Ishmeet’s Death-Tragedy or Murder

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Was Ishmeet’s Death a Tragedy or Murder?

'Someone tried to kill Ishmeet earlier' , uncle alleges.

Ishmeet’s family in Ludhiana grieves after hearing the news of his death.
(photo courtesy — Tribune photo by Sayeed Ahmed)

The post-mortem report released citing drowning as the cause of Ishmeet Singh's death has failed to convince his family. According to them, the 'Voice of India' winner may have been murdered in Maldives.

In a startling revelation, Ishmeet's uncle GPS Chadha said that there was an attempt to kill the 19-year-old singer just two weeks before he tragically drowned in a hotel swimming pool. "Ishmeet told me that he was travelling in his car from Mumbai to Pune on July 13 when another car suddenly came from behind and hit the side on which he was sitting. There was a choreographer travelling with Ishmeet as well, but I don't remember his name. Ishmeet's car was badly damaged and he had a narrow escape on that occasion," says Chadha.

The story was corroborated by Ishmeet's other uncle Chaman Kamal. According to him: "When the news of his death came, the first that came to my mind was the earlier attempt to kill him in a car accident. I know that the postmortem report found water in his lungs and heart, and suggests death by drowning. But I don't agree with this finding."

"What I suspect is that he was hit and then thrown into the pool. When I spoke to Vyom who was with him at the time the incident happened, he was not speaking properly. I could hear someone telling him from behind what to say. The other girl Arunima told me she was not there at the time Ishmeet drowned. She said she was at some other pool. However when I made enquiries at the Chaaya Island Dhonveli resort where they were all staying, the staff said they had just one swimming pool," adds Kamal.

Family member sure there is a culprit

The distraught member of Ishmeet's family insists there are too many lose ends for the matter to end with the postmortem report. "I want a proper enquiry conducted into his death. Everybody who was there with Ishmeet should be questioned and the culprit has to be punished. Ishmeet knew how to swim. Sure, he was not an expert swimmer but he was no novice either. He had learnt swimming while in Mumbai. Will someone explain to me how Ishmeet reached the center of the pool when it was so deep and far away from the corners? Only a proper investigation can reveal the truth," he says.

Ishmeet's father also expects foul play

Ishmeet's father Gurprinder Singh Sodhi, still grappling with the grievous loss that has befallen his family, also thinks Ishmeet's death is unnatural. "There was no reason for him to die like this...I suspect foul play," he says.

Assistant Manager of the Chaaya Island Dhonveli resort Marlon Robert refused to comment on the conspiracy theories surrounding Ishmeet's death. According to him: "I cannot say anything about the family's allegations of foul play. The Male police are investigating the matter and if something wrong happened, it will come out."

What he is sure about is that the resort did not err in letting guests swim in the absence of lifeguards. "We cannot stop our guests from going to the swimming pool," says Robert.