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Guru Nanak an avatar of Vishnu??

I have capitalized the sentence telling us that Guru Nanak, who on his part was the Avtar (embodiment) of Lord Vishnu. Is this an accurate part of the SGGS?? Allenwalla

sir jee

Actually there's difference between a sikh interpretation and interpretation of some other. these lines are taken by some rss forces to state that sikh are hindus. but sikhism is seprate and so the interpretation of these lines are if you say any sikh to elucidate these lines then he would have different prespective.

Buddhism changed mythology acc. to their own and so the sikhism. In sikhism Gopal, Murari, Jagannath, Chakardhar etc all are denoted to god at many places. The lines are written by kalsahar who said thet god came on earth in various forms and so in guru nanak. but if a hindu would read these lines he will say vishnu came in various forms . So for sikh mentality we have to read all inditail angs of guru granth sahib

(Lucky 06:05, 23 July 2009 (UTC))