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Was reading about India's National Anthem written to One God

O! Dispenser of India's destiny, thou art the ruler of the minds of all people
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, the Maratha country,
in the Dravida country, Utkala and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
it mingles in the rhapsodies of the pure waters of Yamuna and ganga:
They chant only thy name.
They seek only thy auspicious blessings.
They sing only the glory of thy victory.

Reading that R. Tagore from Bengal had written this to God, I noted that he Had listed Punjab first and was touched that he wrote --They sing only the glory of thy victory. (no mention of Gods)

and not using Vande Mataram, in part a song to Durga or Shakti , perhaps the importance of the feminine mother of Kings and all that Guru Nanak lauded rather than giving a lower status to women as so many of the worlds other religions do or help to keep in place, with most teaching the idea of the husband as the God of the woman--easily burned in a suspicious 'kitchen fire' or divorced by a few words repeated a few times or not allowed to vote till late last century. Or even be in some of God's houses along with the men--as their presence would interfere with the mens worship? Wow was Guru Nanak ever ahead of the curve! Allenwalla 08:05, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

Sat Shri Akaal

Kimey ho sir jee?? ki hal aa ghar sabh kidan nae? India trip kad lag reha?

Recent Manikaran Sahib da trip lagga. Khoob Enjoy kita. Khoob Historical facts kathe kitey. Nature lap ch enjoyment te sang guru swaad e vakhra. Kuj pics upload kitiyaa han aas hai pasand avan giyan

Rawalsar e Mandi gurdwara sahib v gaya si oh fotuan lai ke kal haazar hovun. (Lucky 18:25, 7 February 2009 (UTC))

Sikhism Islam

Hari ji, this is a rather odd article to be here. It says it isone of many parts. Though it is seemingly written by someone w/ a Muslim name it seems to be a diatribe pointing out the problems with Islam and the Qur'an. Sikhs are never mentioned. The writer describes it as Blasphemy and it seems to be an attack on believing in Allah. Please review. Allenwalla 11:10, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

sat shri akal again

u havent replied to my previous message.

needs stats of website like how many articles etc etc. thx(Lucky 14:58, 16 February 2009 (UTC))

Changes by Gurmeetaman

SSA, Hari ji, the changes made to 9 or so pages by Gurmeetaman seem to be links to someones ad services for the web and seem to be out of place in the pages will leave this to you and my fellow user group to decide. thanks Richard


Sardar Ji, Checking the page on Bani I noticed the line --which is treated like a living Guru. I thought to change this as the SGGS in homes is probably not given the lavish 'Maharaja, Queen, King, Nizam or 17th century Sikh Guru, which the SGGS is given to lesser extent in every Gurdwara. The ritualistic treatment paid to the SGGS at the Harmandir Sahib (doubtless at many major Gurdwaras and other Thakhats) seems to match the treatment as imagined afforded to Guru Gobind Singh, though I have never read of him having the lavish privi council of the european royals who had lords or ladies putting them to bed, fanning them and taking care of their chamber pot, ect. I just do not see, in my imagination Guru Gobind Singh being that effete. As were often the most effeminant English and French kings.

However the Palki, the trumpet heralding the coming and going of the SGGS; the nightly cleaning of the 'Palace" and the 'Throne' room (The Golden Temple) might even be superior to that of the days of Guru Gobind Singh as I doubt his coverings and the cushions of his 'throne' (seat in his court) were changed each day. So my thought was that the SGGS is treated in the same way that Sikhs think that Guru Gobind Singh was or should have been treated--equal to the splendour afforded any Maharaja of India's princely states or the Mughal or Hindu Courts.

So I thought the line --which is treated like a living Guru, might be more accurate as:

…the SGGS is treated in the same way as Sikhs treated their last living Gurus. I say last as I cannot imagine Guru Nanak or Guru Angad ever allowing anyone to carry them about in Golden or Silver throne chairs as the Emperors of India (Rajputs, Mughals), Japan, England and France (Louis XIV le Roi Soleil) all those who thought they were the son of the Sun (or God) as was once thought by them and their subjects.Allenwalla 22:55, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

I also wonder when this custom at the Golden Temple started, particularly if it was begun by the Mahants who had even included (I have read) Murtis in the Harmandir Sahib itself, the washing with milk seems to be something left over from those times?

Thank very much for the reply

Thank very much for the reply

Hari Ji, thanks for the elaborate and well thought out response and your time and your thoughts. I have been reading the e-paper of Dawn in Pakistan and read today of the first speech to the governmental assembly of Pakistan when Jinnah spoke of every one forgetting to argue over their religions and planned freedom for all, of all casts and religions equating Islam with democracy as the Rasul had intended. How soon the killing started forgetting all he dreamed of--his words on the value of women in government are priceless (as if he had studied the words of Nanak). If you have not seen the paper key in Dawn Pak-then click the link (you may need to register your e-mail as at sikhiwiki) and create a password. By clicking on each page and article or its headline (somewhat tricky) the stories are quite amazing and now I see why B.C. (the comic) caused such a stir in the Muslim world as it along with 'Jughead', which long ago disappeared from our local papers are read each day by thousands of Pakistanis. (the Swat peace deal with the taleban seems very scary, turning people over to head cutters who kill over a 'Frankenstienish' interpretation of Islam to protect the livelihood and ways of the most ignorant of backward mullahs who condemn any form of music and kill anyone who opposes them. With their grand dream of conquering Afghanistan, Pakistan and then taking over India. I am amazed that Mullah Omar, with no education, ilm, took out the last cloak known to be worn by the Prophet (saw) of Islam and wore it as he preached to his followers. Can you imagine any one taking out the armor and shastars of Guru Gobind Singh or wearing relics of Guru Nanak? Allenwalla 06:50, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

He also said this, to bad no one listened and the mullahs of hate and dominance won out.

While addressing the Constituent Assembly, Quaid-i-Azam said: “You may belong to any religion or caste or creed - that has nothing to do with the business of the state...We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one state... Now I think we should keep that in front of us as our ideal and you will find that in the course of time, Hindus will cease to be Hindus and Muslims will cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the state.”

…You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State…

On make up

Hari ji as makeup is usually for women, but some men in India do use a lot of kajol particularly in the bollywood movies.

Would - Adorning ones body - work? I would think that clothes, like tattoos, makeup or jewelry are all things we use to improve the appearance of what God sent us here with.

Guru Granth Sahib on adornment - works well


Hari ji, Good evening, I forgot to tell you that the pages on DAWN can be tricky, sometimes a clik on the text opens the box others the headline must be clicked.

The article on Langar says that a parna is worn to cover the face while doing food prep. This seems to be no longer the custom as the pix at the Harmandir show no covers over faces or beards (US restaurants often (health codes) require a hair net or hat and particularly a hair net over beards (though one sees exceptions/a recent NYTimes story on Bronx food businesses, a chocolat factory where most of the men (young) and owners have taken to wearing beards). Even most pix showing Langar, like the one in the article, show no face coverings. Suggest removing Parna as it no longer seems to apply.

The Swat valley deal seems to be failing, reminds me of Chamberlain appeasing Hitler - and there went Chekeslovakia. Now they want their own qazis (Taleban) and soon the rest of Pakistan while Nawas Sharif is dividing the rest of the country. Sikhs would have their own reasons for worrying over this, given the treatment of the Bamian Buddhas. I don't know if they would ever destroy whole buildings, I can only guess they would either use Gurwaras for housing (as had happened in many smaller Gurdwaras all over West Pakistan or turn them into Masjids. They seem to care little for any of the Prophets (SAW) teachings - only those of their uneducated mullahs, who seem bent on enriching themselves, keeping women uneducated, pregnant and cooking. If they had been left alone in Afganistan I think most of the country would have starved by now. Here twenty bullets for an AK-47 cost 20 dollars. They seem to have a never ending supply of ammunition, maybe the economic turndown will dry up the funds of whomever keeps the money going for all their weapons.Allenwalla 15:37, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Sat Shri Akaal

How Are You Sir? How z Life Going? Why not you make Sikhiwiki Community on Many People use the website. especially in USA n India. i m sorry i m not regular, but i have many things to upload n i will do when i get time. in hoshiarpour due to slow internet speed i m facing problem in accessing website, otherwise i would be a regular visitor. sorry for all that. when r u comin! to mohali? i think i lost your contact number, please send me on my mail. thx. (Lucky 15:53, 3 March 2009 (UTC))

    • <quote>How are your studies/work situation in Punjab? Is the global financial situation making any difference to Punjab?</quote>

My studies are going well after two months i have my exams, n waiting for results of my previous exams. May lord help in that. Atmosphere of punjab is good now days, Neither too cold nor too hot. Cool breeze blows in afternoon.

As you know IT Sector is highly affected by that, due to that there is a big problem for freshers like me. After april companies used to visit PU in hundreds for recruiting students but now it will decrease onto 50 even less, and due to that competition increases. So let's see what will happen. About punjab i cannot say anything because these days i m attached more with books then other medias...LOL.

thx for response. God bless you. (Lucky 15:16, 4 March 2009 (UTC))

Sir ji,

ਵਹਿਗ੝ਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਹਿਗ੝ਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਿਹ,,,,,,,ਜੀ

Harpreet veer is right in saying that orkut can be used for the publicity of sikhiwiki as it is the most famous site in India and abroad . We have already made a community on sikhiwiki here is the link

you can take over this community as it is also the best platform for the chardikala of sikhi.

Extend our Fateh to all family members.


--user:sarbjeet_1313me 10:06, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

Urs of Mian Mir, could this be used somewhere?

URS of Hazrat Mian Mir, started with a great zeal and fervor on Thursday.

Baba Sain Mir Muhammad Sahib, (1550- 1635), popularly known as Sain Mian Mir, belonged to the Qadiri order of Sufism. He is famous for being a spiritual instructor of Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Emperor Shah Jahan. He is also identified as the founder of the Miankhail branch of the Qadiri order.

Mian Mir holds a pivotal legendary place in Sikhism. Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru, often visited Lahore to meet his relatives. On one of such visits, he called on Mian Mir and the two men became lifelong friends.

Guru Arjan was responsible for the construction of many ponds and buildings. In 1588, he planned to build a temple in the centre of the holy tank called Amritsar or the pool of nectar. He invited Mian Mir to lay the foundation stone of the Harmandir Sahib.

After having lived a long life of piety, Mian Mir passed away on August 11, 1635, after having suffered from severe dysentery for some time.

He was eighty eight years old. Mian Mir’s mausoleum still attracts hundreds of devotees each day and he is revered by many Sikhs as well as Muslims.

A report from the Jang of Pak. Allenwalla 16:22, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Hari ji, SSA, thought this might be useful.

Need YOur Help

I am updating an article Battle of Hargobindpur. The previous details of article was wrong. I personally visit the site and bring the whole history. I am typing some parts of it, which are correct historically n technically too. Please check english and making of sentences. i will be very thankful to you. There are some uncompleted parts which will be completed soon. God Bless. Thanks

(Lucky 19:09, 7 March 2009 (UTC))

Further Help Please

Wrote the new section in rubbish manner but i think you will get what is written under it, please edit it and make it a complete article then i will check it though with all historical sources Battle_of_Hargobindpur#Battle. Please sir work on this article i am trying to make this source a liable and acceptable as all other links on web are not providing good knowledge about this. I am trying to put Veer Rass in article but my vocab is zindabad. So please put veer rass in article. and slowly this will appear as article for main page. i am finding pics for the battle to or i will make some lets see what will happen.

But sir please, do edit the section of article this ia last section. then i will check for compatibility.

Thanks (Lucky 16:26, 9 March 2009 (UTC))


Do not put it as main article(please) there are lot of things to do. I want to make it proper source so let me read views of different author and let me upgrade the article. Sir you just take care of my English. (Lucky 16:19, 10 March 2009 (UTC))

Sri Dasmesh Darbar Gurdwara, Kopar Khairane

Hari ji as I have not seen any requests for contributions for Gurdwaras, especially any reminding Sikhs of the Dasvand which I suppose people already contribute to many causes but 10% is only 10% and I am sure many according to their means go beyond this, I have altered the writing of the page I constructed from the scan that Jasdeepsid ji uploaded. I have made it into a typical page, but have left the bank accounts info.

I guess that accepting one page asking for funds, would only make it far to accept requests from every Sangat for their local Gurdwara.

I am asking for your guidance on this

Thanks Richard

Hans Raj Hans

Sir, thanks for the article which introduced me to Hans Raj Hans, in my usual way of investigating i found some videos on youtube:

  • his tribute to Surjit Bindrakhia [[1]] which I thought would include singing, but this is more of the Punjabi language than I have ever heard spoken.
  • and the [[2]] Mil mere Pritma, Baani Guru Granth Sahibji, to which most comments speak to the singing of the Bani. One saying …but u must know that Punjab inherits this great bliss of Gurban in a special way quite distinct from the rest of the world.

Another says …Hans Raj is a 'beautiful' personality as well, while another can only object to the mixing of different religious symbols, attacking his trimmed beard with stupid Hindus, ect. and misses the Bani itself, Hans is not passing himself as a Sikh - he wears a mala on his wrist, sings Bani and Sufi songs as well. I don't know where this was recorded, I guess I don't understand those who think that Guru Nanak and even the SGGS only belong to Sikhs-in Sikh Gurdwaras.

  • also there was a tribute to Surjit Bindrakhia by Gurdas Mann (one of the so called slow Sikhs), though I have no way of knowing what he is saying or singing it is very touching. [[3]] could you tell me what he is singing and in which Gurdwara his Bhog was held?

I went to look for Surjit Bindrakhia here but was surprised to find no article, I had not known of him before.? Allenwalla 21:48, 16 March 2009 (UTC)

Sat Shri Akaal

How are you sir? How is life going?

Thanks for Your help in Battle of Hargobindpur topic. I have improved a lot, and tried to resolve every confusion. If any confusion is still there then please tell i will work on that. I think now the article is almost complete.

I went to Bassi Kalan today and bring info about the Skirmish held at bassi kalan between Jabar Khan and Sahibzada Ajit SIngh. The reasearch is still going on but i have created an article with appropriate material, i also uploaded the pic of site.

I have created an article Skirmish Of Bassi Kalan, i read some books and with support of history books put data into that article. Now its your duty to check it out and do required clean up. Please do this and lets first put this on the main page. I have to more about the singhs which martyered there. but i think the article can satisfy all. Please do the required cleanup. Thanks (Lucky 19:38, 19 March 2009 (UTC))

On Gurdas Mann

Sardar ji, Wanted to thank you for the translation you did on Mann's poem also for the contribution to Lucky ji's article as my Punjabi is very limited. Richard

Sat Shri Akaal Again Sir

Thanks for helping in article of Bassi Kalan Skirmish. Article is wonderfully written. i will upoad more data after my next visits to places near bassi kalan.

Today i visited some gurdwaras around me and the photos have uploaded to the link User:Hpt lucky/Image Gallery4, i also created articles but i want somebuddy to translate history from the History board i have attached. I also have attached Bhatta sahib pics with horse marks(may be you had seen). The trip was wonderful. Jarnail Singh was with me.

I m planning next for SISWAN village of Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani, a renowed man as our article info i taken from web and i havent read about it in any book, a vilage called siswan 12 km from here have library of dr. diwan singh, may be get more good info from that. today's time was limit so we didn't went there. hope will cover that soon.

Hor sunao, kive chal reha hai sabb, gharr vich sab kiddan? khyal rakhna rabb rakha(Lucky 14:14, 21 March 2009 (UTC))

Back on the subject of Jinnah

Sardar ji, today I chanced across Jinnah's speech to the nation of Pakistan, which revealed that he intended Pakistan to be a country similar to what the Sikh Raj was under M. Ranjit Singh. Guru Nanak, I think, would have been pleased by much of the speech, his plans got seriously sidetracked. It remains to be seen if the recent 'win for democracy' touted now by the Long marchers and many reporters, will grow and win out over the less freedom loving men of the Northern borders who kill even Pashtuns who resist them as they seek an ever larger piece of Pakistaan.

Remember, it was the Sikh army 'democratic' move to allow the groups of five (Panj Piares) to make decisions, rather than their trained officers that really scared the Viceroy into actions that led to the 2 Anglo-Sikh wars. This system of the five village elders also continued in Pakistan where one village Panch ordered the raping of Mukhtar Mai to right some supposed wrong. Any form of democracy, be it the Village Panch, the Panj Pyaares, the SGPC, the Parliment of Britain, the Congress of the US or that of Pakistaan, is only as good as the men that are chosen to run it.

I seem to remember a Bollywood movie about a similar case in Gujarat or elsewhere where the Gujjar Panj of one village sanctioned the raping of a female potter, of a lower caste, who also fought back; a true story if I remember correctly.

link to his speech: [4]

Things to be deleted

Image:Colonial Lahore and Bhai Ram Singh.pdf

I also added a pdf by mistake one day, if you can search by pdf's , thanks R


Mera Yaar Hari ji, Thank you for finding the story on wikipedia, it moves me greatly reading even more than I knew of (Mukhtar Mai). The movie I had forgotten the name of is Bawander, which I now remember I liked enough to by a copy of. It was not a great movie but a great story and I am surprised to find no mention of either the movie or of Bhanwari devi on wikipedia. I guess when I get a little better I will have to add her story on wikipedia or perhaps maybe you could if you have the time.

I have been watching the events which are going on across the border from Amritsar. The attack on the police academy yesterday has been claimed by Baitullah Mehsud. We recently watched the movie the kite runner which had the villain of the movie with a most unusual look with, seeing Mehsud's photo today, was probably based on him. Charismatic what! Kite flying was outlawed under the taleban in afghanistaan, probably because they didn't cotton to sport (hence the attack on the Cricket team). But even today it has been outlawed in Lahore not because of hate, but because nine or more people have had their throats slit by the wire/glass barb coated strings this last year alone. Only yesterday another guy on a motorbike had his jugular sliced while motoring down a Pak road.

Bawandar is worth watching if you watch movies, it should still be around the UK.


Thank you SirAllenwalla 02:54, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Sikhs on Yatra in Pakistan

Hari ji, I am surprise to not see any news on the front page of the train loads of Sikhs at Wagah today headed all over Pakistan, Punja Sahib ect.Allenwalla 14:45, 11 April 2009 (UTC)


Bahot, Bahot Dhanyawaad, I awoke at 2am this morning, with the Kartar's blessings, feeling like a teenager. I sat down to see how my sisters and brothers were doing on the otherside of the world - checking our wiki first. Thanks is all I can express at seeing the joy on the yatries' faces as they set out to visit so many of the sites in the other half of the Punjab. Thanks for going to the trouble. On trying to look at a little history I came across a couple of interesting pages. I know that Ranjit Singh had always hoped to include Sind in his domains, but the treaty with the British closed his southern hopes for expansion but leaving the north west open. In today's news Balochistan and Quetta are center stage, with many dying needless deaths as angered crowds kill anyone they come across, especially the police who they associate with their recently slaughtered leaders. Quetta seems to be shuttered down tight.

Trying to 'see' the place better in my minds eye, i came across sites I knew nothing of - the Boland Pass and the British attack on Kandahar in the 1830's which had no Sikhs involved. Two sites with some beautiful paintings of the attack on 'Ghuznee'.[5] I believe they seated Shah Shujah, who was then languishing in Lahore, on the Afghauni throne--he had probably had to hand over the Koh-i-noor to M. Ranjit Singh by that time, or maybe later after his rescue by the Sikhs.

And an interesting painting of 'Guznee' and with two of the biggest minars, probably long gone, but of a type that exist today throughout many of the remote mtn. valleys of the far Hindu Kush.[6] again thanks! Allenwalla 07:14, 12 April 2009 (UTC)

And in this picture one can see the type of grand cloak that the current Pres. of Kabul wears and note that the women of Afghanistan of 150 years ago knew nothing of the shuttlecock Burkhas of today's taleban. [7].

These pages also have links to detailed histories and paintings of the battles of the Fist and Second Anglo-Sikh wars.

Changes to Higher Living

Hari ji, I have made a few changes includind a few typos. Please check an change if I missed some point you were aiming at.

Sat Shri Akaal Veer Ji

Sat Shri Akaal Sir ji how are you, how'z life going? Sabh theek thaak, family sab theek? India kadd auna tusi?

Sikhiwiki te v bohot wadiya nave users bohot join kar rahe hann..

Sir ji ek gall karni c. Kujh articles eho jehe hann sikhwiki te jehre ki samporan roop ch bilkul sahee hann, te ohna nu protected da tag laga do taan ki koi aira gaira us nu edit karkey bematlab de badlaaw na kare, ohna articles nu apni nigrani heth rakho. Because Wiki da eh funda galat hai ki koi v aakey kuch v change kar sakda.

i m sorry kujh navi updations nahi nazar aundiya mere vallon, but i am always connected with your website.

We are haveing a quiz on orkut and the questions which are asked on that are on sikhiwiki and people critisize me and our fellow members that we have uploaded info which they were not thinking about its availablility on internet.

Your website is just great. helping many

Hor sunao life sab fine. Rabb Rakh take care(Lucky 20:20, 27 April 2009 (UTC))

Again Sat Shri Akaal

Its nice to see your reply.


There is some worry about this super flu which is spreading from Mexico but hopefully Waheguru will protect us all.

May Lord protect you all and protect those who were infected with these.

I think it will be near the end of the year

I will wait for you....

we have lots of new users

Try to convince them joining sikhiwiki and improve standards of article. Upload their own clicked sikhi images which they have and contribute to the website. Send Emails on their respective addresses.

protect the critical articles

You have to do this sir as this will be benificial for our data bank. like Battle of Hargobindpur, Skirmish of Bassi Kalan, Main Articles which we have created on Sikh personalities etc.

it will become the central bank of Gurbani, Sikh history and other Sikhi information. we get over 325,000 hits almost every month

Inshaa Allah, this site will reach to new heights.

link SikhiWiki to quizzes on Sikhi It should be their sir. As i have seen we have 5 - 10 active members did huge contributions and many other who helped in minor(Still huge) contributions. We have to promote sikhi quiz and make it interesting to acquire users eye.


A Complaint: Sir there are many articles in sikhiwiki such as Gurdwara Baba Jaani Shah, Baba Almast etc and many more gurdwaras or gursikh personalities. I haven't seen you attempting them as Main article. These places also kept equal importance in sikhism. You always display common article such as guru nanak dev ji or golden temple or Sikh army or Mata Gujri etc. I am not saying that you should not display them. but we are neglecting, the most neglecting articles of most neglecting personalities or gurdwaras etc. I am sorry may be i m writing something wrong. But it is so.

We should come with those articles too which people never read before or heard about. Which people never thought that these things might exist. As you know there are number of such articles. Some articles do not have any display pic till it keeps important part. So please go through such articles too and apply them on main page. I will try to bring such articles in eyes, but still you should do work on them. i am sorry if i have said wrong. ________________________________

ThankYou Sir, Rabb Rakhaa, Sarbat Da Bhala (Lucky 16:56, 30 April 2009 (UTC))

sir ji

mata jito n mata sundri are two aeprate personality but in sikhiwiki oth are explainedf as 1. check it. (Lucky 03:21, 4 May 2009 (UTC))

Sat Shri Akaal Again

how r u sir ji

Sir there are some articles which should be checked as it downs the sikhi image like:
Sajjan - The Robber
Kauda - The Cannibal
etc. etc.

I have seen todays when people talk about these two (and others too), they use to say kauda rakhshash see, guru ji nu maran lagga see, but baad ch guru ji ton maafi mangi..........and same with sajjan. but in a real sense

Kauda was a gursikh & Sajjan was a gursikh too, so how they turne gursikh thats different matter but to call one cannibal and other thug seems quite wrong. we should give thir past under another section

today i worked on Sheikh Sajjan article. and would work on kauda's article too. please check the english of article and remove repeated contents. thank you

(Lucky 20:13, 10 May 2009 (UTC))


How are you sir ji, Ghar sab kimey? Family vagera theek?

Sir you must have Good Links in Africa. Why not you send someone to place called BAMU NANIKA(BAMU MUNGU) near Kampala at Uganda?

It is said that place is related to Baba Nanak. He went their during his travels. But we have no information provided on net and Meri kismat vich uthey jana likhya nahi. I remember you have some link with South africa. if you can go to the place or send someone or your known belong to the place then pls tell someone to do research work on it. rabb Rakha

(Lucky 18:19, 20 May 2009 (UTC))


Why Malik Khushi Muhammad article is here??? it have no relation with sikhism?

I have read the article and, but other than mentioning Sikhs, Sufis and Amritsar. And perhaps Punjabi poetry the article seems a little misplaced, unless he is important to the poetry of Punjab and it relates to Sikhs. His was the reverse flight from Amritzar to Lahore in '47 Allenwalla 02:39, 11 June 2009 (UTC)

re. Giani Sant Singh Maskeen

Sat Shri Akaal ji,

Harji, I just changed some sentences and spellings on the page-Giani Sant Singh Maskeen. That he was an exceptional man and teacher and well deserving of the love and veneration in which he is held is obvious.

The quote attributed to him as his last words seems dubious to me especially since the link seems to be from (a child, who says he is a teen, four years ago) living at home with his mom who related the words to him.

Mankind may have made these judgements, but nature does not. Lions in captivity (i.e. not in nature) are not shaved nor does anyone trim their hair. Science teaches us that male lions, peacocks, roosters and cardinals (both the birds and the Latin prelates of the Catholic church, it seems) have evolved to have the characteristics most often associated with women (long hair, bright colors, eyeshadow, makeup and ornimentation, rather ornamentation. From Greece to the east eyeshadow seems to be applied even to male babies to avoid the 'evil eye' ('buri nazar') and even male hero's eyes in bollywood films often are slathered with khol (surma or kajol). This may have been in imitation of lions and cheetahs, as best I can guess?

So all of this leaves me wondering if this is a really second hand quote of a bad translation by a teen, as related by his mom? Do you have a reference of his last words, I doubt they were spoken in English. The part of the quote that seems to make no sense is the implication that Shaving and trimming ones hair (is exactly similiar to a woman.) as below.

But Men who also have this distinguishing quality go to barbers and cut their hair and shave their body and beard. Which is exactly similiar to a woman.

If I remember correctly the most famous and ferocious lions in history, were the Tsavo lions of Kenya, of whom you would most likely have heard. Today their remains are stuffed and mounted in a Chicago museum - they had no manes or beards. That Sikhs have untrimmed beards and hair in respect for Guru Gobind Singh's wishes, as part of a Khalsas's vows and religion is enough. Attributing magical powers, as some do, too dead tissue only clouds the issue.

thanks Allenwalla 02:28, 11 June 2009 (UTC)

Please revert the page if my changes are poor.

SSA Hari Singh Ji --- PLEASE HELP ME

Hello Sir, I have gone through your details and background and you will happy to know that I am also an IT professional Sikh girl 26 Years old...Actually these days I am in trouble due to this casteism.And it gives me so much mental stress that I can't tell you in words.

It is really very very disappointing that being a Sikh my own family believes in this castesim and my mother took Amrit few years back but still she believes in castesim.It really hurts.I want to remove this curse or illness from our society but I am all alone.I am fighting against this alone.Nobody is with me.Everyone says that I am too young to understand all this.A general category is different from Ramdasia category...Why everyone says like this?

Where is HUMANITY? Any person's values,kindness and ethics based on caste only??

Kindly show me the right path and let me know whether I am right or wrong?I am in so much mental stress.How I can remove this perception from everybody's mind? Especially when my own family and relatives are in front of me.I want to show them right path but HOW? I am unable to understand...

Please help me..

Thanks&Regards Gundeep Kaur


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Sat Siri Akaal, Hari ji, the eye photo is remarkable. Clicking on the eye one can see the detail. The photo tells a lot about the whole sorry history of castism, why people in India where organized religions seem to have begun, worship or prefer light skin to darker shades. The sun afterall gives life to us all for without it all we know would die; nothing would have ever been written without it to grow things that we can light to see in the night.

It was the Aztec myth of 'white gods' that allowed millions of Aztecs to be conquered by a few white men. (the fact that they had never seen a horse, and these white men could magically break themselves into two parts (man like and strange, giant, powerful steam snorting beasts) and reassemble themselves again.) -- the same wonderful creatures that the Khalsa Risaldari of Maharaja Ranjit Singh used so masterfully to keep the British at bay, until shortly after his death.) (I still dream of seeing Hola Mohalla, one day in Anandpur Sahib, walking the same ground that two of my personal Heros (Guru Tegh Bahadur and his son Guru Gobind Singh.) walked.

Jibral and angels are described as brilliant light and Burak, a creature of light, is said to have carried Mohammad (SAW) to the Heavens. Lightning bolts were Indra's spears and his vahana was of course a white elephant. Aagni too was once worshipped and all 'homeowners' (grihastas?) are the keepers of light in their homes. Saints and Godly men most often wear or are pictured in white, even illustrations of Jesus or Eastern Holy men of the past are pictured with white halos around their heads.

Churches and houses of worship are usually painted in white, even in the US. The Saudi and Arab royals wear white, odd that Hindu widows once were required to wear only white and that the Ka'aba is covered in black curtains as the pilgrims, dressed only in two pieces of pristine white homespun, circle it in the opposite direction of the pilgirms at Hindu shrines, as they try to kiss the al-Ħajaru l-Aswad (the black stone that Guru Nanak would have seen, in its shinning silver frame (said to be a meteorite that Abraham picked up in the desert that was once white, but is black now having soaked up all of the sins of anyone who has kissed it, turning it (evil?) black.)

As thousands now yell Allah-hu-Akbar in the dark nights over Iran's cities

Imam Ruhollah Khomeini, rose to fame, fighting the loss of the Iranian clerics income when the Shah, in what is known as the White Revolution [8]) gave the land of the clerics' and the landlords' (who owned most of Iran's cities and farmland), away to the peasants who were only 'share-croppers'.

But the peasants, mostly uneducated, were easily convinced by their mullahs that an old myth, which said the Madhi would come, when the Sun rose in the west, had come true. So when Khomeini was exiled to the west, it was easy for them to see him as the Sun (son) rising in the West, the old Mitra of Zoraster cum Madhi myth that ended in Khomeini being the only man called Imam. Then thousands swore that another old myth had come true, that the Madhi's face would be seen on the moon as the yom al Qiyamah was near, as they swore on the Qur'an that they now saw Khomeini's face in the moon. The Madhi had come. (facts from wikipedia, refer to the 'Imam's' page. [9] We can remember that it was many of the Mullahs, in the Masjids of Lahore and all the surrounding cities who whipped their 'flocks' (sorry - a Christian term/I don't know the panjabi or Arabic term) into a frenzy of hate, as they (the worshippers) first started yelling from the room tops, in the night, to their Hindu and Sikh neighbors--Kabada, kabadah (supposed to be "watch out/beware [my bad panjabi], only days before they slaughtered their neighbors and stole their homes, shops and farms in 1947. (I am sure that thousands of Indians, both Sikhs and Hindus still have keys to those homes and farms, properties like those in Gaza (the Nakkbah) that will never again house the descendants of the men and women who built those homes, even as the Sikhs of Orakzai, find shelter in Punja Sahib; probably wondering if they will ever see their homes again. (their life savings, had supposedly brought safety for their property, right before they were blown up.) (re. news reports/Dawn)

Well!, he turned out not to be the promised 12er messiah, but the clerics got even more of the land back and all of the power, to boot. For years they have tried to reverse the one good thing that came out of the Shah's White Revolution; the rights that women got, and now as they see a young woman picking up rocks and putting them in men's hands; even yelling for the men who stand by watching, urging then to help the injured, as the Basiji ride by, pillion style, clubbing old men and women and anyone yelling for their rights, on youtube. Now they will surelyl fight even harder to stop women from being educated, even as the Pakistani army next door is fighting the taleban who want to do the same thing to the rest of the women in the world. Guru Nanak tried to put an end to such evil hundreds of years ago when he spoke out for the equality of women. (One wonders whether the Shah's Savak or the Revolutionary Guards have killed more Iranians? Perhaps, today as news report say that thousands are trying to peacefully assemble in Tehran's Azadi square to mourn the deaths of the Matyrs of the past few days (wow!, watching a woman (a feminine version of Bhai Kanhaiya) rescue a downed policeman from some angry 'young lions' who had knocked him and his steel wand, off his bike, who then pulled him from the angry crowd and tended his bleeding forehead as she and other men protected him, (youtube, again). Can you imagine the results of '84 and '85 being totally different, with the whole world's eyes and ears watching?

I have read your words, as you spoke of the infighting in Amritsar where men, who consider themselves Holy, fight for power and forget the teachings of the Gurus concerning all men and women being equal. Have they forgotten the iron bowl that the Guru and the men of all castes drank out of together-the Panj Piare? Even people here go to the Gurudwaras less because of infighting and politics. The same thing goes on in churches as some think they are better than others.

So what does this have to do with your photo of an eye?

As you know light colored eyes are rare in Asia; when one looks into your photo he/she can see why Indians love color, red, orange, the whole spectrum, for this eye duplicates (almost exactly) what an eclipse of the sun looks like, as the moon covers the sun showing usits brilliant rays. A Sikh friend of mine recently shared with me a photo of his son in a really neat patka, that amazed me, a blend of vibrant colors -- hard to describe. (did you know that a sari of an Indian girl who was sold to a Mexican, who took her to be raised by friends who were childless, transfered that love of color to Mexico? (most likely I have told you that before.)

Black, the color that even bodies of white people turn to if they aren't buried, inbalmed or cremated soon--hence Kala the Hindu goddess is depicted as black with her neckless of skulls and the Devis and Devas (deep) are brilliant beings of light, which indirectly, accounts for the Sripps National Spelling Bee [10] (USA), now consisting of mostly Indian, Hindu, Sikh and other Asian children today (parents who promised to raise brilliant children when they married) and we stupidly think that light skin is superior to darker as Sikhs and Hindus advertise for mates on the net, telling strangers their caste, gotra and skin color (what does 'wheatish' mean?), as light skinned westerners lay on beaches trying to get darker, guaranteeing wrinkles and skin cancer later on.

Again beautiful picture, what a lens, what a beautiful eye that the Kartar has given someone.

And please;

Tell Gundeep Kaur that she is a shinning example of the Guru's teachings, a true Gursikh who is on the right path.

And thanks again for your continued work on Sikhiwiki, you as well are a true Gursikh.

Wow, I forgot the Taj Mahal.

Current news today (June 22, 2009) I tried to add today's date in Gurbani, may I suggest adding both the date -- in Gurbani and english to the front (main page) page.

Concerning greed

Thanks Sir for your response, funny yesterday the clerk in our local small supermarket, a young girrl (18-20 or so) keep anwering me as SIR, so I asked her if she was in the Army (for only my younger Muslim and Hindu friends and soldiers of any age, serving or retired, use Sir to me. I can't even force younger Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims who will speak to me to call me Richard, they all refuse, as if I am their elder brother. (Adab, manners--hopefully to return in the west again (outside the military). It seems that greed, which the Gurus of India both Sikh and Hindu have long ago taught against has been largely ignored. Many politicians not just in India, Pakistan and England fight for more priviledges, land and perks. The young see the wealth of others and want the same, as if all should have the same, sans the effort and hard work. Just know the news is talking of the crowds of young in England who get drunk and fight every night, indulgence is indeed a drug.

Ghandi ji's few possessions recently sold for a fortune, because he had few when he died, fortunately the Billionaire that purchased them, turned them over to India, many of Americas' Billionaires have turned their furtunes back to the world at their deaths. The richest man has given millions to India and the world's poor and uneducated and even Ted Turner gave a huge fortune to Russia. I am sure their are Indians and Sikhs who do the same, it was Ranjit Singh that gave the gold for the one time bricked exterior of the Harimandar Sahib. Fortunes of those, in pennies and millions, are surely given to supply the food that is served in that Langar alone (I doubt the entry fee covers all the cost.)

It seems to take gluttony for some (600 lbs or more) to learn that meager meals will do. For some such gluttony is required in wealth, hopefully as such excess is exposed to all people will start to listen to the wisdom of Guru Nanak and other leaders of other religions. The Reformation and Protestant revolution ended the wealth and power of the clergy of the Catholic church, yet the Monarchs of Arabia and the clerics of Iran, share little of the oil money, despite the teachings of the Qur'an. The taleban welcomed Sikhs to Afghanistan, as the rulers of Palestine had allowed the Jews to live among them has their ways of frugality had resulted in their having money to lend and they could charge interest and grow their savings--something not allowed in the Qur'an (which declares it a terrible sin). They could of course then demand a considerable 'tax' a jizsiya allowed in Islam. It amazes me that the few families of Orakzai had such a fortune saved away, which they willingly paid to free their elder.

Hopefully we can all learn to share.

Looking forward to your other part. Allenwalla 14:54, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

Mera wife, my smarter-half, just walked in and reminded me that the web the internet also has the net in Netaji, for as some try to use it to spread hate, it also gives a wider audience to those who teach peace and brotherhood.

Your writing is always to the point

SSA, Thanks for the part 1 & 2,. I hope always that things will improve, and then I took a moment to see what the latest changes were and looked to see what, I mean you have the e-mail for lw and he, chooses to write something so foul Allenwalla 03:24, 25 June 2009 (UTC) and then I saw he has messed up several other pages and that pe had managed to print what i thought might be a fake name, showed Ann and returned to see what else was written today and those names were gone--thanks.--children I hope.

PUNJAB Sahib? Sikhs arrive at Waga station

Hari ji, I know the reporters in Pak usually spell Panja, Punja But they added the B as a typo which can only confuse people here that don't know any better. As it was a news report I left it in but some child might think its Punjab. Allenwalla 04:27, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

I only with the attacks on the police academy across the border by the taleban a few months back figured that the train to Waga must go only a few miles into Pakistan. I was trying to find the station on Google Earth, the grandstands, ect. It never occured to me that thinks were still so strained between Pakistan and India that trains don't go between Lahore and Amritsar at all.

Do buses pick up people there or is their another train that picks folks up at the Wagah station? Good to hear on the news tonight that troops have been pulled back on both sides of the border allowing Pak troops to fight those as they call "miscreants". People who kidnap, kill, rape, and rob and cut off heads, let along blow up Masjids and police stations and still they call them miscreants.

Is there any report on Harcharan Singh the first Sikh Officer Sikh in the Pakistani army, where he is serving today? I saw no further news and no report on his rank? What with the war on now a follow up would be timely. Allenwalla 04:27, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

Panja Sahib

Hari ji, I went ahead and changed the 'Daily Times' report, you are correct most stories concerning Sikhs usually have some typo or miss spelling, probably due to ignorance of Sikhi, I had written a recent page pointing out that a famed reporter of Pakistan (Dawn) had started a recent headline story with a so called Sardarji joke, which had shocked me.

reading about the plight of Sikh families who fled to the safety of Panja Sahib, I came across someone's facebook page. So you may need to dump these photos or ask for their use. I am forwarding them for you all to see, for they are better than any I had seen.

Some, they were from the Dawn story, seem to have been downloaded before.

as per the URL

Sardarji, the pohotos are from stories, a magazine feature they ran on Dawn, around the 14th of April. The other photos I attempted to download are already featured as part of the stories from AFP, on Sikhiwiki page--9 //

Sikh Pilgrims in Pakistan on Baisakhi at Panja Sahib.

The photos were part of that story, which were credited to Farooq Naeem, from AFP/Agence France-Presse [11]. I did not know what AFP meant, seeing it often in the Dawn or Daily Times stories. I also found many of his and others photos at [12] .

Hope this helps. 4:11 EST

A request

Sat Siri Akaal ji, Hari ji please check the Talk:B-40 Janamsakhi. I think this is most likely an Illustration of all 10 Sikh Gurus. Why only three are pictured with Halos, I don't know.

If you have any time, please let me know any thoughts. A glorious day when a beloved item of Guru Gobind Singh ji is returned to Amritsar. The Greeks can only hope to ever see any of the Elgin Marbles return to Greece.

A fortune was spent by an individual to return the few items once owned by Gandhiji, it would be interesting to get details on how this item came back to the Sikhs. What went on to have this happen. Allenwalla 19:49, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

Kalgi of Guru Gobind Singh ji

SSA, Hari thanks for the addition to talk on B-40 page. Please check out the page - Kalgi of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I am surprised that I have not seen this mentioned only in the Pak news papers. The article could use some improvement, but it is a striking photo and a good thing to see, the Greeks still have to go to London to see the "Elgin" marbles and everyone in India must go to London to see the throne of Ranjit Singh and the diamond that he tried to leave to the Mandir that Guru Angad had, in his days as Bhai Lehna, lead tours to.

Had the Koh-i-noor made it to the Jwalamukhi Temple, I wonder if anyone could see it. I guess the silver doors that Maharaja Kharak Sing gave were some sort of substitution, but I don't know when they were given (as Raja or Maharaja). Allenwalla 17:22, 2 July 2009 (UTC)



Everything is fine.

1) adi Gurus(upto 6th guru sahib) wore these topis, actually these caps are not like todays caps, the dastar tradition basically starts from sixth guru sahib.

2) As you know Dasam Granth Sahib is under vivaad these days, and charitropakhyan is a bani which is under vivad these days. so i want to write articles on various chariters in chariteropakhyan. i want no body to touch that articles ya if someone want to correct gramattical mistake then he can do so but i want noone to touch that articles.

if you are with me then may i start with some chariters??? and ya if you are also in list of anti dasam granthis then d mention please.

(Lucky 18:38, 2 July 2009 (UTC))

Clearing my myopic cloud

Dear Hari ji, I had not thought the matter through. Lord Elgin, as you may know, did the world a great service, in my opinion. Anyway while the Greeks would probably have proper air and climate control today. The marbles would have been destroyed had they been on the temple when it exploded while the Turks were using it as an ammunition dump, perhaps they would have met the same fate of the Bamian Buddhas and been used for target practice-as 'graven murtis'.

I read yesterday that Sikhs, of all non anglo-saxon citizens, were by far the largest number of homeowners (owned the most homes) in England. I guess that you are also correct that I and many more people from the western countries will visit London well before making the longer trip to India.

Before teaching, I had worked in a museum and you are correct, so sensitive an object will hopefully be stored in a proper climate controlled room. The Golden Temple has been a fine example of lack of attention, in the past--hopefully that is changing as I have read that cement plaster is being changed for lyme plaster --that can 'breath'. I hope you had seen the Kalgi in London and, perhaps, you have or could get, a close up photo of it and the arm band that the Maharaja kept the Koh-i-noor mounted in; they must have postcards on sale.

Most likely the Koh-i-noor and the Golden throne of the Maharaja would have been divided and melted, respectively, had some of the other armies invading India got hold of those items. The English Lords were, after all, all about bringing home the biggest prize (for regiment or Ruler) and exhibiting it for all to see; the Peacock throne no longer exists.

I guess that many of the items associated with the Gurus and famous Sikhs are hidden away and seldom seen. Allenwalla 01:35, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

Happy gurpurab

Guru hargobind ji de janam purab te lakh lakh vadhayi hove ji (Lucky 11:41, 5 July 2009 (UTC))

    • check main article main page in inactive(Lucky 17:05, 6 July 2009 (UTC))
    • Now it's fine. Do you know jarnail singh who threw show on chidambram. no action was taken against him due to elections. Even sikh parties tried to give him vota. I was talking to him he said that his journalism card is snatched and now after three months he has terminated from job. now jarnail singh is finding the job. he is planning to write book on 1984 people, he is required by most of sikh youth. he was only who strike congress after 25 years to show his rosh. i am expanding his article (Lucky 18:26, 6 July 2009 (UTC))

Rarely catch you on line

Sardar thanks, for the info, that seems to be the original page without the errors. That saves a great deal of time and guesses.

Regards, Allenwalla 22:34, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for any corrections to Jarnail Singh Journalist

Hari ji, I must have watched each video and several 10 times at least to get the sequence and wording correct on that page. It funny how sometimes something such as tossing a shoe can bring more light on this negleted issue than 25 years of other attempts. I would have never heard of Chitabarum or this particular Jarnail Singh or Tytler and most likely Tytler would have been elected again, but because of the recent shoe tossed at Pres. Bush, this story was picked up around the world. I was surprised to see the local (live) tv reports, describing this as an act of terrorism.

As the famous saying goes (the pen is mightier than the sword), but Mr. Singh's shoe brought much more attention to the issue than likely anything he would have written that day. Youtube and the web have allowed us to see the world, mans' best and mans' worst.

The taleban had been blowing up cell towers and cellphone and computer shops in Swat, the Ayatollah and Pres. Ahmadinejad can only wish they could do the same as they closed down the internet and phone services in the last weeks in Iran. Last week the Guardian Council admitted that irregularities in 50 cities could have added 3 million votes to Jad's totals. Here in the US with electronic voting machines it takes weeks to count the paper ballets. They counted millions of ballots in a few hours and didn't even bother to follow the usual procedure.

Today I was continuing my research and came across the story in the history of Rajouri J & K:

HONOURARY LT. (RETD.) Santan Singh (VIRCHAKAR) Subedar Hony Lt(Retd) santan singh of village Budhal Tehsil Budhal, belonging to 9th J&K Rifles won Vir Chakkar for his gallant action on night 17/18 April, 1948 in operation at Poonch during the attack on feature MR 115751. He during darkness removed two enemy mines and many booby traps at great risk to his life and crawled up to the first strong enemy Bunker, intense enemy Light Machine Gun fire and hand grenade explosions and quickly threw hand grenade in the enemy Bunkers. the swift and heroic action of his kind put the enemy to retreat from the first Bunker. His action made the company to move forward through heavily mined and booby trapped enemy grounds.

Looking to see if this man had a page (not all with the name Singh are Sikhs) I came across a page that has only a title. Sanatan Singh Sabha. when I look at history their are many edits. When I try to edit it appears that much copy is there, but none of this shows.

I changed name to reflect that it is being reconstructed, I can't tell who wrote or is doing the reconstruction as their are only tildes there.

I did not add a page on Santan Singh as I don't know if he is/was? a Sikh.

Thanks, Allenwalla 20:50, 9 July 2009 (UTC)


Hari ji as you don't usually check recent edits, Jucky ji and I wonder about this page. It seems to be someone from Rhode Island, USA, writing himself/herself into Sikh history. ____

Similar words have been added on the Bhatra page. This seems nonsense, but who knows maybe they meant the Isle of Rhodes in Greece. But I doubt if anyone has kept a family tree back to Alexander's warriors home Island!

About this time last year

I remember a kid who had posted his own graduation photo last year, this I thought might be a kid just proud of his name, nothing malicious.

Saw an amazing video today, which reminded me of why I had become an avid admirer of Guru Nanak before I knew much about Sikhi at all.

You might be bored with the video, the relevant part begins about 1:23 seconds into the film (I just push the slider along after the video starts). It's the charges that the state (Iran) brought against a young student who only held up his dying friend's shirt to warn his fellow students not to go out in the road as snipers were shooting people. That any religion, here a sect of a religion, thinks they have the one and only link to God and that a bloody shirt (or blood) is something that would embarrass or shame God? Where do they think blood came from, funny that even showing it can be haram in a religion and a curse to the English.

Dr. Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair

Hari ji, the page Dr. Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair was added in 2005 and has no copy.

Re Jaito Morcha

Sahib ji, I am now finding Jaito Morcha (Maharaja of Nabha) and some other times Jaito Morcha links to a page on non violence. Can you translate the two words for me, if so i will add to pages. Allenwalla 10:54, 16 July 2009 (UTC)thanks, sun just up here, with the forest around with the birds waking up is quite nice, their calls, and with any luck as we go to tend the garden we can see the new fawn born next to our creek crossing and beat the heat of the day.

Please check Talk:Bhatts??

It seems that this page teaches readers that Guru Nanak was, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. This seems spurious to me. I have emboldened the sentence, in the page Bhatts. Allenwalla 03:34, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

sat sri akaal sir ji

ki haal hai sir ji, kime chaldi hai life. mai ajj app ji de pita shri ji d pic dekhi. he is looking grt in pic.

sir please can you add link on main page of sikhi wiki with sikh sites i.e or this is very beautiful website covering all the historical gurdwaras. the developer of website is good man and down to earth and devoting his dasvandh to this work which is admirable. so i thought of adding his link on main page of the sikhiwiki. thanks

(Lucky 06:10, 23 July 2009 (UTC))


Hello Hari Singh Ji,

Actually i joined the website to tell you that maximum visitors of your website were complaining that the website is not fully authentic and articles are just copies without references. Try to improve your website standards and work on all articles, and do research before displaying on sikhiwiki. thankyou desraj

Thanks for visiting my talk page

Welcome and WJKK WJKF.
Regarding Harjinder Singh Jinda, are you referring to my detailed reply on Allenwala's talk page] ?
  • As far as I am aware, Sikhs are spending years and years to get criminal Indian police officers convicted through the Indian judicial/legal/court system, but! convicted police officers (who commited massive human rights violations) are being pardoned secretely in fractions of seconds and even their promotions are being restored. Basically! India is using all its legal loop-holes to kill the justice and destroy its massive human rights crimes. Grant of justice is extremely rare in Khalistan movement related cases. There are several police officers (e.g. KPS Gill), who can NOT be persecuted, because per Indian constitution, special government permissions are required to persecute such people.
  • Regarding Jinda, you had asked me a question in 2008. Kindly see the answers over here. Also! You might notice while going through the article that Jinda did not walk away from the gurus and he did not show his back to the gurus. He was born in North India and he was a normal student in Amritsar, he had no personal grudges against high profile people whom he assassinated in Delhi or southern India. He did not use the looted money for his personal gains. He was actually a hero, who travelled all over India to handover justice to the culprits of Golden Temple complex's destruction, i.e. Operation Blue Star, 1984 Massacre of Sikhs and un-ending tears of Sikhs. His martyrdom is amazing (which I have tried to document in this article, there is no POV pushing, almost every single sentence is referenced)
  • You might want to read ENSAAF report, you will get links of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, US State Department, UN and a lot other Sikhism/Khalistan/Punjab reports out there. --Singh6 04:51, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

Sir jee

Battle of Gurusar article is under construction the various historical texts and sites are being used so kindly check the gramatical mistakes , i am writing rough or you can say desi language which i would convert into your understandable form and kidly do check the article. after battle of hargobindpur this is my second battle article on which i am working and hope work on other and make them full fledged and corrrect articles. and ya this website is first to present whole event of gurusar

Battle of Gurusar

(Lucky 09:31, 5 August 2009 (UTC))

    • Now article to you, i know there's lot to do with article, but i can just provide reading various texts with me if the site would be in romanized punjabi i would have wrote whole article I am not good in english and should work on it more then more.

aded the whole information, any question you can ask, and if any info left i would add further till then you can make article ready for main page.

now finding new article for sikhiwiki thanks.

(Lucky 17:14, 6 August 2009 (UTC))


Sir there's a user called Rauckee, created article Rassool Auckbaraullee is an anti sikh author who wrote pages that guru nanak was a muslim and spreading wrong things about sikhism and distorting the history. A Sikh website should not allow such person's article or a person who create article about such persons. have a look and do the appropriate. (Lucky 20:10, 11 August 2009 (UTC))


im coming bak after a break bhai sahib hari singh jio. how have you been? could you please change my username to: SunnySinghDoad?. Thanks in advance. WJKK WJKF Sunnybondsinghjalwehra 22:30, 12 August 2009 (UTC)


bas chardikalla bhai sahib ji. i went to 2 gurmat camps in france for like 1 month. life has been kind, guru ji di mehar. oki, i will register again then bhai sahib jeeoo. gurfateh. Sunnybondsinghjalwehra 22:57, 12 August 2009 (UTC)


bas our classes were grouped by age. like 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 15-17, 18+ etc... we learnt kirtan, gurbani santheea (from GYani Pritam Singh Ji), veechar classes etc. what i loved more was that i cud go to another country, meet sikhs tht were born n bhought up in other country, but my age and spoke same language (french)... also liked kirtan.. also i like the idea of having fun and at same time learning about sikhi Sunnybondsinghjalwehra 23:26, 12 August 2009 (UTC)

Here is my new account Bhai Sahib Jeeo. Can you merge previous one with this one? Gurfateh SunnySinghDoad 12:37, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

Hard to believe - Britannica!

Sir, doing some extra research on Zakariya Khan, I was surprised by what came up on google. Please check it out [13]. Pleased I was to see that sikhiwiki is, coming in first as the more referenced article on Sikh history these days - it was the second result that left me puzzled.

As Khan or Zakariya and particularly the name Zakariya Khan would, given the historic Mughal Subah's intent to wipe out Sikhs & Sikhi, not likely be a name given to a Sikh child (are there any Zs that start a page in the SGGS?)- I found the Britannica Online Encyclopedia blurb - offensive (one must give credit card info to see the complete article) hopefully he is not listed there as a Sikh leader. Allenwalla 16:04, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

My upset at this might seem trivial, but imagine the outrage that would inssue - on seeing - Adolph Hitler (Jewish leader) or Muhammad… - well I guest that gets my point across.

added a replica below as searches vary day to day:

Zakariya Khan (Sikh leader) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Zakariya Khan (Sikh leader), ...the Mughal governors of Lahore subah to set up an independent power base for ... - Cached - Similar


For the translations, I always hope that people will realize that when they use panjabi, urdu, persian, ect. people who speak only english just don't get it. thanks for taking the time.

For instance, when I read the word - maange - I see in my mind the word manj(er) (to eat in french) - then I think of how we all say the 'Blessing' before a meal (at least in the west).

Then I get your note (I still do not know what maange means, but your note refers me to the Shahbad, where I see another spelling - maagai - this raises in my mind the word - magi - the three magi who came to see the baby jesus, to see him (darshan) and bless him - leaving wonderful simple presents. Then looking to see the meaning of the word - I see it means - - blessings. Its like a snake finding its own tail - the beginning is the end, amazing. A thing coming full circle? // Allenwalla 05:47, 23 August 2009 (UTC) Can you see why I think we and our languages are not so far apart? Yet everyone wants their own little space, books, countries, ect. living in fear of each other ending, well there I go again it's that same old - but…

Sat Sri Akaal Sir

sir ji tusi koi jwaab he nahi ditta? kisi gall ton khafa??

Ki Haal hai? Ghar sab kidda ne?

I am sorry sikhiwiki te work ghat ho reha, actually i have lots of data to upload, but due to inability of writing in proper english and it feels me awkward when i write Jaali

once i said you to visit Bamu Nanika in Kampala(Uganda) or say someone to visit the place and bring information of that play, any initiative from that regard??

I would visit some historical monuments soon like raja todar mall haveli, fort of raipur rani which played important role in guru's life. Today i brought research papers of Bhagat Bhikhan, Bhagat Beni and Bhagat Parmanand which i would upgrade soon.

How are sikhi wiki admins?
do those people visit this website and help in corrections n upgradations or are you alone a full man army for this purpose??

Taya ji da ki haal hai, When are you coming to india, iss vaar pakka milna hai, pichli vaar tan meri lazyness and inability of driving car karke, i was not able to meet but this time sure i would meet you.

and ya your camera is helping me a lot, it's guru grace due to mishandling, it fells on ground many times, one time in water but still it's working because aside personal uses, i am using for sikhi cause. so guru is helping for it's

Allenwala and other singhs are doing great job on sikhwiki. May god bless them and you too.

and one more thing why article mata jito and mata sunder kaur is merged as these two were seperate personalities? some orthodox groups claim that he had one wife. but this was wrong he had three wives, Mata Jito, Mata Sunder Kair, Mata Sahib Deva(Qunwara Dola), n for your information mata jito died in Anandpur and memorial is still their and mata sunder kaur and sahib devan died in delhi and memorial is still their. i don't know why these orthodoxies or some mad researchers like kala afghana etc claim all this stupidity.? i have 8 to 10 sources which can proove mata jeeto and mata sundri was seprate person

hor sunao sabbh theek, take care, (Lucky 15:01, 24 August 2009 (UTC))

Mars, Mangla, Mangala, Manlik, a baby boy with a full set of teeth.

Sir, Thanks for your comments. As you know in the west marriages are usually based on so called 'romantic love', which leads all too often to divorce.

A few nights before I asked, in a round-about way, my wife to marry me, we had a long conversation about monogamy and what it meant. A few nights later, I asked her, over dinner, if she would like to have a monogamous relationship (with me) after reminding her of our definition of monogamy, she realized I was asking her to marry me, to become life partners, in a bond (as the wedding ceremony says - to death do us part). this Christmas eve it will be 23 years. We had met only weeks before, so we decided we would grow into love.

I purchased a Mangala Sutra for her to wear because the words and custom (Hindu I suppose), though a Muslim friend from Hyderabad also got one for his wife. To 'sew up bliss' seemed to me a custom to admire. Sutra seems to have evolved into our word suture (to sew up).

Yet, its funny that people can base things on a planet and come up with the idea of - Manglik? I guess most Sikhs have long since given up such superstitions and the idea of arranged marriages (by parents) for dowries, social advancement, a lighter skin tone, ect., caste or creed or religion, while spending a fortune on a manGALA, - money that could be used to feed a whole village for years. Seems strange to most westerners, growing into love rather than rushing in.

I had started this letter to ask why it was that, having a baby born with teeth would have caused a family to put the child out to die, when I got your comment on Mangal. Sorry for getting off path - I was reading the story on Suthre Shah and his being born with a full set of teeth, - why abandon a child (a boy at that) because of teeth and what does 'Suthra' mean. If you can help, please let me know, as I can't find any reference to this. Allenwalla 22:18, 24 August 2009 (UTC)

Sat Sri Akal Sir

Hello Sir

Gundeep here. I hope u remember me..

Well sir I am going through a tough and challenging face of my life these days. As I discussed with you that my family esp my mother is totally against marriage with Ramdasia sikh guy who is well educated and well settled and I am unable to convince her.

I tried my best.She is too determined on her decision and always says that 'No it is not possible in her life'.

I am so so tensed these days.Some times I feel that may be I am wrong but when I thought and try to understand whole situation and thought about God, destiny then I realize WHAT EVER HAPPENS ,HAPPENS FOR THE BEST.

These tensions and awkward behavior of the family directly or indirectly effects on my official work.Still some how I am trying to manage my personal and professional life.

Can you all suggest me what should I do in the current situation as My own family members are in front of me. I love them all and I really want they should understand and give priority to human values, sincerity instead of these castes or creeds.

Kindly Show me right path.

I shall be highly thankful to you.

Regards Gundeep Kaur

On the plight of women in Pakistan today

Bhai sahib ji, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Begum Banu's story could tell so much more. I, after making a few changes,- it seems my corrections to the spelling of the river and the fact that Mahraja Ranjit Singh's Khalsa Raj was, if I am not mistaken, far short of Delhi. Either I am wrong or some comic type story teller got the exploits of earlier Sikh Generals into Delhi confused, please if I am confused change the Delhi part back (working from memory late a night, gives me a moment's doubt.

I got off purpose so back to Banu Begum's story - the importance of children, sons even today, is told by the all to real (little has changed in more than a hundred years) story at this link.


The telling line of the Muslim woman's plight comes about half way down the page. Allenwalla 05:19, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

There except by Guru's grace go we all.

Thanks for replying sir

i am fine sir. rabb khsuh rakhe sarbat da bhala.

it's nice to hear that you are finding the place called Bamu Nanka. you must have knowledge about the place bamu is village. if you havent found anything their do mention in the article that some websites who are promoting all this is fake as nothing like that is situated in mentioned place.

about mata jito

As you are saying that it was part of culture to change name after marriage, but you also know polygamy was their in gurus days too. You are talking about claims of Modern Sikhs who are spreading false rumours of one marriage because they feel ashame if our guru have more than two. Now i am providing you references:

Gur Partap Suraj granth by bhai Santokh Singh Twarikh Guru khalsa Giani Gian Singh Bansavalinama Dasan patshahiyan Ka by Kesar Singh Chibber Mahankosh By Kahn Singh nabha Encyclopedia of Sikhism by Harbas Singh of Patiala University Memorial related to marriage at Guru ka Lahore Memorial Related to Death at Anandpur

I researched and found these references which supports that Mata Jito and Mata Sundri was seprate personality. Now If we will say Kanh Singh Nabha did not know punjabi culture of changing names and bhai santokh singh ji also then it seems me vague.

Today modern sikhs are accepting those Sakhis which are acceptable to guru granth sahib ji two and we know sikh history and spirituality are different topics, but are interrelated n not totally. Today modern sikhs are just flushing out all sakhis. Even guru nanak dev's chamatkars are flushing out by these people, because they try to find logic in everything.

Well i ant you to visit the above sources which are close to guru sahib you would get to know that both are different personalities.

Mata Jito born in Lahore, married in basantgarh and died in anandpur(Historicals monuments still their) Mata Sunder Kaur born in bajwarha, married in bajwarha and died in delhi(Historical monuments still their)

i would write all the claims and would write answer to them in that article

baaki veecharan d saanjh je logics te hai tan logics tan gharhan nu bathre ne, vishvaas kisi kisi da hai. (Lucky 09:27, 4 September 2009 (UTC))

Thanks for the links

Unfortunately, they leave the issue unclear it seems as if the villages or cities must be almost merged. I had hoped that someone reading would have been there and could add some light on the subject. The link had wikipedia did have some better photos - one of which I downloaded.

Allenwalla 05:12, 8 September 2009 (UTC)

Also I note that many people are joining the site, names that are not just pranks. Hopefully more of them will along with those who have added pages, will contribute as well.

A story on kenya

Just saw a story thought you might want to read Allenwalla 14:54, 8 September 2009 (UTC) I don't know if you ever got out to see the animals on the savannahs, but it is alarming that both the people and the animals are dying of thirst. Men abandoning their families, over the shame of not being able to feed their children, because all the crops have failed.

English language

SSA, Hari ji, I have put the content of a page titled English onto the page english language and moved the talk page to that page also. The talk seems to have nothing to do with english. Maybe a personal page out of place. Hope all is well with you and your family. Allenwalla 01:15, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

On english

Thanks, I got the message on the questionable talk page. I have a question on the Asa di Var - can you help?

ਵਿਸਮਾਦ੝ ਧਰਤੀ ਵਿਸਮਾਦ੝ ਖਾਣੀ ॥
vismĝḝ ḝẖarṯī vismĝḝ kẖĝṇī.
Wonderful is the earth, wonderful the sources of creation.

What I am wondering about is the translation. As there is only one Creator in many religions, including Sikhi, is the translation correct - sources of creation.

as there is only one source shouldn't this be source?

Allenwalla 03:45, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

Looking for Nanaksar

Editing a bit this morning, I began to wonder where Nanaksar was. A search for Nanaksar got me too the following page - for a tour company. The page was full of inaccurate statements. It seems someone has read little and is hoping to impress Sikhs to use their services. One has to wonder… Allenwalla 13:22, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

ISo I checked their page on Baba Bakala:

Baba Bakala were the last words of Guru Harbhajan Singh and his last words indicated the next would-be Guru. This was an amazing incident; and the Sikhs remember this with pride and affection.

Description of the Baba Bakala:

After the demise of the Guru Hargobind Singh utter confusion prevailed. This was regarding the selection of the next Guru. But God wanted to show them the way and so, Makhan Shah’s ship was caught in a storm. In this circumstance everyone prayed to God and Makahan Shah also vowed to donate 500 Dinars to the Guru after he was rescued from the danger.

After his return, Makar Singh went to Bakala and offered 200 Dinars to each one opting to be a Guru. As he expected, no one except the son of Guru Hargobind Singh recognized the exact amount and asked why he was giving just 200 Dinars while he had pledged for 500. Instantly everyone understood the true Guru Teg Bahadur who is said to be the 10th or the last Sikh Guru.

Apparently they have forgotten Guru Gobind Singh. I am amazed that they claim to be biggest and most success travel agency. I hope no one used or quotes their bits of history.

Gurudwara Thumb Sahib of Maghi,Kartarpur

Also I did not know that Gurudwara Thumb Sahib at Hasanabdal was a muslim tomb of Guru Nanak. Thumb Sahib?

Bibi Kamaljit Kaur

Hari ji, Today a new user added a page on Bibi Kamaljit Kaur (a very talented singer) I altered to a standard format. including shrinking the photo which seemed to be an advertisement. I have never seen such an ad here for other artists.

I also asked some questions on the talk page as some info was confusing (at least to me).

Adding the altered photo, I noted that there was a duplicate page that matched the one I had worked on. That one without the Bibi was done a few minutes before. Do we need both? Please review both. Thanks Allenwalla 00:02, 17 September 2009 (UTC)


Now that I think of it I associate the Harmonica with Bob Dylan - leaves me wondering if the ref. wasn't to the Harmonium? Allenwalla 08:30, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

The harmonica is used in blues and American folk music, jazz, classical music, country music, rock and roll, and pop music. The harmonica has other nicknames, especially in blues music, including: "harp", "blues harp", "french harp", and "mouth organ."

It is however recommended as being good for medical reasons as it develops the diaphragm. Diaphragm - there's a word replete with meaningfull symbols or syllables: Di, ra(a)g, Ra, hard to find syllables and articles that - in one language or another are not words referring to God.

However I find it hard to visualize a bunch of 60+ folks taking up the instrument. My diaphragm seems to need it - I can't seem to cough without getting the hiccups. My wife will hate the noise though as I can't play a note.

I do not know if you came across it. I erased from her page tonight and please do the same with this as well. Maybe I'm being silly over a word - it just seemed out of place. Allenwalla 04:33, 18 September 2009 (UTC)

Today my wife saw a 99¢ harmonica, usually $5 and got one for me-hopefully it will help with my breathing. I had told her that it was said to be good for improving one's breathing.

Hari ji, a question?

Bhai sahib ji, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fate

I was pleased to see and old story reprinted here tonight by Dr. I. J. Singh, I wanted to link the article to our page on the Prof., but doing so it looked a little silly to have two titles. So I moved the link to the same story on Sikh Net to the bottom, as I wanted people to read a little about this remarkable human who is also a Sikh.

The page on him has his story about coming to America, which is also beautifully written. If it is best please to have the link as it was - please revert the change. Thanks Allenwalla 04:28, 24 September 2009 (UTC)

Jaswinder went to a “Kahnay nihung”.

Hari ji, Sorry to bother you, but I have no idea what this line - (Jaswinder went to a “Kahnay nihung”.) is meant to be or understand what it means in English. I have made the words bold so you can find them easily. See Ajit Singh Poohla. Hope all are well are you going to India soon? Reading more their are many such errors (OCR problems or defaults?). I have bolded some, but it is getting late - “ and †seem to be the most common. Also I added a link to Eunuchs in Asia as many US and UK readers will have problems with understanding the Indian meaning or sense.

Thanks, Allenwalla 04:58, 27 September 2009 (UTC)

Sad end

Dead person found after 5 years - perhaps you had some reason for posting this story. A comment never completed?

Also is the Piri system page someones joke? I can find no such reference - does Piri mean a cot also? Does Amar Kaur who has had a habit of , creating pages only to draw attention to her personal page really not know how to look for the words she seeks under history?

Allenwalla 03:02, 29 September 2009 (UTC)

Kenya again you may have seen this before. Allenwalla 14:12, 29 September 2009 (UTC)

Added comments

Thanks I thought that was why you had posted the story, hope you won't mind I have added the comments to the page. Allenwalla 03:27, 30 September 2009 (UTC)


Hari ji, We both apparently saw the Guru Arian, but I have never seen the term - scaled - in relation to the Guru Granth Sahib. I assume the Granth is placed each day and kept in safety at night. Is this a usual term? Also what is a Bhora or what does it mean? Thanks Allenwalla 04:00, 6 October 2009 (UTC)


Hari ji, I did some rewording to the template:AOW508. Please check to see if this works better, if you approve the MORE article may need some changes as well? Please revert if need be; the one word - citizens - may be a little democratic for the time as people the 'zimmies' were treated as chattel. The standard attitude of Aurangzeb and the ulama seemed to be that non muslims were better off dead if they refused conversion. Allenwalla 16:36, 6 October 2009 (UTC)

Strange because in reading the Qur'an or the teachings of Guru Nanak or Jesuah ben Joseph (Jesus) all are democratic or socialist (every man and woman are equal with equal access to the Kattar) with equal rights. The Langar and the Haj simply practices to reinforce the fact. How quickly an order of priests, mullahs or rulers lose touch with the inspiration and alter, make rules, ect. telling all how they must be. As Martin Heidegger says human all to human. Allenwalla 16:36, 6 October 2009 (UTC)

moving user talk

Hari ji, i moved what seemed to be another of the many user pages which lead to a particular users many pages, I hope this was warranted? How ever the talk page on - Guru still bears the user's name my bad. I don't know what to do to correct this. Thanks for your recent answers - very helpful.

Pnch Parvaan?

Ikk O Angkaar^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TrueName Writer, Khalsa Singh Nirvair, Gurbani’s Icon Steadfast and Self Made through the Grace of Gurbani, Maan Yog Hari Ji ! GurKhalsa Ftyh parvaan krnee jee !

Through the Grace of Gurbani Please Permit this Angkaarn^^^^^^^^^^^^ to write Your TrueName ‘JPU’

JPU: Jyta Keeta Tyta Nau…… Pnch Prvaan?

  • Baba O na Mnggiyy fyr Mangan jaeeyy
  • Babba Naam Daan Mngda’’’’’…..’’Sarbat Khalsa seeks TRUTH.
  • Sajjan syee naal myy chlaa ta naal chalan , jithy lykha mnggiyy nall khady disan.

Who are ‘Pnch ( Sahib, Mohkami, Himmati, Dharmee & Dyalu Khalsa Singhs accountable to Sarbat Khalsa ?)Parvaan’ of SikhiWiki. Dassi seeks association.

Kindly help. GurKhalsa Ftyh ! Panth kee Daasee Oct 08 11:56 AM

Something to see

Hari ji, Please pass on to Lucky ji and others -

Indian journalist N.S. Shergill views a throne from about 1820 of Ranjit Singh's court, decorated with richly worked sheets of gold, at the exhibition entitled 'Maharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal Courts' at the Victoria and Albert Museum, in central London, Wednesday, October 7, 2009. — AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

the best photo i have seen of Ranjit Singh's Gaddi. Allenwalla 09:58, 8 October 2009 (UTC)

Get thyself hence to the Victoria and Albert Museum, seems almost all the items belonged to Singhs. Geez, wish I could visit and get to this one.

Sikhs and Harmandar

Sardar ji, please refer to the linked page in today's Dawn -

Sikhs and Amrisar are well represented in the many beautiful pix. The one at Wagah is particularly touching, Pineapples appear to be as meaningful in India as they are in China. A fruit that also has a message or added meaning.

Hope everyone is enjoying the festivities. Allenwalla 18:10, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

Gu v. Ru

Respected Bhai Sahib, Veer Ji, Sending a photo that is worth the oft quoted, “…worth a thousand words”.

You can tell who is Really enjoying the Hug and proud to show it to the world. - Photo by AFP

It was too idyllic a picture to be missed. The local heads of Pakistan Rangers and India’s Border Security Force (BSF) celebrating the Indian festival of lights with a warm hug and traditional sweets on no man’s land, while somewhere near Amritsar, just across the border from an exploding Lahore, peace activists, overwhelmingly from both sides of the divided Punjab, were locked in a ‘japphi’ to the accompaniment of theatre and music and lots of promises of abiding love and amity.

from: ‘My house is on fire and I am singing Malhaar’
By Jawed Naqvi
Monday, 19 Oct, 2009

Another article worth the read that points the need for taking up the sword against - the likes of the naxilites and taleban who kill wantonly to get the result they desire -

Trying to find def, of - Malhaar ,

Regards Allenwalla 09:00, 19 October 2009 (UTC)

Found [15] - Hoping for - Peace to rain - or for Mankind to foment a “Reign of Peace” - even as 'plow shears are forged into weapons' - my translation.

Now one (me) can appreciate the loaded meaning of the article's title.

Thanks again

Hari ji, thanks for your thoughts and for the helpful links - every time I get to the pages of the Guru Granth Sahib and I read the translations to english, I get a hunger, wishing i could read (understand each word and its meaning. This is most evident when I see it takes twice to three times as many words to translate too english. I can't help but think other's thoughts have been added as well - a felling that Guru Arjan must have had as he moved to cement the words or Bani, before others began to believe the counterfeit bani others were writing or attributing to the previous Gurus.

Is there any book or site that does this in english.

Interesting that the word Mallard is used for a type of duck - each a living 'boat' with its own oar like feet. And seeing (in your link) that the word is attributed to arabic - boat or boatman, and the many quotes referring to Gurus as boat or ferrymen across the river of life; and breaking - ma la ha into Sanskrit i can get ma(h) as great/ la - as God (one specific) and lah - Lhasa, Al lah/ ha - to go; or mala - a garland, or a counter for no. of prayers said (many religions). Also a garland of flowers (or many garlands of flowers) to adorn the dead going home or to hang on portraits of Godly men (here on earth or departed - depending on religion) or one's ancestors who have already left (as bridesmaids).

Regards, Allenwalla 04:41, 20 October 2009 (UTC)

Jugo-jug jivo"? _________________________?

Hello Sat sri akal Adaab

How are you Sir ji? Hope everything would be fine? how are all in your home? when are you visiting to punjab?

Ya want to tell you about my latest trip to West Rajasthan the land of kings and rajputs. It was a wonderful and adventurous experience, first time i was in sand and during journey car was about to stuck in sand and none was their nearby. Visited Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer & Hanumangarh. the air of these princley states is full of courage. India is India.

Very few sikhs are living in those places in Jodhpur their are around 50 - 60 houses of sikhs and all are good financially and spiritually. Every sikh folded their hand when they saw us. Two Gurdwaras were their in Jodhpur and i Got and Historical Bed which was gifted by Peer Buddhu Shah to guru Gobind Singh. I have pics which i will upload soon.

then their is 1 - or 2 sikh in jaisalmer or you can say no one, but ya their is a gurdwara in pokhran(nuclear test place) near jaisalmer which was visited by guru nanak sahib during his journeys and some sikhs from punjab are doing sewa their. it's amazing to see in deserty area guru nanak sahib went where i was not able to drink water due to its taste. Guru sahib made bouli their of sweet water but due to negligence of army(dugged the well) and saline water mixed with sweet water. It was wonderful experiance "Sade baba ji v kithe kithe gaye ne".

then i visited Kolayat near bikaner where a historical gurdwara commemorates guru nanak's visit. i choosed shortcut to reach their but as i told you car was about to stuck so remember. NEVER USE SHORTCUTS IN RAJASTHAN.

then i visited Hanumangarh where i visited shrine of baba sukha sing mahtab singh the air was full of Veer rass. Here baba ji hori rested under a tree which is preserved here.

Sir, your camera helped me a lot and i was able to click pics of these wonderful shrines and i will upload soon.

sO WHEN ARE you coming to punjab?

Everything is fine on my side, Studies are on joro shor due to exams. see you soon, regards (Lucky 17:01, 23 October 2009 (UTC))

Please read, an article whose title would keep many Sikhs away

Veer ji, I think this article, the title of which kept me from further investigation for several days, should be on the main page in news items.

Indira Gandhi would not need dictatorship
Jawed Naqvi
Monday, 26 Oct, 2009
The installation of Manmohan Singh as India’s first Sikh prime minister by the Congress has evidently failed to turn visual appeal into a political asset. –File Photo
It would be 25 years on Saturday since Indira Gandhi’s assassination by her Sikh bodyguards inside her well-guarded home. She invited trouble for herself in messing with Sikh politics by creating Bhindranwale, an obscurantist religious preacher, into a political force who would get even with the Akalis, her traditional quarries. Eventually both became her bete noire. The fact that senior leaders of her Congress were behind the reprisal lynching of thousands of Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere continues to haunt the party.
The installation of Manmohan Singh as India’s first Sikh prime minister by the Congress and the appointment of many high-ranking officials from the community in the government and military has evidently failed to turn their visual appeal into a political asset. The fact that Dr Singh has shied away from contesting a Lok Sabha poll after being defeated in the only one he ever faced has added to the lore that Congress satraps, who have ruled India in the name of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, prefer a weak, malleable candidate to a popular self-assured challenger.

More... [16]

Allenwalla 18:07, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

Some more 'food' for thought

Hari ji, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Your comments were masterly said and finally a response from the man in the 'cat seat' that supports your view. (I had linked to a story that has already been replaced- it stated only that Mr. Singh was now ready for talks. The story is now fully given [17]

As to a worldwide green revolution to make the world hunger-free, it seems that mankind is *ell bent on destroying our world. Will the breakthroughs in food production that educated scientists have made (many made by Hindus and Sikh scientists at Davis) ever keep up with rising population growth? Somehow it has to be checked. The poor and illiterate will see any such attempt as an attack.

Wild animals around the world are losing their habitats, as jungles are cleared for more homes. India's reserves are even empty of tigers. And a South American country just sought to extort billions of dollars from Europe, threatening to destroy 'their' rainforest. Sikhs may provide free health care at centers around the world, but all over India, Pakistan, Africa, Egypt, Europe, Russia, the middle East, the Americas, etc. ad nauseum, MANkind has allowed (by accident and design) millions of women to be turned into little more than baby factories producing more babies than the Sikhs, the UN and endless numbers of well meaning agencies can feed.

And casteism still has an estimated 70,000 women dying in pregnancy in India each year [18]. Thousands of their babies die each day, those that live are doomed to a life of poverty that few will escape. Slum Dog, miracles are few.

Al Qaeda and their currently useful vassals (the Taleban) are out to birth a Khalifate of terror bent on conquering the world. The Arab states are said to treat their (Pakistani laborers like dogs, rather than brothers.) Today's blast in Peshawar [19] (apparently meant to kill women in a women's market - who they think should be in a Burka and never out shopping) seeks to terrorize Pakistanis into cowing their army into ending the attack on Waziristan. Hakimullah and his ilk eventually plan to take over Pakistan, then India (fat chance)! Then their dreams have them uniting with their 'fundoo' brothers, who are currently killing thousands in Somalia, Sudan, the Philippines [20], Iraq [21] ect., in their wild dreams of a new Muslim empire, created in their own ultra fundamental image, that makes the Rasool (PBUH) look liberal by comparison. Its not only sunni radicals, in Afghanistan women (by law) must now summit to rape by their husbands thanks to the shia's. And the Shia cleric state across the border in Iran seems to have no problem in killing their own peacefully protesting citizens, as they seek to destroy the democracy that their beloved Ayatollah/Imam, put in place.

And seeing films of the truckloads of the families of poor, uneducated aged men with several wives and 15-18 children fleeing Waziristan - I doubt if -- no means no - ever applies.

And the Gaza strip where the only water source is being destroyed by an astoundingly high birth rate (half of Gazans are children and the adult unemployment rate is 40 percent, malnutrition is rampant, only the world wide Langar (UN and others) is keeping them alive, as they befoul the only aquifer with their human waste [22]. Governments have even offered desalination plants if only the talks can agree to a settlement. Hamas however knows it will never be elected again in the proposed election - they are boycotting.

Sewage being dumped into sea , Gaza, BBC photo

And now a report that the taleban has attacked and killed many UN aide workers in Kabul, having done the same in Iraq and recently in Peshahwar.

All of this makes, Hitler's dreams of liebestraum, seem trivial. How can the world unite to tackle this, if we don't recognize the base problem. Only China, with their hated - one birth program - seems to have worked (only in China). Does the world need a 2 birth limit per family?

The poor, and several religions (least one religion out populates the other), abhor any attempt at birth control (even natural). As one of the young male students in my wife's class said yesterday, “how am I going to have my dream of nine kids, when the new 'green' jobs will only pay me nine dollars an hour”. (I know its possible, but does anyone have a 'right to nine kids). Crores of folks around the world would doubtless think nine dollars and hour a princely sum.

The Arab, come Muslim practice of multiple wives (death rates in childbirth were high in the ancient deserts) so the idea of multiple wives - saves wear and tear on the poor wives and allowed more carnal delights for the men. 15 sons or more became a reality, and all the extra girl babies could just be buried in the sand. Sort of the Henry Ford idea of an assembly line, lowering women to the status of cows (rather goats as the deserts don't support cattle).

Over the years, with help from Guru Nanak and others, some Muslim women (by their own efforts too) have won some rights, but the taliban would lower all of them back to the rank of chattel.

Which makes me wonder if any talib respects his mother or wives. As one North waziri talib was quoted saying recently - any Muslim who would live under the apostate government of Pakistan, deserves to be killed.

Regards Allenwalla 10:44, 28 October 2009 (UTC)

Abd al-Aziz ibn Sa'ud, the founder of Sa'udi Arabia is said to have bragged that now he had united a country, he had to get around to populating it. His land's ultraorthodox Wahhabi movement has funded most of the madrasas of Pakistan that are churning out the talibs and those they brainwash into being suicidal human bombs.


Sir I don't know how it is that you move Amar Kaur many links to her pages but -Sikh is Guru & Kha Guru Ravidass Maharaj ji is Sikh- in the - talk Bhagats page is like a big billboard advertising something with links to many of her personal pages. Allenwalla 14:58, 28 October 2009 (UTC)

Hi Sir

Its 4:30+ here as your day is drawing to an end. Here we are to change time - fall back and hour - this week end. You are an excellent writer who cuts right to the point. Both of your recent replies would make good articles not only here, but on Sikhnet, as well.

Just saw you were here as well - Raab Rakhaa, Allenwalla 08:47, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

Happy Gurpurab

Happy Gurpurab to you and your family. (Lucky 09:18, 2 November 2009 (UTC))

Veer ji working on guru nanak's

I am studying a bit of guru nanak sahib's udasi. I have recent visit to rajasthan as i told you in some above post which i think you haven't read. so i created this article. i am working shortly on Guru Nanak Sahib in Gujrat Side and will come with more impressive actualities. busy for exams but still will try to concentrate on both sides. hope everything si fine there thanks(Lucky 17:47, 4 November 2009 (UTC))

Happy belated Gurpurbs, a brief bit of news on Kenya , Hari hi, I had a friend who once who had lived two years in the serengeti, in one of the cabins that was allowed for researchers to live in, out on the plains. She loved living there; her most valuable possession was a bracelet a massi warrior had given her, sort of a hand tooled bit of wire, a brass kara he had made up and had been wearing.

She told me of hearing a lion roar one night, very near. She had run out to the land rover and jumped in to see if she could possibly get a closer view by driving around. To her very big surprise, when she turned on the headlights, the lion - a big male was sitting only a few feet in front of her. She was very surprised she had made it to the car. (usually the male is lounging as his pride of 'females' is waiting for any weak slow 'food' running about, she waited till they moved on- counting her lucky stars). I have lost touch with her so I don't know if she ever got to return, she went on to earn her doctorate in 'animal studies' at Rutgers, a US university.

Allenwalla 12:08, 5 November 2009 (UTC)

A Request

HOw are you sir ji? howz everything going? When r u coming to punjab i think you was saying about coming to punjab this or next month.

Sir i want to discuss, as i tried to sign up as User:HarpreetSingh, but i found this id is already taken. Could you pls provide me user account User:HarpreetSingh ? or could you contact user har preet singh so as he could give me the account i wanna use that. Could you redirect my history to account user harpreet singh?

(Lucky 20:11, 9 November 2009 (UTC))

Sorry i caused you trouble/WWI

My efforts were done in an attempt to point out the larger global scale of the conflict. From research i found that Sikhs had served in the middle east and pacific as well. I also was offended by the use of the word - produced - a rather factory like term for brave men's efforts and lives, which reduces the Godly miracle of childbirth to mass production assembly line status. Also at the beginning of the war it was only the triple entente, as the allies term came several years later when other countries joined in. Sorry

The part about the Sikhs who were sent to fight in the Middle East after being captured by the Germans and managed to again fight for the crown was new to me and rather remarkable.

Around the world the Roman (Catholic) Priests and many Mullahs of Islam continue to condemn any effort at population control to assure the maximum no. of births (to continue the ancient and continuing common crusade? or out of fear?) to PRODUCE cannon fodder, for world domination even as millions of children are born sans any hope of safety or resources. [23], [24]

Waziristan, the Phillipines, the Americas, India, Gaza Strip places where children are born every day, even though the parents know they have no hope of ever feeding them.

It seems sometimes that instead of parents like those of generations of Sikhs, Hindus, Ect. (people who worked double shifts or working mothers who scraped and saved - to provide their children a better life, better opportunities, better educations, while today some elements are having children only to die fighting their enemies to earn them (the parents) a place in heaven (each Muslim child or adult convinced into using his God given life as a human bomb earns not only his free pass directly to jannum and his celestial virgins, but also gets to take 72 of his relatives along (avoiding the painful suffering of the grave (as taught in Islam) until resurrection.) [25]

While Major Nidal Malik Hasan was clearly seeing himself as a jihadist martyr shouting Allah hu Akbar as he gunned down 13 or (14 if you count the unborn child of Pvt. Francheska Velez) of his fellow soldiers (as proclaimed by his advisor Mullah Anwar al-Awlaki who has since praised him as a shining example). It makes me wonder if the jihadist bomber/killer survives - does he lose the heavenly awards when he then asks for legal counsel, apologises or says he was forced into doing it or mentally ill at the time.

Hari ji,given the recent peaceful demonstrations against the election in Iran I was amazed it happened at all after reading what is in the school books of Iran [26] Allenwalla 15:23, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

A line taken from the school books - the Ayatollah's words.

"O Muslims of all countries of the world! Since under the foreigners' dominance
gradual death has been inflicted on you, you should overcome the fear of death and
make use of the existence of the passionate and the martyrdom-seeking youths,

He called for all Muslims to unite and (must read a lot more) and use the youth who were eager to die (as if they were not taught such things by adults like him), even as the Sunnis consider them apostates and blow up their Imambargahs all over Pakistan (and Sufu Shrines from Pak to Somalia.)

Nope it was my problem

I forget that sometimes its easy to overlook changes and reading further much of what i was wanting included, already was. Often I forget to read the whole first. Thanks. Allenwalla 23:39, 11 November 2009 (UTC)