler is a brave man who has origins in India. Singh has asked Musharraf to be his guest in the face of a move by Pakistan's ruling coalition to impeach him .....read more
Members of the Sikh community spice up Army lunches
Making curry1m sml.jpg Members of the Sikh community cooked up a storm at Fulwood Barracks to raise cash for soldiers. The World's Biggest Curry Lunch event raised money for the Army Benevolent Fund .....read more
$13,000 raised for murder victim's of Sikh family
Navtej singh nz m sml.jpg More than $13,000 was raised for the Sikh family of murdered Manurewa liquor store owner Navtej Singh at a benefit in Manukau City last night. The money was raised at a special screening of the film Apron Strings at the Berkeley Cinema. .....read more
Ancient Gurdwara at Dhaka University


Devotees slowly begin to gather for the weekly prayer. Men and women with traditional headgears assemble around the head priest and the holy book. Hymns of verses like "Prabhu milbe ko pritman lagi"(Lord, I have this ardent urge to meet you)..... → read more
Sikh diaspora censures Badal for removing Vedanti as Jathedar


The unceremonious removal of Akal Takht Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti by the SGPC, on Tuesday evoked sharp criticism from the Sikh Diaspora and this is not the first time that its happened. Sikhs expressed deep concern and condemnation....... → read more