Battle of Jajau

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After the death of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb on March 3, 1707, the contest for the throne broke out between his eldest son Prince Muhammad Muazzam, governor of Kabul (now in Afghanistan) and next eldest son Prince Azam Shah. The fight for the throne of Delhi led to the Battle of Jajau on 8 June, 1707. The battle takes place at the place called Jajau on the Yamuna River a few miles south of the Agra.

The eldest son of Akbar, Prince Muazzam, was assisted in this battle by the head of the Sikh religion, Guru Gobind Singh. A contingent of Sikhs soldiers was dispatched to help Prince Muazzam by the Guru. Many of Azam's supporters desert him in the face of extreme heat and a shortage of water. Azam and his son Bidar Bakht are both killed. Bahadur will reign until his death in 1712 as Bahadur Shah, but the empire will quickly disintegrate as provincial governors gain virtual independence amidst wars of succession and foreign invasions.

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