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Singer Ishmeet Singh
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Although the only witnesses to the drowning have testified to Ishmeet's accidental drowning, his father and uncle think they are lying and even think that he may have been murdered. For more info on their charges go to these sites:

Ishmeet Singh (September 2, 1989 - July 29, 2008) a well-known Star Voice of India winner and playback singer has died in the Maldives aged only 19. He won the ‘Voice of India’ singing competition in November 2007, beating Harshet in a close vote. He had gone to Maldives to perform for the 'Star Voice of Maldives' contest to be held on the 1st of August, 2008. He drowned in the swimming pool of the Chaaya Island Dhonveli resort, at which he was staying on Tuesday, 29th of July 2008 only three days before he was scheduled to perform.

Ishmeet was born on September 02, 1989 to Gurpinder Singh and Amritpal Kaur. He was originally from Ludhiana. He was a second year student of the MNC College in Mumbai. He was a true fan of well-known Indian playback singer Shaan and considered him as his idol. He also admired popular Indian music director A. R. Rahman and his dream was to sing for him. Unfortunately, he will now not be able to fulfil his dream.

The news of his untimely death has shocked the Indian music industry and his fans. This tragic news is particularly shocking for Sikhs as he was representing his clean Sikh Identity all round the world and made Sikhs proud of his achievement and his presence at recognised high calibre venues. The teenager had captured the nation’s imagination with his voice and devotion to singing.

Following this sad event in Maldives, the body of budding singer Ishmeet Singh, was flown from the Islands to his home-town Ludhiana in a specially chartered aircraft on Wednesday evening, July 30, 2008. The body was first taken to the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) where just a few days prior on Sunday, he had gave, what was to become his last public performance before a gathering of doctors and their families.

A flower-bedecked open truck took his body from the airport to the hospital complex, accompanied by scores of relatives and friends. A large number of cars and other vehicles were in the cavalcade that took him on his last journey home.

On Thursday, July 31, 2008, as the body of 19-year-old Ishmeet Singh made its final journey from his home to the cremation ground in Ludhiana, commoners and celebrities turned up in force to bid a tearful farewell to the "Voice of India". Many thousand witnessed the cremation of this budding star today.

Evidence points to Murder!

Ishmeet's Uncle and father travelled to the Maldives themselves to conduct their own investigation, due to the unusual reluctance of the CBI to conduct their own formal investigation. They came back with significant evidence.

Firstly, when Ishmeet was pulled out of the swimming pool of the 5-star hotel, he had all his clothes on, including his turban. He had head and body injuries, cuts and bruises. He also had blood in his esophagus. When one drowns, their lungs fill with water, resulting in suffocation. However, Ishmeet's alveoli had filled with blood, as the post-mortem report reveals. A website has been made which Ishmeet's family has endorsed, which provides regular updates on news regarding Ishmeet, as well as an online petition, which has a growing number of signatures everyday.

The website address is :

Please help achieve justice by taking part and playing an active role in this movement.

Ishmeet will live in the memories of his fans who will best remember him as the gentle Sikh boy who sang in the long golden brown coat to pick up the Amul Star Voice of India trophy.

Makes parents proud

  • - See how he made his parents proud and the listen to the song Rotiya: esh dunya which jinha ristaa, sabh chutah tay barubh, Mama dah rista sabh toh sach Mama hah rabh da roop. Mama deh hattha deea pakeeya rotiya khanu barah dil kar-dah.

Shabad kirtan by Ishmeet

Announced Amul Star Voice of India

Ishmeet is Voice of India - News on November 24 2007, Ludhiana

What a culmination to Gurpurab celebrations! Ishmeet Singh was crowned the Voice of India tonight. The daylong celebrations, full of kirtan and langar, ended with high-pitch music, dance and crackers bursting all around — marking the victory of Ishmeet.

While the televised show was almost an hour-and-a-half late in announcing the results, Ishmeet’s friends and family present at the Mumbai grand finale sent SMSes back home at 10 pm announcing his victory.

Ishmeet Singh, a second year student, who handled the flak coming from the judges, showed his mettle as he proceeded towards the finals. In his last visit to the city, just before the finals, Ishmeet had promised: “I will surprise every one with my choice of songs and I am sure even the judges will praise me. I am going to sing A. R. Rehman.”

All through the grand finale, Ishmeet, dressed in a golden coat followed by a white formal suit, maintained his confidence. Ishmeet came to the fore during the pre-finals held at Ludhiana.

Jubilant Dr Charan Kamal Singh and Raminder Kaur, uncle and aunt of Ishmeet, said: “We never even for once felt that he would not win. Ishmeet is already all over the world. So many companies want him to be their brand ambassador and all these offers came before the title. Now that he has the title, it is even better.”

Harminder Singh, Ishmeet’s fan, said, “This is our victory. It is the victory of the Punjabis. Ishmeet had proved his talent by singing flawlessly.”

Other News from 2007

Ishmeet Singh is Voice of India!
(photo courtesy

November 22, 2007

Meet Ishmeet Singh, a talented young man from Ludhiana, Punjab, who gave up his studies, went against his parent's wishes and took a huge risk to follow his dreams.

And lucky for Ishmeet, the risk paid off. From thousands and thousands of hopeful singers, Ishmeet stands apart as one of the two finalists of the television reality show, Star's Voice of India.

Barely two days away from the grand finale, Ishmeet spends most of his time in riaaz. But he took some time out to speak to us about about his journey so far.

Tell us about yourself.

I come from a simple middle class background. There's my mother, dad and my elder sister, Sumeet.

Everyone sings in my family. My dad is a great singer, so are my chachaji and his children. So I have been singing from very young. But it was in my ninth class that I really got into singing Hindi songs.

When did you realise that singing was your passion?

In my ninth class, every student was asked to sing a song. When I sang, my teacher, Jagdeet Kaur, told me that I have a very good voice. She told me that I would go very far because of my singing.

Are you a trained singer?

I've had basic training. I've learned a lot from my dad. I learned singing Hindi songs from him.

How did you enter VOI? Tell us about your auditions.

I saw it on television. I learnt that they were holding auditions for the new season of Voice of India and I wanted to try out for it. But my family was against it. They wanted me to complete my studies. I couldn't do both, as my studies take up all my time. So I had to reason with my mother to let me at least go for the audition. She told me that even if I was selected, I couldn't continue because my studies were very important.

I auditioned in Delhi and was selected. From thousands of hopefuls, only 39 were selected. Then it was down to 33 and finally 12. But still my mother was asking me to give it up and return home.

I requested her to just let me try, dekhte hain kaha tak pahuch sakhta hoon (see how far I could go). In the end, my relatives had to intervene and convince my parents.

Now that you've reached the finals, you're already a big star. What do they feel now?

They're very proud of me. So is everybody else. I have made a name for myself and my family. Because of this show and what I've achieved, we have moved up from a simple middle class life to a very respectable standard. The kind of people I'm meeting, and the life I'm leading right now is only because of this show.

Ishmeet Singh is Voice of India!
(photo courtesy

What is the source of inspiration for your music?

Initially, it was just my dad. He taught me everything. Then I started following Mohammad Rafiji. I'm big fan of Shaan and Sonu Nigam [Images]; I follow their singing very closely.

Do you get nervous before every performance? Do you have any ritual that you do to calm yourself down?

Earlier, I would get very nervous. But now, I have got used to performing in front of an audience. But no matter what, before every performance, I chant Wahe Guru on my Simone Mala; it's the beaded mala that I always wear on my wrist.

What is the hardest part about this competition?

Singing is the easy part. Impressing the audience is difficult. In the end, it all comes down to them.

What has been the most memorable moment for you up till now?

Every moment, every day has been memorable. Since the day this experience has started, every moment has been so special. It has changed my life, and for the better.

There are eliminations in every round. Was there a point when you thought, 'I'm next to go'?

Oh yes, every time! You can do your best, put everything into your performance, but after that, it's no longer in your hands. It's up to the audience and their votes.

You're up against Harshat in the finals. What is your take on him?

Harshat is very talented. Bahoot achcha gata hain (he sings very well). You know, we both have come so far. Coming so far in the competition is a great achievement in itself. It doesn't matter who is voted the final winner. If one wins and the other is voted second, it doesn't mean he is the loser. We've come so far -- there's nothing to lose anymore. We are both winners.

Is singing something you want to do for the rest of your life?

I will go back to studies first. It's what my parents want from me. But yes, I also want to continue singing. People know me because of my voice. I have made a name because of my singing so I don't think I'm going to give it up.

Latest News

Family wants a probe into death

Ishmeet Singh - we will pray

Family wants a CBI probe into Ishmeet's death IANS, 11 August , 2008

Voice of India singing contest winner Ishmeet Singh's family on Sunday said it was not satisfied with the forensic report that said the 19-year-old budding singer died of drowning, and sought a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into his death.

The singer mysteriously drowned in the swimming pool of a beach resort in the Maldives July 29 after he arrived there for an event. He had won the Voice of India contest November last year.

Ishmeet's father Gurpinder Singh and uncle Charan Kamal Singh, who arrived in Amritsar on Sunday to pay obeisance at the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), said only a thorough probe would establish whether or not there was any foul play in his death.

"Punjab state Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has assured us that a probe would be conducted into Ishmeet's death," the singer's uncle said.

A forensic report from a government laboratory in Patiala town, Punjab last week said Ishmeet died due to drowning. The preliminary post-mortem examination report of the singer attributed his death to drowning.

But the family has alleged that Ishmeet's death could be a conspiracy as his head and chest bore injury marks.

'Bhog' ceremony

Ishmeet Singh remembered on August 3, 2008

Ludhiana (PTI) As a tribute to Master Ishmeet Singh, winner of Voice of India on his Antim Ardas and Shardhanjali Samaroah on Sunday, Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal announced that a befitting memorial in his memory in the shape of an International level Music Academy will be set up at Ludhiana.

He also announced to rename the link road from Pakhowal road to Gill road in Ludhiana as Ishmeet Singh Marg and a financial assistance of Rs 11 lakh for the family.

Badal assured that he would write to the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India to take up the issue of holding high level inquiry to ascertain the cause of death of Ishmeet Singh with Maldives government.

Paying his rich tributes, Badal said that Kaka Ishmeet had achieved enormous success in the world of music and signing during a short period of one year and won the hearts of all the countrymen with his enormous talent.

Goodbye gentle soul - you'll give in our hearts

Ishmeet Singh - Goodbye voice of India

Adieu to a gentle Sikh, a promising star article by Jaideep Sarin Friday, August 1, 2008: (Ludhiana)

Nineteen is a young age to attain celebrity status and definitely too young to die. But that reality of life came home to millions mourning the sudden death of reality singing contest Voice of India winner Ishmeet Singh.

With so many reality shows on television, stars are made and unmade almost everyday. But Ishmeet was different. This singer from a modest background from Punjab's industrial city of Ludhiana touched the hearts and minds of millions of music lovers not just by winning the Voice of Indiacontest last November but living up to his image of a "gentle Sardar" till last Tuesday.

It took just one moment of excitement at the deep end of a swimming pool in faraway Maldives to drown not just the high hopes that Ishmeet had for himself but also of the music fraternity in Bollywood and millions of his admirers who wanted him to make it big as a crooner.

"We went to the pool at the Maldives resort together. He kept egging us to come into deeper water even though none of us knew swimming. He even mocked his drowning once and laughed it off. The second time, which we realized later that he was actually drowning, we didn't take it seriously. We shouted for help but it was too late," fellow performers Viyom and Arunima, who went with Ishmeet for the Maldives event, told the media on Thursday.

"This place (Maldives) is so beautiful. Mujhe toh koi yahan naukri dey de, main toh yahan hi reh jaunga (If someone gives me a job here, I will live here only)," Ishmeet told his companions Tuesday as they arrived in the Indian Ocean island country, just a couple of hours before he drowned.

The drum beats, 'bhangra' steps and bursting of crackers November last year in Ludhiana and all over Punjab were drowned when tens of thousands turned up once again for the singer - this time to say a final goodbye.

His popularity could be seen from the stampede-like situation at the cremation ground and also the fact that a few TV news channels telecast his funeral live.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had called up his shattered family here to condole his death. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal not only got a special plane to bring his body from New Delhi but came to pay his last respects too.

Music world and television biggies - singers Abhijeet, Mika, Hans Raj Hans, Harbhajan Mann and Shreya Goshal and reality show producer Gajendra Singh - lined up like commoners at his cremation.

"It is hard to believe that the Voice of India, Ishmeet Singh, is no more. Like a shooting star, he's come and gone ... in a blink of the eye!" wrote columnist Jessi Kaur as she recounted her encounter with him at an international Sikh youth camp at Khandala near Pune.

"He promised that his first album would be of shabads, because he took his role as an icon for the Sikh youth seriously. Ishmeet, to me, was really special because his success had not gone to his head and, at heart, he remained the sweet, simple boy from Ludhiana with the love of Sikhi swelling in his heart."

"He saw himself as blazing a trail for his young Sikh brothers and sisters who he hoped would follow their dreams, achieving great successes while proudly displaying the Khalsa form and spirit. He felt that he had been given a great responsibility: to inspire and to coax the best out of the Sikh youth," she wrote.

Though the family of Ishmeet and singer Abhijeet want a probe into his death by drowning, doctors here, who conducted his postmortem examination, said that preliminary investigations revealed that he died of asphyxiation from drowning.

Ishmeet, who had left his college studies (he was a second-year student in a college here) last year much against the wishes of his family to enter the Voice of India contest and finally for a career in singing, was elevated to his celebrity status by the entertainment industry. Perhaps, it was the same industry that took his life away too!

Ishmeet gets state funeral

Thousands bid adieu to Ishmeet Singh
(photo courtesy — TOI)

LUDHIANA/PUNJAB: As the body of 19-year-old Ishmeet Singh made its last journey from his home to the cremation ground in Ludhiana on Thursday, commoners and celebrities turned up in force to bid a tearful farewell to the "Voice of India". ( Watch )

Mystery still surrounds his death in the swimming pool of a Maldives hotel, but that he was much loved was evident from the presence of thousands of mourners, among them Bollywood singers and Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal.

Residents of this industrial city couldn't help but remember how they had turned out with drums, crackers and sweets to celebrate Ishmeet's ascent as the winner of the "Voice of India" show in November.

"I cannot believe he is no more. His face had a look of satisfaction. I felt that he would just get up and start singing in his sweet voice again. God has not been fair in giving him so much in life and then snatching away the life in a second," said Rajbir Singh, a resident of Sarabha Nagar who had come to Ishmeet's modest home.

Among the crowds were Gajendra Singh - the man behind most of the successful reality shows on various TV channels, singer Abhijeet - who treated Ishmeet like his son - and popular Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans.

Shops in the area remained closed for the second day out of respect for Ishmeet.

Ishmeet was alone in pool

Ishmeet was alone in pool: Witnesses by Jupinderjit Singh Tribune News Service Ludhiana, July 30

“Ishmeet Singh was alone in the swimming pool of a resort in Chaaya Island, Maldives, when he drowned yesterday afternoon. “Two Indians, a 14-year-old boy and a 20-year-old girl, who were witnesses to the drowning, have told the Maldives police and Indian High Commission officials.

The Maldives police is not in a position to comment on the exact cause of death as the country does not have the facility of post-mortem examination.

“We don't have the facility; post-mortem examination will be conducted, if required in India. Post-mortem examinations of other cases are usually conducted in India,” Sergeant Ahmed Shian, media coordinator, Maldives police, told this correspondent over the phone.

He said a press briefing on the incident and police inquiry would be held tomorrow.

Narayan Swami, secretary, council to the Indian High Commission, Maldives, over the phone said Ishmeet was one of the seven-member troupe that landed here last afternoon. The troupe was part of the Voice of India-II auditions.

Witnesses Vyom (15) and Arunima (20), both belonging to Delhi, have told the commission that they hit the pool area while others preferred to rest in resort rooms.

Ishmeet’s family in Ludhiana grieves after hearing the news of his death on Tuesday.
(photo courtesy — Tribune photo by Sayeed Ahmed)

They told the commission that Ishmeet had ventured alone into the pool beckoning them to join him. The witnesses added that Ishmeet kept going towards the deeper part of the pool waving at them to follow him, revealed Swamy.

The girl said Ishmeet waved frantically when he went to the deepest part, but they could not make out if it was desperation call to save him. “By the time , we realised what had happened, Ishmeet had sunk to the floor of the pool,” the witnesses told the commission. The witnesses could not be reached over the phone.

Swamy said the two witnesses raised the alarm and hotel staff and others rushed. Ishmeet was pulled out. A doctor tried to revive him by the pool side. But it was too late. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Relatives and friends are finding it hard to believe that it was an accident though reports from Maldives have not suggested any conspiracy.

Dr C.K. Singh, a relative, said there was definitely some negligence behind his death. “We are perturbed on why the crew members of the Voice of India-Part II audition or the resort staff did not have a life guard in the pool.”

Harnam Singh Dhumma, chief, Damdami Taksal, has demanded a high-level probe into the matter.

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