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Philosophy of Guru Granth Sahib and its Educational Implications


Research on Sri Guru Granth Sahib titled "Philosophy of Guru Granth Sahib and its Educational Implications" by Lakhbir Kaur Bahra has been awarded Ph.D. (Education) by University of Lucknow...... → read more
After Akki, Sanjay Dutt turns Sikh


Sanjay Dutt and Bunty Walia have decided to make a movie based on the battle of Saragarhi. For those of you who don't know what that is, the battle of Saragarhi was fought during the Tirah campaign in the north-west frontier of British India...... → read more
"Guru Manyo Granth Jagriti Yatra" attracts a sea of devotees


The all India journey to celebrating and commemorating the 300 years (tercentenary) of the installation (consecration) of Sri Guru Granth Sahibji (Guruta Gaddi Diwas) and Parlokgaman (heavenly abode) of tenth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh..... → read more
Sikhi & Gatka Camp held in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)


As part of the Dutch Sikh community's efforts in propagating Gurmat awareness, a Gatka and Gurmat camp was held on 26-27 July 2008 at Sri Guru Nanak Gurudwara in Rotterdam. Organization of the camp was undertaken by........ → read more
Ishmeet Singh dies in Maldives


City residents who had cheered Ishmeet Singh as Voice of India today were in deep grief as the news of his tragic death in the Maldives, by drowning in the sea, reached here late evening. Ludhianvis literally wept at the untimely death of their hero...... → read more
India's Nuclear Deal and Benchmarking against China


The successful confidence vote for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government in India, which had been shaken by his standing behind the nuclear deal with the United States..... → read more
Center agrees to helipad at Hemkunt Sahib


In a land mark development the Government of India gave its "in principle" clearance to the Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal's proposal for setting up a helipad close to the holy and historic Gurdwara Sri Hemkunt Sahib...... → read more
India's New Partnership: Bollywood and Hip-Hop


The rapper once dubbed "America's Most Loveable Pimp" by Rolling Stone makes his debut in India this summer, with a guest appearance on the title track of a highly anticipated Bollywood movie, "Singh Is Kinng."..... → read more
Sarika wins bangle law battle


A 14-year-old Sikh girl has won her High Court discrimination claim against her school after it excluded her for breaking its "no jewellery" rule. Sarika Singh, from Cwmbach, south Wales, was excluded by Aberdare Girls'....... → read more
PM's reply to the debate.


Every day that I have been Prime Minister of India I have tried to remember that the first ten years of my life were spent in a village with no drinking water supply, no electricity, no hospital, no roads and nothing that we today associate with modern living...... → read more
A happy story.


Beating the formula The hype and excitement around Singh Is Kinng can be attributed to its enticing title the huge stardom of Akshay Kumar and being my third film after No Entry and Welcome. But I don't let it affect my work...... → read more
Prayers to save PM Manmohan Singh


As the tick tock began for the make or break trust vote, prayers were held at several places in Punjab on Sunday for continuation of the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh, country's first Sikh Prime Minister...... → read more
Guru Manyo Granth Jagriti Yatra will reach state capital, Hyderabad on July 29.


The long period of waiting of the Sikh Sangat and other communities of Andhra Pradesh for the last eight months is going to end soon as the dream of personally witnessing "GURU MANYO GRANTH JAGRITI YATRA" will be fulfilled soon..... → read more
Spanish police apologise to Sikh for removing turban.


A London-based Sikh NRI, Jaswant Singh Judge, has secured an apology from the Spanish Police after he was allegedly forced to remove his turban during security checking at an airport in that country...... → read more
Sikhi Spirit Shines at 4th July Celebrations


This year’s 4th July parade was celebrated by residents of Fremont, Newark and Union City with pomp and pride as usual. This tri-city area has a significant population of Sikhs...... → read more
Raam Daas Puri


The Sadhana music kept filling me more and more until I felt I would burst, and burst I did when a mournful voice sang, ik ardas bhat keerat kee...only one prayer I ask of thee, Guru Ram Das keep me in your sanctuary..... → read more
Sikh's beard costs him engineering job.


TransAlta Corp. has become embroiled in a dispute with a Sikh employee who was ordered off the job for refusing to shave his beard. "I've never, ever been treated like this... -- I'm completely stunned," said UK resident Av Singh..... → read more
The Evolution of the Word "Khalsa".


The word Khalsa was brought to India by Muslim invaders, who settled in India starting in the year 636 A.D. The literal meaning of the word Khalsa is clean, pure or sacred. Mughal Emperors used this word towards the property, land, state or region on which a revenue tax....... → read more
Sikhs want to be part of suit over the word Allah.


The Sikh community in Malaysia has become the latest party seeking to intervene in the suit by the Catholic Church over the use of the word “Allah.” The Malaysian Gurdwaras Council filed an application to intervene in the suit through the firm of Jagjit Singh & Co on Tuesday...... → read more
14-year-old Angad Singh: Learning, Teaching Filmmaking


It was the winter of 2006 when she came to Atlanta and we met her for the first time. My mom, who was a volunteer organizer, had invited her to teach a Theater Workshop to the kids at the 2006 Gurmat Youth Camp...... → read more
The Wedding Gifts


When I toss my arm up in the air and the iron ring shines, I am reminded of His wrist that wore it - one exactly like this. Is this arm, by some stray gleam of the iron ring on my wrist, His?....... → read more
Sikh Arrested and Turban Snatched by Marshals


Forty-seven year old truck driver Sachdev Singh entered the State of Connecticut Superior Court on June 18, 2008, seeking to contest a traffic violation when he was arrested for wearing a kirpan and his turban was forcibly removed from his head...... → read more
Belgian Court Overturns Ban On Sikh Headcovering In School.


The Hasselt Civil Court overturned a ban on the patka, a Sikh head covering, which was imposed by a state school, KTA Domein Speelhof, on five Sikh schoolboys since 2005. "The Court has sent a clear message that it is illegal for a school to deny........ → read more
Chicago Sikh open house draws many people


The Sikh Religious Society of Chicago hosted an open house on Monday, June 14 for the Palatine neighborhood non-Sikh community. A steady flow of participants experienced the Sikh history exhibition displayed by S. Daljit Singh Deol,....... → read more
Sikhs outside Punjab live in pathetic conditions


Josh, a member of the minority commission of India recently said that Sikhs in some other states like Madhya Pardesh particularly in Tilangana and Gunadhar regions are living in pathetic condition...... → read more
India's growth outstrips crops


India's supply of arable land is second only to that of the United States, its economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, and its industrial innovation is legendary. But when it comes to agriculture, its output lags far behind potential...... → read more
Thousands participate in New Westminster Nagar Kirtan


Thousands of Sikhs walked through the streets of New Westminster Saturday as Khalsa Diwan Society held its inaugural “Sikh Day”. This year’s event was again held to commemorate the martyrdom of Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji...... → read more
APKF public school imparting free education to poorer children


The NGO "Akaal Purk Ki Fauj" seeks to help people from the needy section of society. Built on a plot of two acres, the school offers education from nursery to standard five. Today, the number of students getting free education is over 450...... → read more
Growing Up With God


The daughter of spiritual teachers shares her childhood stories and enlightened advice for raising the meaning-makers of tomorrow. Her first ten years were fuelled by a macrobiotic diet of brown rice, fruit and veggies, foods that still........ → read more
Sikhs' blood drive has historic roots.


Members of the Gurdwara, at 1050 S. Graham Road, gave blood to a mobile unit of the Indiana Blood Center in honor of Guru Arjan Dev, who was tortured and killed after refusing to convert from Sikhism in 1606 in Punjab, India...... → read more
Indian Sikhs to attend Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s anniversary in Pak


A delegation of around 300 Indian Sikhs is scheduled to arrive in Lahore to attend the 169th death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who ruled the Punjab province for 40 years before passing away in 1839...... → read more