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All results are to the +/- 100??.

Main Page

WKWJF,S.Hari Singh the main page needs to be edited.the uppermost bar is hanging down hiding menu.plz do as quick as u can.


Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh , Sir Recently I have created article "Sikh Population".I have copied the body from wikipdia sub-article "distribution" under the article "sikhs".Sir, the article [[1]] on sikhiwiki needs to be edited ans some photos to be added.Sir,i have lots of data & matter involving sikhism but i afraid of copyrights syste.Plz tell me a brief introduction about copyrights & GNU Free documentation.Is taking matter from wikipedia & pasting to sikhiwiki right?Is sikhiwiki GNU Free licensed? i have lot to be answered. I want to make Sikhi Wiki the absolute and supreme portal for sikhism.I thank you S.Hari Singh for your great contributions to sikhiwiki & i hope all sikhs around the world would contribute.Waiting for reply.


I am new to sikhiwiki,and i hope that i will get help from all sikhiwikis.

Sir, please permit

Sir, WaKaFa ! Have no words of Thanks for the feed back on Khalsa article.

I plead guilty for Typos & beg pardon from English Language ( I am not a lit Man ) , complexities of IT Systems, Site Management & other aspects associated with copy right etc.

Will work on other issues & be back with you.

Strongly recommended

SikhiWiki's Organisational & professional functiong is recomended to be operative not on cultures prevailing in West but as per Khalsa / Gurbani culture wherein In all domains, A team of Five Truthfull kr3a purKs (Gurmat & History Scholars in This Case. Daya, Dharam, Himmat, Mohkam & Sahib Singhs) are expected to take all decisions. In this way All of us will stay Truthfull to Khalsa ( GOD in the form of Humanity ) in public domain , GurBani willing, will improve the standards, not only of a page but that of the entire site.

Sikhi. encompassing 'Wiki'

I personally feel that as long as Sikhi.standards encompass 'Wiki' stanrards & not the other way round cd2ii kala wiil be that of Khalsa.

Gur f3'h --One 20:15, 31 January 2008 (MST)

Kiv Sciara Hovey"??

j' ko buj" hov" sciaar!!

sab aap'he sciaar!!

Sir WaKaFa!!

Saanu lor nahin lakkhan bateriaan dee,... Saanu Lor hai eko sher dee ajj.

Sanuu lor a anakh da ik sholaa,...Sanuu Lor hai raakh de dher dee aj.

  • ik lodinda Singh Daya, ik jy avy Dharam Singh.
  • Himmati aty mohkami , hy koi ethy Sahib Singh

Satgurbani f3'h --One 06:49, 1 February 2008 (MST)

Per Gurudwara Bhangani Sahib

SSA, Hari Singh ji, just wanted to take a moment to remark on the quality of your photos at Gurudwara Bhangani Sahib during ypur recent trip. The photo with the over hanging trees in the foreground is particularly nice establishing a sense of depth. It was good to see some good pictures with color makes me wonder of your camera.

You were either very lucky that a rain storm came up during your visit/ or that they had just washed down the porch area- the low clouds in the distance at the base of the hill made me think it had rained. Good work! richard Allenwalla 22:50, 2 February 2008 (MST)

Sir ji wakafa, After uploading and inserting picture in the article how to reduce its size on the screen.Being in civil engg line m unable to perform it.See my user page and reply. Thanks user:sarbjeet_1313me

Sat Shri Akaal

I recently visited Andaman Islands. It was a great trip(4 days 5 nights) and its great to see 4 gurdwaras over there and one thing more that the high ranks officers there, are sikhs.

I clicked photograph of a gurdwara which have historical importance with a british time martyer Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani. There are more three gurdwaras made by army navy and air force officials. But Gurdwara Dr. Diwan singh structure was marvelous. Displaying the image with tag. In chennai there is also a gurdwara but i am unlucky not got the time to visit that.user:hpt_lucky

Sat Shri Akaal

We stayed at a hotel in port blair(Capital of andaman islands).

  • I visited the gurdwara Dr. Diwan Singh, the beautiful wodden structure you can see in pics other pics i will upload when i got money to scan as my father and mom is out of station, so sorry for delay.
  • I visited Cellular jail(Kala Pani) where i found that 25 to 35 prisnors belongs to punjab, and were sikhs.
  • I Visited Viper island where prisnors were kept in viper snakes and where they hanged till death.
  • I visited Ross island which is dedicated to japnese occupied andaman.
  • I visited North bay where i viewed underwater corals.
  • I Visited natural Limestone cave at bartang.
  • I had seen the naked tribal people(Mind not fully developed) called Jarawas on the way. they have dangerous weapons in there hand and there area is around 25 km's.
  • I visited a site where mud volcanoe occures.
  • Visited whole tropical rain forests and Hourbour too.

Steamers, boats, ships, air travels the whoe tour i enjoyed.

Especially its great to see sikh people there. People there are very honest and very helpful. Bengali, Tamilise, Up Biharis, Punjabis have significant population. there is a place called bartang where road ends and start after crossing a huge river and that crossed through a steamer, all cars, buses, trucks and human put in to steamers and thrown to other side. that was quite interesting. The place is also a heaven, Beaches, Mountains, Forests, Honest People, Tribals, Dangerous Tribals(Sentinalese - Kill human), Weather is like hot rain cold . Huh i think m boring you.

I also have heard that sikhnet is providing free camera to people which can give them photographs related to sikhism. You know that i always strikes to sikh places and this place was wonderful and that photo is not clear through VGA standard camera and due to less space not able to capture all photos. JRL - Jarnail Singh was not with me and was not in mood to provide me digi cam. How to get digi cam throgh sikhnet Kindly explain.

Next aim at historical Gurdwara at hoshiarpur. Will provide you details soon. user:hpt_lucky

Sir,WAKAFA, THANKS 4 GUIDANCE,pl see my uploaded photos and comment.Soon i wud like to upload the photos of all Gurdwaras of Jammu city.THANKS. User:Sarbjeet_1313me

Bahot,Bahot Dhaanavaad please excuse my spelling

SSA, Thanks for the barn star, i've always wanted one, i even thought to afix them to my basement or first floor of my house, but as earthquakes are not common in Georgia i have done without. However this version is much appreciated and an honour, as i learn much by my efforts here, thanks very muchAllenwalla 14:02, 5 February 2008 (MST)

Sir jee Sat Shri Akaal

please check the Category called """Articles under Deletion """. There are many articles which are just of no use and i have placed tag of articles under deletion but i have seen no buddy checked that category.

Sir jee one more thing. If you can please peae make me moderatotr of your website. Give me some previliges like deleting an article, Checking an articles and some more like in forums a moderator have. So taht i can take your some headache. baaki its your wish. and you havent answered me back taht how to get camera from sikhnet? They are providing free of cost....user:hpt_lucky

Chalo Ko naa

Well Ko naa if previleges like this is not available, my mind says it must available.

One more thing i want you to find out that bhai mardana G died in khuram in Iraq o in kartar pur. i read some texts it confused me alot. Please ask somebuddy and confirm this 4 me.

Thanks for the response on Gurus and images

SSA, Sardarji, would appreciate your e-mail adress, i believe you have mine. When i got home from taking my mother to do her grocery shopping today we're in the country some eight miles to the stores, i got home were my wife who had been surfing the net showed me the film trailers for Jodhaa Akbar which may already be on the screens in England, ---Absolutely awesome--- the imagery and sets and clothing weapons and armour and scenes, just awesome -- i want the disk!

Now while i think that Hrithik looks more like Elvis than a scion of Mongolian and Turkish ancestors it saddens me that i know i cannot or am not likely ever? to see such scenes of Guru Gobind Singh or Guru Hargobind , ect. Seems as if this, in a way, marginalizes the Sikhs and their glorious achievements. When one studies swords for instance and learns of the superiority of the curved blade over the straight sword in cutting action and goes on to learn that weight at the tip of any sword adds to that effectiveness. Well two swords come to mind 'Zulfikar'- Mahomet's sword passed to Ali which was said to have almost split a rider and horse in half- such are legends. Anyway his sword split and widened at the tip lending weight to any stroke. The other sword which comes to my mind is that of Guru Gobind Singh which widens into something resembling a duck's foot or three fingers with webbing between, which must have been and awesome weapon in battle. I do not know if it has a name, but again i will never see a film of the Guru defeating anyone. Meanwhile Akbar grows more famous.

Hpt_Lucky sent me or referred me to the words of Guru Gobind Singh that are used to justify this ban. They to me, an ignorant westerner and certaintly no acharyar or Giani, seem to be aimed at 1.not depicting God or the Guru--the SGGS or the Guru - WaheGuru as a man. Yet i see much film of the SGGS being carried about and many Photos not illustrations of Birs of the SGGS.

They didn't allow images or drawings of themselves as they knew the nature of men many of who had spent years as Hindus to start using those images as murti's or idols and praying before them.

Was it not Gobind Singh ji who said any man who worships me as God is a fool. And did he not promote all of the Khalsa equal to himself by taking Pahul from the Panj Pyare?

I recently asked a Sikh friend in Atlanta for the film Jo Bole So Nihal, he said it was a fav film of his and would try to find his copy for me. Yet i read that this film which featured no Guru was still controversial with Sikhs for it and others "agin' it". Clearly there is much i don't understand.Allenwalla 12:32, 7 February 2008 (MST)

Sir jee

Wikimapia has provided a great service. How can i embed wikimapia map to sikhiwiki please explain. Make a Template or something on sikhiwiki called Sikhimapia in which we display the map of sikhi related places. i am in mood of exploring sikhi to greater extent.

I have found Gurdwara Toka Sahib Location near by my birth town and also Gurdwara Dr. Diwan Singh. Father is helping me in finding gurdwara Machkund.

I have started a Sikhiwiki:Project Guru Nanak Dev please join that and lets found the guru's travels and guru nanak related items.

Sikhiwiki nu hor wadhaun layi nave concepts laoo sir.....Kuj navan introduce karo, Mainu nahin pata kyaa but karo.

Tae user:mutia - nu kee ho gaya, oh bhai sahib apnae articles padh kae he behosh ho gaye hongae what a formatting. No Safai just throw and throw. hahaha.

I had seen Allenwala have also good knowledge of sikhism and punjabi too. Well he is great contributer and has improved many articles he is a superstar sorry Barnstar.

Sarabjeet Singh - bhai sahib wee wadiyaa takrey, He is creating articles related to sikhism in jammu and kashmir. Great going.

Paapi - tae Greateditor - bhai sahib kol net he nahin haigaa ha ha ha ha ha. oh bechare hoshiarpur ch he baithey hann. Main v parson chalejaana fir main v sikhiwiki ton zuda ho jana.

Guglani -- jee lagda pa.wikipedia tae laggae hann oh punjabi ch kush karoongae.

hpt_lucky - tuhadey sahmney hai. Main galti kitti andaman jaa kae tuhanu call karda wadiyaa rehndaaa. Mera deemag nahin chaleaa Dr. Diwan Singh kalepani D Photograph lai kae aunee see. Tuhanu call karda tusee zaroor suggest kardey.

Hari Singh - Ehna bina asi kithey.

huh sorry 4 borin you, unjh he gappan maran nu dil kitta....user:hpt_lucky

Upraley da reply nahin aya is da bhej deyo

What do you think

Just your view. An inspiration of Guru nanak has founded in Istanbul turkey, its just on west part of turkey,To reach there Guru nanak have to travel through Jordan, Israel, plaestine, Syria and in return he reached azerbaizan in russia then enters iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan & Pakistan to his native. Well my first question Guru nanak if travel by foot how much day it takes to cover so long journey???

  • How he reached mecca?? From Karachi he took boat and reached jeddah or he travveled along sea shore oman, yemen then saudi????
  • One more thing enters my mind Khuhram shahr guru nanak went and that is on south of iran if guru nanak went baghdad in iraq and went there on south of iran then why he go to north in tehran or masshad............and if he went from baghdad to north of iran then when he covered Khuhrm sehar and bushehar. West Journey is bit confusing.
  • Ok suppose from Medina in saudi he directly enter Baghdad in iraq and havent visit Turkey, russia or syria then also the above point rises. He visits mashad by many historians, He visit Khoram and bushsr by many historians and he visited Syria and palestine also by many historians.

Due to Muslim countries they just washed away the guru nanak's related places or material. No inspiration in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah, Russia, Afghanistan even(Hail Taliban). Instances found in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and others are just vanished or washed. route is bit confusing to me

What your mind says..........user:hpt_lucky


Sir, thanks for the Vinod it was 2 or 3 maybe 4 in the morning and i probably could have found it on the net like i did goddess sharda which was in same article.

Has always amused me that when Japan during WWII was trying to turn Asia in to their colonial empire, it ended up that on the day they surrendered, English papers around the world had big headlines calling it V J day, typical sanskrit for victory with just the sound of Vi Jay. Victory over JapanAllenwalla 07:21, 10 February 2008 (MST)

Good to hear from you!

Will reread thanksAllenwalla 20:42, 17 February 2008 (MST)

Looks good to me.

Thanks for help

SSA, also asked if on cat's paw was a Panjabi phrase for tip-toe or from some english writer. i understand the phrase as the same, just trying to discern whose phrase.

Please check me on change to - 'Right to wear 5 K's'. a sentence included - he sacrificed his grandfather- he being Guru Gobind Singh. My understanding is that Guru Hargobind was his grandfather and Guru Hargobind spent last nine years in peace in his new city?

my being picky- He suffered the loss of his father, four sons and mother who chose to sacrifice their lives in the fight against Mughal tyranny.

As Guru Gobind Singh did not 'sacrifice anyone'. regards Allenwalla 08:07, 19 February 2008 (MST)

I am back

I am back at my home for four days only there at hoshiarpur we donot have internet. I want to continue my search further but due to lack of internet i was not able to. I think you have saved my telephone number please donot give to anyone to any antisikhiwiki personality. Please.

Hows life going?? Help me in topic Guru Nanak in Iran you wrote cool reply and you can add these facts to article too. Well in these four days i will work on the topic Guru Nanak in iran in this i have to fid - Possible Route, Historical stories by other personalities as i added one about khurmshahr. Lets see.

This time i visited Gurdwara Bhai Joga Singh, a historical gurdwara in hoshiarpur city. Again i am asking the same sikhnet is providing free cameras to contributers how to achieve it please tell me again i donot have camera and jarnail singh was not with me......user:hpt_lucky

Hello Again

  • Sorry i will not take it from you. No need to send it. See there is a page where it is displayed that we can get free camera from there. i donot know the address you have to find it yourself i had seen it once. How to contact Mr Gurmustak(on web) i will talk directly to him.
  • Guru Nanak in Iran there are very few sources. Know a PHD dr. says that Guru Nanak even met Martin Luther, pope X & Copernicus too. He went upto Greece Bulgaria, Romania, Amazing he confuses the history more. First Azerbaizan then Istanbul know furthur....Huh Well the article is copyrighted but i have copy pasted make a tag that article is copyrighted to the personality Mr. Kasoor. Well if we think tat guru nanak had spiritual powers then check the article i recently put on it it is 18 Spiritual Powers in this one power makes person to move anywhere in instant. If we treat him normal human with no such powers then this is hard to believe.


Thanks a lot

I will give you output you needed. Whenever you want you camera back i will hand over to you. Well i think zarrorat nahin paoogeee. You have my contact whenever needed contact please. user:hpt_lucky I got one more news that sikhiwiki server is at tampa, at florida in usa. great. Gurmustak Bhaa jee also live there or he is in london.

Tell me one thing

First of all saying you good bye tommarrow i am moving to hoshiarpur again and this time Jarnail Bhaa jee will be wid me and i will click photographs of Gurdwara Bhai Joga Singh. I will not able to come online this week.

What these monastries are doing on our sikhiwiki website are you converting sikhiwiki to buddhawiki?? Well i want to say that each and every article must be sikhi point of view. Even if you create an article related to some place do not just write that about the place write about the sikhism how's related to that place. Tell this to our co workers. There are many articles here which are not of sikhi point of view but due to lack of time i cant devot time on those articles. My Mission is mainly to find Guru Nanak related Material & Virtues relations to sikhism. Let me cover the aim then i shift to that one.

Mr. (Sarab & Allen) are doing wonderful job. Where Mutia jee went?Paapi is in me and user:the_great_editor will be active soon.

Enjoy gurmat life if i will get time i will come online in morning baaki rabbi marzi. Take care good bye sat shri akaal...user:hpt_lucky


Sir ji,


I would like to bring ur kind attention towards how the articles of Sikhiwiki r misinterpreted by Anti Sikh organisations. I m hiding the name of community to avoid its popularity. The articles can be modified to avoid misuse.

Some lines are......

[[[[[[[a unique community, to bring the reality on the scenes, to unleash the real basic truth,to unite both the above mentioned saffron warriors, to let the world know, hinduism is 100% close and attached to sikhism, sikhism is 100% related to hinduism,

ISLAM stands no where among us,neiher it relates to sikhism, nor to hinduism,

Sikhs offer their worship in the same way as Hindus do (i.e., in a temple). They have a Holy Book, and they take care of it by putting it in a special way inside their temples. Their tradition is close to the Hindu tradition. Some Hindu priests leave their hair uncut and wear a bracelet around their wrists. "guru nanak"'s father was Kalayan Das Mehta, also known as Mehta Kalu, and his mother was Mata Tripta ji. They were Hindus belonging to the Vedic Brahmin caste. HAR HAR MAHADEV,wahe guru da khalsa,WAHE GURU JI DI FATEH..!!]]]]]]]]

Rest in chardikala,waiting 4 reply. --Sarbjeet Singh user:sarbjeet_1313me 22:56, 23 February 2008 (MST) 25 Feb 2008


Leaving for hoshiarpur in after an hour. It feels like i am addicted to this website. When i came online its not the single day when i dunno visit this website. Well I got photos of 1) Chamkaur Sahib, 2) Nadha Sahib, 3) Gurdwara T. Nagar,Tamil Nadu(My last visits). i will upload them after working on them next time. Well i need sikhiwiki tag to fit on it then i will display on it. Without sikhiwiki tag i will not display anything in future. Tag on top left corner is ok what do you think?? Can you please tell me number of articles on sikhiwiki. The hit counter tells that above 2 lakh person visits per day its the big acheivement(tae eh aam gall hai kyonkae idi waddi site hai enae ku taan hon gae hee). Now i have to get ready.user:hpt_lucky

Thanks for the Favor

Thanks for the deletionAllenwalla 23:27, 25 February 2008 (MST)SSA , hope all is well with you.

spent about 5 hrs tonite on 12 o'clock joke, i had never known their was such going on in India'

though a couple of years ago a Muslim friend of mine told me a as he called it a Sardarji joke, i scoweled my disapproval of joking on anyone. and didn't see of same, till working on articles here.

i was raised as a racist and didn't know i was. as a teenager i repeated a funny joke i had just heard to my friends one day at woolworths, a 5 & dime, while i helped them move a showcase - they started or tried to warn me by shaking their heads i was too dumb to catch on, a black kid my age who i had befriended who was the first of his race to work in the store, separate fountains and villages then across the tracks, etc., was inside the case loosening some screws.

When he crawled out of the case, he had a look on his face i will always remember. trouble was unlike the other kids i thought he too would think the joke funny. never occurred to me i was a racist i really believed what i had been taught - that my religion was the best and that wasps were more intelligent.

Later at 21 i risked my life marching in a civil rights march - got into Time, Life and Newsweek the national tv news- ABC, NBC and CBS as the only big, tall white kid leading the march i was spit on and cursed at by people along the way. my father never understood why i would do this -so in a way i failed in honouring my father, i guess.

Now 62, a few months ago i had a young black girl step in line in front of me at wallmart, there were 2 lines at the return desk and i stood back several feet in the right line as the young hispanic couple 2nd back in the next line had been there a long time, longer than me. i had told them to move to my line if the checker returned before the person in front of them finished, leaving them enough room to move over, so suddenly the young black girl came right around breaking qeue. I moved right in front of her - she exploded calling me a racist thinking i had done this thinking myself superior, she threatened to kill me, ect. calling me all sort of names. it was an odd experience given my earlier efforts. She had never marched when you could be, just as easily, shot by the KKK or the Black Panthers.

Later Ralph Abernathy, Hosaih Williams and Joseph Lowery, people you probably never heard of, rushed me away with an armed escort of ex-black marines (2) telling me and my scientist buddy, whose car, a souped up dodge charger we had used to get to south GA, away to safety telling me that both the KKK and the Panthers were sending teams to assasinate me and the one white girl in the parade. The Panthers, they said would get the race war they were trying to start started by killing the few whites who had marched in the 60 mile march. The girl and her boy friend stayed way back in the march, the leaders had asked me to carry the banner up front as i was so tall and big and clearly visible for the press sitting on the flat bed truck that stayed just ahead of us.

Other than being picked up and carried aloft in a tornado in '73, that is one of my more memorable experiences. Funny feeling, actually flying through the air struggling to alite again on terra firma.

Ralph Abernathy, Hosaih Williams and Joseph Lowery knew that M. L. King owed a lot to the Mahatma. The Govt. of India sent a big bronze Bust of Ghandhiji and his wife (Kasterbi?) to the church were Martin Luther King's daughter is the Minister. But they have little if any knowledge of the Sikh's part in the Hartals, ect. that inspired Ghandi ji.Allenwalla 23:27, 25 February 2008 (MST) too much tea today, a first for me so please excuse my rambling.

I am back

Sat shri akaal, this man is back from hoshiarpur with more pictures of Golden Temple, gurdwara Baba Atal , Gurdwara Kaulsar, Cherehta sahib, Jaliawala bagh and desa singh majithia samadhi and jassa singh ahluwalia's samadhi too. Yesterday i visited four places with my freinds and Mr. Jarnail singh and his camera was with me today i uploaded all photographs including tags.

My next visis will be gurdwaras around hoshiarpur. I think no need to send any camera as jarnail singh will be wid me in future trips and i will ask my dad to purchase new one as i never told my dad about sikhiwiki and he only knows that i contributes from some sikhi website. So enjoy sikhi life good bye take care.

Uploaded some pics tell me is logo looks good. You can see my user page for gallery too. I will upload others soon.


Sat Shri Akaal

  • How are you? If you had purchased the camera then its well and fine. If i need the camera i will talk with you in future. tad takar taya jee use kar laingae.
  • Actually that photo which i have uploaded are were clicked through 7 Mega pixel camera(of my freind Nishant). And jarnail singh had 2 megapixel camera. My taya ji had 11 Mega Pixel camera but i can beg before any of them kae please camera dedoo. I visited Andaman & Nicobar without camera and clicked some moments but many precious moments i havent clicked. Like in cellular jail Sikhs history, Sikhs name, Sikhs photographs and gurdwaras over there etc. My fathers mobile have VGA camera you can see the clarity in Gurdwara Dr. Diwan singh article. I have mobile which also have standard VGA camera but no picture quality. 2mega pixel camera with jarnail singh have good picture quality you can watch Harian Belan pictures. Well i will talk with my father about purchasing a new camera baaki financial conditions are uncertain. Studies + Hostel of mine + Sister studies + Ghar ayi chalayi....if i view these points mera dil nahin kardaa kujh mangan tae.
  • Well these all happens, jae mainu camera d zaroorat payi taan tuhadey taya g ton collect kar lavanga. Tae time being jae zarrorat hovey taan wapis v kar devangaa. Well i am going to upload moe pics on sikhiwiki.
  • Well Why to upload pics on flickr. We open another section over here. Actually chakar kee hai i am using paid internet just 2.5 gb download and 2 mbps speed. If i use to upload them both sides it effect the space as 1 rs/mb if over 2.5 gb. Well please if you can upload the pictures over there as uploading here then there eats extra amount of space and even flickr is heavy website.
  • I uses Adobe photoshop to edit the photographs. Well i am moving to hoshiarpur tomarrow or day after tomarrow. Again i will miss sikhiwiki.
  • sir 1st page da dhyaan rakho nale. sara hilya pea ae.
  • Uploaded pics of My Amritsar Visit, Pakistan Gurdwaras(the same pics were with my aunt i think some close reative of him might uploaded it on some forums), Visit to Harian vailan. By Mistake Chamkaur Sahib photos deleted from my computer. well i will recover them again.


Rohan is 2nd


Rohan is at 2nd position LIL declared,missed the top slot.Anyhow Congrats

--user:sarbjeet_1313me 10:30, 1 March 2008 (MST)

Orkut SikhiWiki Community


YoU may log in via your gmail account and search "SikhiWiki".I hope this would definitely help You.And about he main page "banner" solution. I suggest the main article "12o cloc" joke should be chnaged with a some new matter,as the same article is there for more than 4 days. Thanking You Akshdeep Singh --SunnyIndia 21:31, 1 March 2008 (MST)

Sat Shri Akaal Again

Please Calculate the no. of new articles i have created. My contributions are over 3500+ but new articles cant be calculated by me please help.

  • Well, i cant spent time when i will be at hoshiarpur as no internet facility is there.
  • When i return at my home on weekends or after 2 weeks then i get able to visit the website.
  • Flickr : as i told you i cant upload pics there as due to low space provided by internet service provider i.e 2 gb which get full in some days and if i upload there and here too then doubly work + doubly space i loose. I cant cross the limit of 2.5 GB. I can upload here only. You save it and upload on flickr if you are using unlimited scheme of internet.
  • Only i share our discussion with my friends not the family. As my some members of my family think that mostly persons who had created sikhi website belongs to some Khalistani support. So my friends knows about the activities on sikhiwiki.
  • I think documenting all our sacred places is very important and if you can help, that will be fantastic - Convert this line in punjabi

Email - [email protected]


even though logged in

Sardar ji, Hari Singh even though i am logged in nothing i edit saves, i relogged still same result. currently trying to change date of Mian Mir's birth. which is 1550 Aug 11/in article 1531 and 1550. i do not know if this will save. here goesAllenwalla 22:16, 3 March 2008 (MST)

Mir Mohammed, (1550-1635) popularly known as Hazrat Mian Mir was a famous Muslim Sufi saint who resided in Lahore (in present-day Pakistan). He belonged to the Qadiri order of Sufism. He was born at Sevastan (Sindh) in 1531 AD.

sunny singh

Thanks sir for welcoming me. And i will keep editing whenever i have time free from school... Anyways how are you now?

Sunnybondsinghjalwehra 11:49, 4 March 2008 (MST)

My Pleasure

Sir ji

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

It is my pleasure u think i deserve this . Thanks for this and for showing so much confidence in me. I will try to meet ur expectations with the grace of the Almighty Waheguru.

--user:sarbjeet_1313me 08:23, 5 March 2008 (MST)

SatSriAkaal - Bollywood Movie



Hope u r fine with the grace of the Almighty Waheguru. I think SatSriAkaal - Bollywood Movie is suitable for main page side article for mass awareness. This is only a suggestion. Rest in Chardi Kala.


--user:sarbjeet_1313me 18:49, 9 March 2008 (MDT)

A seemingly strange request

Of all the articles i have spent time on the ones covering the SGGS are those wich i have purposely avoided as i feel myself completely ignorant of the text. Much of my service here as been aimed at saving the words of the Punjabi language, in an effort to have others around the world whom i am sure are eager to learn at least a little Punjabi. i find the substitution of roman numerals for Punjabi terms out of place (i.e. X in place of Dasvin) and i often move the Punjabi words out of the parentheses, to the front, and place the english words after in the parentheses. As many have learned with their children, giving their children everthing rather than having them earn them creates a child with a weak and un-inquisitive mind.

I did a lot of work on the 12 o'clock joke and was surprised to see it still on the list, though for a reporter who had written the original article there would have had to have been a tape recorder to actually take in/down so much info. And the Sikh youth who could relate all of the facts would have been a remarably well informed young Sikh. So the piece comes accross as trying to prove the role of the Sikhs- the truth always stands on its own. I noticed that the next day that a picture of a grotesk wrestler, i know many Sikhs have loved and practised wrestling, who obviously used HGH and/or steroids, with a fake turband and a poorly added ax was posted on the site by someone using a Sikh name. i saw this as being meant to be offensive, someone's idea of a super Sikh.

As i do not read Gurmukhi, many say that to understand the SGGS you must be able to read it in the original text. i feel at a lost to help in that arena. first i need a font which will work on a mac for all i see are question marks.

While watching Jodhaa Akbar, i apparently got the Desi version with english translated in Hing/Urdulish not meant for those who don't understand the structure of a Hindi/Sindi/Urdu sentence. i suspose that later the director will do new subtitles for englishers.

i find the translation for the lines of the SGGS were often worded by Christian, bigotted scholars who did a poor job in getting across the thoughts of the Guru's and othersn in the SGGS. Do you know of a good translation word for word and could you make me aware of same.

A famous line of the Gita was used in a now famous quote of Robert Oppenheimer (atomic bomb Father) who miss translated - rather used a miss translation " I have become death the destroyer of worlds, the translation is more accurate as - I have become time the destroyer of worlds.

i recently started a study of urdu script so i could start to read the old ghazals as they were written, i was imediately admonished by my teacher that my lines had to start top to bottom (i say in heaven and flow down to the earth-which with each stroke afirms writing as a gift from on high) i was writing them from the baseline up. this makes a tremendous difference.

so, eager to learn please let me know of such a book or translation. thanksAllenwalla 01:17, 10 March 2008 (MDT)

Thanks for the clarification

SSA, Sir, i did not know there was another version of the joke for 12 oclock. will work on this one. my first question is what is a headless Sikh and how could one talk sans a head.

1. a Sikh who does not wear a turban?

2. a thoughless Sikh who does not use his head or brain?

Is the turbinator a reference to the wrestler picture with chinese tatoos and kanji characters and a very poorly done turban and ax? this is a new one on me. it speaks of being done by someone a little ullu 'ish as they would need to have changed the tattoos to Gurbani and not leave them as Kanji charactors.

Could you give me an answer on above questions and tell me of any good line for line translation of BANI. I SEEM TO REMEMBER YOU ONCE SENT A NOTE WITH A REFERANCE TO SOME WORK WHICH HAD SUCH (EXPLAINING EACH WORD - WILL LOOK BACK THROUGH my nots from you for this. thanks again Allenwalla 11:46, 10 March 2008 (MDT)

also i could use translations for Sardar kae baranh waj gaye(________________________) and "sardaar jee peechae ho jao, barahn baj gaye hain kyaa" (___________________________)


Yes it helps the phrase can be spelled apprently several ways. we have a similar saying here in Us. not just for a particular people but a joke aimed at friends by friends and even would be dushmen watch out he is about to go Postal. a fef to all the shootings in Post office facilities a few years back. thanks Allenwalla 13:11, 10 March 2008 (MDT)

Sat Shri Akaal

  • Tomarrow i will go to Chahal Kalan, my friend resides near Nawan Shahr guide me the way to there.
  • Well here at hoshiarpur i cant do the work on sikhiwiki , as speed of internet ios around .77 KBPS today burey haal nae. It takes above 5 minutes to come to this page
  • I will try to arrange the photos of Jagriti Yatra Of guru granth sahib. lets see will i able to or not.
  • Ik gall nahin mainu samjh aayee, tuhadey servers tae photos upload karan ch koi problem hai i mean ......... space ghat hai main photos upload nahin kar sakdaa??

hor dasso kee kar rahey ghar sabh kimey hai.



Sat Shri akaal sir, i brought the camera from your taya jee. Today i visited at there house at 10:30AM. By mistake i went to apra and i had to return back to chahal Kalan so no difficulty has been faced to found the way.

  • About Camera Its Nice and perfect for the work.Kodak 4MP camera 2300*1600+ something resolution and 730K above file size, USB support(Need driver i will arrange) & cool look. The camera is good for our work. I had clicked your taya ji's(Kehar Singh's) image.
  • About Kehar Singh Uncle he is a great and interesting personality, he was guiding us how to become the sucessful and how to achieve the carrier goals. He told us when he visited keneya and then UK and all that.He was telling us about british minds and indian minds. All the talks were interesting and feels good to hear. We discussed about 30 - 45 minutes. He was telling us how to become strong and to face any difficulty of life. Well Great Experiance
  • I had clicked his image for remembrance. Well i will work for the website side by side of my studies. you will get some output day after tomarrow. Jagriti Yatra is arriving here at hoshiarpur between 23rd march to 30th march lets see my fortune. So take care i am sending the same message to your email id too(Lucky 07:03, 12 March 2008 (MDT))

Sat Shri Akaal

Today i was not able to visit the sikh shrines near by due to studies. tomarrow i am going back to my home. Actually at home i study less and enjoy more and at hoshiarpur vice versa. A sad happening happens, your taya ji's photo accidently deleted by my friend while he was renewing the operating system. mainu us tae bohot gussa chadeyaa. can you have any photo of him as his remembrance for me mulaqaat pata nahin fir hove na hove. Image camera wichon v delete ho gayi hai.

Well i have to purchase new battery for it, it is not working properly with those alkaline batteries as it shuts down in between so that battery will be a permanant solution.

Studies always comes first. Nothing is more important then it. Dont think that i just pass my time on sikhiwiki only but but but when i sit online i pass time on it and mostly i spent the time when i go to the home. So faith in me sikhiwiki is not disturbing my studies et all. i never came online during exams time. sikhiwiki is my side work not my carrer. It is my fielfd of interest but i dunno want to become its master. I just want to make it a databank so all sikhi material i put on it. so tension naa leyo studies dae wich sikhiwiki nahin ayegee sikhiwiki dae rah studies zaroor aa sakdee. in past during holidays i had spend more time, u know this, the articles which are over here were continuous uploading, that tells abt my holidays. so no tension no worries feel free, know i just came here to reply you no more works on sikhiwiki.

jagriti yatra will arrives here(hoshiarpur) between 23rd to 30th know lets see will i able to participate it.

well everythin! fine enjoy giursikhi life. sat shri akaal. (Lucky 08:27, 13 March 2008 (MDT))

    • You was asking about connection. i think present connection is ok. I have asked from providers and the connection is very costly and speed is not much so the connection i am currently using is OK! so let me continuining with this. No Probs!(Lucky 05:35, 15 March 2008 (MDT))

the 20th approaching

SSA, Hari singh ji with the 20th almost here the Chittisinghpura Massacre, of eight years ago would seem a good article for front page, regards richard

Thanks for the kind words

SSA Hari Singh ji, thanks for adding the long interview, and mud for Kuchha. altered my writing to match the facts as related in the professionally told story. just when one thinks he has actually learned to write a bit, he (me) sees this story and is amazed. Certainly a long story the effort to say focused and complete the article was well worth it. i altered the intro as Nanak Singh's being unconcious and still hearing had bothered me, i followed his story as he recounted the experience. thanks again for enriching my understanding of what is going on in J & K, regards richard Allenwalla 16:43, 15 March 2008 (MDT) your preface also enriched the page.

also looking for definition of morcha i only get names , etc. and no def.

Yes permanant and temporary

in english mud is just mud, there it is much deeper, no pun intended.

The word i mean can mean many things (typical of skt.). I also learned what POV means as someone thought the story layed the blame on the Muslim group, the long interview left much doubt on the issue.

Hi Hari, would like to go to a Sikh wedding one day. Seems like a good time.

i found a new definition for Saka tonight, which i think hits the mark better. It is --a battle or fight of honor, one which in going into you probably expect to lose or are at least aware that you might.

It seems that in recalling the story of Saka Nanaka the group was warned of the danger and asked to delay a day, yet as they had started the action, crossed the line for them of Baba Deep Singh there was no turning back for the leader, i forget the name at the moment, and need to hit the sack.

I recall Maharaja Ranjit Singh feeling sorry that a former friend had died in bed and not in a Battle.

goodnight, richard Raab Rakah.

Sat Shri Akaal

How are you?Howz life going? Seems to be busy. Comment On Photos recently uploaded, chamkaur sahib. I am working on some more photos of chamkaur sahib where i visited before some weeks. (Lucky 07:03, 19 March 2008 (MDT))


SSA, Hari ji, in the page on Hola Mahalla, i have dead before and seeing it again in recent changed i had the same reaction to the use of the word follows. Follows carries -- similar to, patterened after. ect.. Reading to the bottom i saw that it 'follows' Holi, only in its starting a day later an idea attributed to Guru Gobind Singh. If this is still true i would use 'begins the day after the Holi festival and avoid the loaded word 'follows'.

This leaves me with 2 questions--as only one of the holidays can begin on the first day of Chet. So i am left a little confused:

1. does it still begin one day after Holi?

2. which holiday begins on first day of Chet? puzzled, richardAllenwalla 20:27, 20 March 2008 (MDT)

also as to the popularity

from article as is:

The popularity of this festival may be judged from the fact that out of five Sikh public holidays requested by the Khalsa Diwan, Lahore in 1889, the Government approved only two - Holla Mahalla and the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. Hola Mahalla is presently the biggest festival at Anandpur. It will be appropriate here to discuss briefly the town and the participants of this festival.

I thought that the British were controlling the Punjab in 1889 i did not know there was still a Khalsa Diwan. as written it seems the power in charge, those to whom the request of 5 holidays was made, chose Hola and Guru Nanak's birthday.

in the below version -- i have made no changes to the sentence in article

The popularity of this festival may be judged from the fact that out of the five Sikh public holidays requested by the Khalsa Diwan of Lahore in 1889, the Government allowed only two, given this limited choice the Sikhs decided that these would be the celebration of Guru Nanak's birth anniversary and Hola Mahalla.

Hola Mahalla is presently the biggest festival at Anandpur. It will be appropriate here to discuss briefly the town and the participants of this festival. --

Here the Sikhs are at cause, above it seems 'the Government approved only two' --their choice not the Sikhs.

again thanks for your time, richard / another possible version--the Government approved only the Sikhs' first two choices—the celebration of Guru Nanak's birth anniversary and Hola Mahalla.



Hola Mohalla di aap ji nu parivaar samet Wadhaian ji.

U were at a relatives wedding ,if u dont mind could u mail me some snaps of that wedding.Just wanted to know the differenc.

Guru Manyo Granth Jagriti Yatra is entering Jammu Kashmir on 4th of April,

a grand reception has been planned by the Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir.

Rest is fine with the grace of the Almighty Wahiguru.

--user:sarbjeet_1313me 08:45, 23 March 2008 (MDT)


Sir, Guru Fateh,

Thanks 4 the link , enjoyed very much to see the memorable moments.

Recently visited Akhnoor town, clicked 13 photos of Gurdwara Sahib especially 4 Sikhiwiki. Kindly see and comment. Thanks user:sarbjeet_1313me

Kind words

Sat Shri Akaal, Thank you, my pleasure to be of some service. Allenwalla 22:41, 25 March 2008 (MDT)





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--user:sarbjeet_1313me 20:45, 27 March 2008 (MDT)

Gurmukhi Text

Maan Yog Hari Singh Ji! WaKaFa!!


  • I have no words to thank you for the feed back on things which this barking Amita Singh should not have been doing. Beg pardon from Satgurbani. Sir I will be at it and see to it that things happen the way Lord TRUTH want them to happen.
Gur Fat'h!! --Mutia 07:32, 27 March 2008 (MDT)

Next Trip to Fatehgarh Sahib

I am going to Fatehgarh sahib next week hope for new photos more from every angle, Camera backup is bit less like it works only half an hour so i purchased three pair of rechargable cells so that it can work for unlimited time. Hope for the best. Sat Shri Akaal(Lucky 10:32, 27 March 2008 (MDT))

Thanks again

Sir, for the note, it had been my intention to send a note about placing the story on the main page you kindly got to it before i did. Please see my questions on the page's discussion page.

It came to my mind that a Sikh, raised on stories of Guru Tegh Bahadur and the brave men who 1. returned his head for 'a proper Sikh Cremation' and 2. others who went to the trouble of burning down their home to cremate the Guru's body, might have a hard time watching the Japanese torture and behead the British POW. And would dare the anger of the Japanese just to give the man a decent Christian burial. The Japanese were not happy with the missing body and head.

As Guru Tegh Bahadur is called the Hind ki Chaddar the good Doctor was much the same for the island his torture reads as if the Japanese had been told of Guru Arjan and Guru Tegh Bahadur's torture by some or one of the Islander informants. Sikh history is largly unknown by most americans save a those who have become Sikhs--i can only imagine the Japanese knew very little. Their having him sit on a hot stove?

The pages on the two Sikhs who killed Mrs. Gandhi mention that neither man was very up on Sikh history and sought council from Beant Singh's uncle, who was, and told them of Massa Rangar and the Sikhs who has seen to his death. I can only imagine that She must have been completely clueless of Sikh history as well.Allenwalla 07:31, 28 March 2008 (MDT)

Please do not...

Please eh khechal na karna, cell main naveyn littey nae NI|MH & NI|CD batteries and those are working properly. Know i will use the camera next week at fatehgarh sahib thehn i will tell you the performance. No Need of sending anything now. I will manage myself. (Lucky 10:27, 28 March 2008 (MDT))

Please check

Gurdwara Gobind Dham discussion page, can you understand the sentences i can not make any sense of what the writer is saying.Allenwalla 20:24, 30 March 2008 (MDT)

worked on only three articles today and yesterday the one on the Rasul with a negative tone

Helkut Sahib - a random search and beautiful page with only a few things i could not comprehend

and another random search before retiring for the night what a pleasant gift:

He went on to explain how at the end of Ardas we all say together, "naanak naam chardee kalaa, tere bhaane sarbat da bhalaa". Yes, we say, ‘SARBAT DA BHALAA’. We ask for the blessing of ‘ALL’. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib did NOT say, "I ask for the good of all EXCEPT for Aurangzeb who cowardly murdered my two young sons." No. When we do Ardas we do not say, "Sarbat Da Bhalaa, but NOT that person who swore at me last week… I don’t want his bhalaa (good)."

taken from The Compassionate Guru--goodnight.Allenwalla 22:01, 30 March 2008 (MDT)

My but you have been busy and productive

Just an aknowledgement! richard


Thanks uncle ji. Most of the pages i created here, were also created by me on en.wikipedia. Thanks again and whenever i have free time or vacations I'll contribute to sikhiwiki. Sunnybondsinghjalwehra 16:36, 2 April 2008 (MDT)

Gurdwara T Nagar

Uploaded Gurdwara T Nagar Photos, please edit i do not have time to do. I visited Gurdwara Bhai Joga Singh and collected new pics and superb history book + mukh sewadar who made the gurdwara pics. I will upload them soon. one more photograph i have scanned of gurdwara dr. diwan singh.

Clicked many photographs of jagriti yatra. Including gurus ashtras and shashtras, will go fategarh sahib soon. actually i have data to upload and when i will reach home day after tomarrow i will update it all. Actually exams chal rahey nae net tae aun da trime nahin lagda(Lucky 01:42, 3 April 2008 (MDT))

Sir ji,


Kindly see Jagriti Yatra at Jammu

--user:sarbjeet_1313me 06:04, 5 April 2008 (MDT)