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Thanks for reply, I am fully agreed with your views that we have no control over the picture.But What is the necessity of this picture here.See how Mr. Allenwalla has got confused and has written something for explaining the picture.

Why to spread confusion?



27 oct 2007


Dear Sir,


Outsiders while browsing SikhiWiki confused to see articles under same names having almost same descriptions. The recent exaple is Anand and Anandu. Kindly add both the articles with a single name either of the two. Thanks for instant replies.


29 Oct 2007


Wakafa ,

Recd. mail of information of change in my talk page by S. Hari Singh ji on 29th by new section 'Duplicate articles' but there is no record of it on SikhiWiki. Thanks


As you said 'will back to You 'I am Waiting, Sir.

1 Nov 2007


SSA, had expressed some concerns, on an article, they were removed and i can now not leave a comment re that page, was i off thereAllenwalla 13:09, 1 November 2007 (MDT)please advise.


Sir, i was just taken aback by an article i read this morning. what was most surprising was someone using the name - -. this would tend to be an issue in the christian community and might end in death threats. you would know of this group, just wanted to bring it to your attention. i had not heard of the mission. sorry, for whatever the problems that came sikhiwiki's way this last weekend, i for one missed the site. looking today at recent changes it looks like i may have added to problems if you must check each edit i do. only spent about 3 hrs. reading. the many entries are to keep from crashing any thing doing small parts only. i usually check for typos only and add a word here and there for clarity. if i see an omission which i think will help i sometimes add a sentence or two. hope i'm not adding to your work load as you seemingly have enough. danyavaad (spelling) allenwalla, the tilde thingamabob has ceased to work for me.

Sat Shri Akaal

  • Hor Hari Bhaa jee kee haal AA.
  • Masan maukaa milyaa ae net tae aun daa.
  • Hoshiarpur ch tuanu pata he hou technology kini ku aa tae speed ithey 3 KBPS ton zayaada nahin hundee.
  • I am doing MCA over here so main gharey haftey jaan mahine baad janda.
  • Hunn main hoshiarpur ch presently baithaa. Ghar dee yaad aundee bohot tae sikhiwiki dee.
  • I always access sikhiwiki through mobile but i cant login in the website.
  • I told about this website to my freinds and they got impressed with articles, Pics and looks.
  • Ik hor panga peyaa. Pakistan ton koi m,ainu miss cAll mari janda. Police mere pichey aa. Mainu hunn bachan wastey FIR karwani payee. Remember Internet tae kadee kisey nu apna phone number na davo. Mera hall wekho :(. Bakian nu wee ehee salah deyaa karo. Kal tak matter resolve ho jaugaa. Sadey chacha jee SDM Shurbir singh, tae sadey SGPC dae pardhan(chief) sahib Avtar Singh Makkar jee we saddae naal hann. Hun Nihang Singh( wala wee ajey koi kuj nahin kar sakda. State bank of india tae Punjab national bank wallon wee poora support milyaa. i want to say thanks to all of them.
  • hor gurmukh life kiven chal rahee hai. Main sorry site tae jayaada tiome nahin kadh sakda but i will stay in touch with u. Dasso kujh site nae kinni ke tarraki kiti. Kini ku chardi kala ch pujjey.

Amitha Aundee aa site tae????? Allenwala and sarabjit are doing good job over here.

  • Kad aana india hunn main Jalandjhar Ludhiane hoshiarpur ilakey ch he ghumdaa rehndaa tuanu milanga when will you arrive tell me my email address i known to you.

WJKK,WJKF, Sat Shri Akaal.................LUCKY(HARPREET SINGH)


Sir, i have expanded the the article and quoted an article in the Gurdwara article in Sri Lanka, in my most recent edit, placing this line in the discussion page— I have quoted a sentence in an article i read on / / Quarterly, Issue No.17, August 2004 by M.S. Ahluwalia. i also added his last footnote concerning Guru Nanak's visit to Sri Lanka. I do not know if this is 'kosher'.Allenwalla 21:31, 3 November 2007 (MDT) thanking you in advance

Sat shri akaal

I returned to my home. Its feeling great but its sad as Grand Mom(DADI JEE) is not here. well live life with joy she said so i am living happily.

Gurdwara Harian Vailan at hoshiarpur i will visit ths month i will upgrade the details of this historical shrine shortly.

Gurdwara Sher Shikar (Machkund) article ch 2 pics insert kitian hann mere kol iage pai see and from motorolla V220 handset i just clicked the image so its blurred but it clearly shows the gurdwara building. Please make changes whatever you want and add it as main article. also now started picking up the articles over here on sikhiwiki and same is doing. The articles which are new for those all mstly the gurdwara articles which added by we three and new to them. Now harian vailan gurdwara i will add of course many gurdwaras over here are unknown to you.

Funnny thing FOR ME on sikhiwiki
One thing i noted Sikhnet da administrator BHUKHAAA mar Reha hai(die of hunger) bheek mangdaa pea hai you can view on articles "PLEASE" Hahahahahahahaha

  • You can help teach the world, about Sikhi through SikhiWiki!, Please donate to SikhNet.

Ke gal server da bojh sambheya nahin jaa reha Mr. Gurmastuk Singh ton hahahahahaha. Only Americans and U.K ians will donate not indians.



R/Sir, WAKAFA, M fine here,hope the same from you. In articles Baba Deep Singh and Wazir Khan there is a small confusion as who actually killed Wazir khan,Baba Deep Singh or Banda Bahadur. This discrepancy has been noticed by Mr. Allenwalla and i m forwarding to you for the correction in articles. Thanks. Yours



8 Nov. 2007

information for you

Who says that Baba deep singh killed Wazir khan. Well if there anything like this written in any of article you are supposed to delete it. Wazir Khan was killed by Banda Singh Bahadur when Banda singh bahadur attacked on sirhind aftermath of killing of Young Sahibzadas of guru gobind singh jee. Banda singh want to destroy Wazir khan and when banda singh attacked sirhind Banda singh was killed over there(its not sure banda singh or any other singh from that fightout killed wazir khan) but the credit goes to Banda Singh Bahadur. and its said Wazir khan was killed with an arrow and when arrow was moving towards wazir khan wazir khan last words was " Oh my god Guru's teer(arrow), from where it comes". Its said that that arrow was shooted by Banda Singh.

Conclusion Wazir khan was killed when Baba Banda SIngh attacked sirhind i dunno know date or year read from banda singh's article.

Baba Deep singh is not et all related with attcking on sirhind he is related with saving the pride of sikhism harimandir sahib when ahmed shah abdali durani attacked amritsar.

I think your problem is solved know that killing of wazir khan is not et all related to baba dep singh. thanks..........Lucky

Removed the incorrect credit after user:hpt_lucky|Lucky contacted me/ www. net credits a gun shot and spear stab to two other Sikhs. Left pix credit on Banda Bahadur alone.allenwalla

Page Edit Problem

Man Yog Hari Singh Je WaKaFa !!

SikhiWiki appeared to have been going through some sys trouble. Wondering whether this feed back will be of any help. I for sure need Help!

  • clicking the page 'edit tab' of some pages expects me to save (& not) edit the page.
  • hol p'g c"n not b reached in edit mode.

p^# (Panth) k' p!# (Path) k' rah? (rahee/traveller) k! m,3ia!/1

Gur f3'h

Man Yog Hari Singh Je WaKaFa !!

The mad rush of events & hassles associated with truthfullness jolted me out of not only SikhiWiki but my own self as well. I had been missing you all. Bani willing, I shall henceforth be an active user once more.

avr kaam t'r' kit' na kaam.......

Beg Pardon from 'The Order of Khalsa'.

Sir pl permit me to seek help with this edit.

Why Should Amita follow her father in being absent from sikhi classes, is a Question. I will see if She can put in some work consistently. Other Mutias seem to be having teething troubles.

Sir Hukm it was , had been till now, is here now at this moment & will ever the hukum prevail. Gur Fat'h

Khalsa Nank Ghar Ka Gola

User:Mutia/1--ONE 07:58, 26 January 2008 (MST)

Possible Conflict on a page

Was just reading this page and noticed this…--1. prohibition ofnon-veg food/then 2nd says only non-vegetarian food should be served/ i.e. no vegetables only meat? i thought to remove the word non, but seeing the issue bandied about on the net, i would rather leave that to you or some one better informed than i, thanksAllenwalla 20:58, 9 November 2007 (MST)hope you had a happy Bandi Chhor Divas

from the article: wedding celebrations featuring non-veg food and alcohol on the grounds that this encourages the "dowry system" mentality and may be the seed for the very serious problem of female foeticide in the community. The management is recommending that only non-vegetarian food should be served without liquor of any kind in keeping with the message of the founder of the faith, Guru Nanak Dev.

took care of the correction / New code Sikh weddings --june '07

Hello Sir

Sat shri akaal, Sir jee kimey ho kaim ho.

Main gurdwara Dhan Dhan shri Guru Har rai sahib naal sumbodhit, Gurdwara Harian Velan dae aj prathak darshan karkey aaya haan. Mann nu jo utshah milyaa oh shabdan ch byaan karna okha hai. Gurdwara Green feilds i mean harey khetan ch shushobit hai. Is gurdwara ch bohot sarey itehasik pakh hann.

Harian Belan (The green climbers Vine) Khazoor tree (Old Date Tree) Gurdwara Singh Shaeedan Thara Baba Ajit Singh jee Sarovar Baba Har Rai jee

This place is related with Guru Har Rai and Baba Ajit Singh son of Gobind Singh guru. Taruna dal is controlling this gurdwara. This is the lovely place when youi come here in december do visit the gurdwara and eat delicious langaer and see whole historical places in gurdwara. Jarnail Singh my freind provided all the information and give me whole pics of gurdwara. I will submitt whole things soon.

I am going to coimbtore in Tamil nadu in december and i will find if any historcal gurdwara is over there if there so i will definately take whole the information.

Hor sunaoo kimey chal reha hai sikhi wiki. masan he time milda net tae aun da huney main freind ton chakeaa see wireless set so i am notw able to connect with sikhiwiki. Well jarnail singh is preparing an article for Gurdwara harian velan.

OK Rabb Rakha Sat shri akaal Waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ke fateh........Lucky

Thanks for the definition

The word Nazar as related to Darshan or vision/seeing is very interesting, i'm always looking for words that traveled out of the Punjab, J & K area into other languages. when i grew up there was/still is a Christian sect or church called the Nazarines (probably has a Hebrew meaning i must find but fits well a sect who had a vision or darshan of Jesus. thanks againAllenwalla 08:44, 21 November 2007 (MST)


Sat Shri Akaal, i have uploaded some pics of my recent visits at Gurdwara Harian Vailan, watch those pics and get the blessings of guru. Image by JRL's JRL is my freind jarnail singh who have all info about the gurdwara and pics he gave to me shooted by him on his camera.

I have seen on sikhnet that sikhnet can provide camera to users like me who can contribute. ask mr. gurmustak singh what's whole scheme and do tell me ok

sat shri akaal reply kar deyo is waar Lucky


He have made some of his user pages which i will send you something like etc i mean there is some webpage of Jarnail singh. So he is copyrighting all his work to himself.

When i asked him why to put JRL, he replied that other website start copying images, i will send you his email id you can talk with him personaly. He is doin the same work as sarabloh is doing and sikhnet also putting sikhnet on the images similarly etc etc etc.

I said him to put on it he replied that he can write ""image by JRL's for sikhiwiki"" it looks amazing. so i preffered to write image by JRL's is ok.

Chalo sir jee chaddo shukar hai photos taan miliyaan mainu. Main try kardaa haan image by jrl cut dinda haan and then upload again. JRL bhai saab shor naa paun.

JRL's ID = [email protected] after copying id delete the id ok sir. He is a great personality must talk.


Parkash Utsav

WAKAFA Sir ji,

Guru Nanak Dev ji de Parkash Utsav dia Lakh Lakh Badaia ji.



first of all Guru Nanak Dev ji de Parkash Utsav dia Lakh Lakh Badaia ji.

Secondly i am thankful to jarnail singh that he submitted me the photos free of cost to publish in any website. thats all if u dunno like his work its upto you. My work is to put info on sikhiwiki wether copyrigte or not. Iput all my efforts to make this websie so huge. when i joined there was very very few articles. but know you can see your project. and in future many more articles will be added on this website by u others n mee too. if you dunno like that pic then remove or edit them but dont say anything against please. cut jrl(jarnail) from the images, that looks cool.

thirdly - jarnail also said that he do not want anybuddy to put his trademark on images so thatwhy he put the trademark. but with his trademark gurdwara dunno looks bad nor he wrote anything on gurdwara not he misuse the pics nor he done nything wrong.

the above all is not only my wordings

Sikhnet needs money what happen??Servers maintainence tae crores of $ kharach hunde nae kya. u know jinna ku maintainence tae paisa lagda unna gurmustak sir den de capacity rakhda ae. nothing to comment on. mainu pata e websites de backend tae loki jedey hundey hann oh curropt hundey hann. you all are frontend sidhey bandey hundey ho. gurmustak meri ik mail da reply ahin kardaa. ik weee. even sat shri akaal da jawaab nahin aunda. leave that

sorry if nything hurts u

Happy gurpurab Lucky

Sardar Ishmeet Singh in "Voice of India" Finals and latest news update is sardar ishmeet singh is voice of india congrats

meri manno taan mutia jee dae sarey articles delete karo. na articles da sir na pair. na standards na formatting. you are amazing eho jehey articles rakhey hoyae hann

thanks for the link

though i have not been able to load a font on my mac to see Gurmuki typeface yet/ on the link you refered me to as i accidently moved the cursor over the smaller row of question marks - definitions of some of the words pop up and others tell me the root word - very helpful. Like Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian and urdu/arabic which without vowels leave much to the interpretation of the reader it seems as if readers have added much so the english reader can understand. i am trying to read Gurmukhi as you might. thanks for your help-i never thought to look for a french/english word in an article on a Muslim who served a Sikh Maharaja.Allenwalla 14:04, 30 November 2007 (MST)

A question on adding photos

SSA, Sir, today i saw and excellent short article on Alexander Gardiner an officer in Maharaja's Ranjit Shingh's Khalsa Army on the Sikh news page. The article on has a brief story and two very clear pictures. These are the best photos i have seen taken from that era.

G. Grey in the article on his travels in Punjab says he was a fake who made up his stories. i have read a long book in which his exploits were very detailed. with some referances which make me believe the man did serve in the Khalsa. in one story he recounts his first day meeting Ranjit Singh when a Sikh risaldari challenged him, in a test of bravery, by riding his horse straight at him. As i have read of a Pathani who returned to Wasirastan, going to the town where all the guns are made, who had his manhood tested, as he had been warned would happen, when a snake charmer threw one of his snakes at him to see 'if he showed fear; i can believe that the Khalsa risaldari would do a similar test on a farengi to test his mettal. He also reports troops of Ghulab Singh being detached with a charge of gunpowder to the gateway that Nau Nihal Singh walked under during its sudden collaspe on his return from his father's cremation. Thirdly he mentions defending the Royal family at Lahore during the attack by Gulab Singh Dogra's brother and Sher Singh. In ref. to this attack he mentions Sher Singh putting out an as he says "old Punjabi battle cry or slogan to the effect of bring yourself and five cousins to share the glory and booty to be gained by taking Lahore — roughly akin to the cry for help of the jihadists who use the Qu'ran to get help in laying spoil to their enemies. I asked Sarbjeet if he had ever heard such a phrase, but he knows of no such phrase.

All of this plus the new story makes me belive in the man's tales as the truth. Today i added a page on him, i would like to add the photos on the Sikhiwiki story for all to see.

My request is in 3 parts -

1. i do not know how to download a photo, only recently learned to link a photo in art. on SGGS
2. can we use the photos in the story
3. the photo of Gardner surrounded by Khalsa soldiers is very clear and Strangely has large Helvetica bold initials in caps( R S S ) printed over the photo in very Bold textlight gray letters?

Please check the story, and let me know if you can help, as i would like to add extra infoAllenwalla 12:16, 5 December 2007 (MST)thanks

Thanks for photo info/ seeing photo info

Sir the pictures on Gardner are viewable by going to the article on Alexander Gardner on Sikhiwiki that i started this morning. or by looking on recent changes the credit for SikhSangat is at bottom as i quoted a paragraph giving them credit. at the bottom is the link to their article just click on the [1] you will see the photo with the subtle RSS in the background in the pants, wall, faces, etc. I have been removing the Rss in photoshop this evening. If you ever need any help with improving a photo i would be glad to help. i would need only a relatively sharp (high res scan). i have thought to improve some Gurdwara pix before that were very grainy . they can be straightened to the horizon or have distortion corrected, etc. they were however to low res to see any details. thanks Allenwalla 21:10, 5 December 2007 (MST). i believe you have acess to my e-mail if i can help.

Thank you for the help

As you can see i managed to add a photo. as you said was not all that difficultAllenwalla 20:47, 7 December 2007 (MST)

How does one find the webmaster

Hari Singh ji, i now wonder how i find a web master to ask permission to use a photo? Tonite i selected random, as i often do, and came across an article on Sukhi Turner. the article is rather small and would definitely be improved by a photo. found many on Google under pictures. one of her husband is creditited to so how do i find the webmaster?

i saw that you had also edited the article on Kutha? or Halaal meat. Since childhood i have had a problem with eating meat though i have never become a strict vegitarian.

I know that in the Langars meat is not served even though i have a book which refers to Guru Angad telling the to be Guru - Amar Das that eating meat was akin to eating vegetables and fruit.

I have when Sikhiwiki was down, wandered to a near topic on Google where some guy kept up an attack on you for pages and where someone has the courtesy to dress him down for his attacks. i saw some news on the Gurdwara in Leeds putting an end to alcohol and meat eating in that Gurdwara's properties.

i did some reformatting on an article where someone was psychoanalyzing some Toronto puesdo Sikh scholars, a rarely read article. the author had started with a quote by Walden. i read a few other walden quotes and added some i thought very applicable to Sikhi values as i understand them.

i always, in ignorance, assumed the objection in Sikhi to Halaal meat was the same as mine, which is that the method seems cruel - slowly bleeding the frightened animal to death, which from a scientific viewpoint fills the meat with toxins pumped into the muscles by the frightened animal.

the head alKaeda guy in Iraq the one who was bombed, had been for years a Muslim butcher and had no problem cutting his human prisoner's head off on video. well, enough on that i just wanted to share one of the quotes i added the other day by Walden:

"Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it."

thanks again for your helpAllenwalla 20:48, 8 December 2007 (MST)

Ammended article marked not ammend

SSA, thanks for the answer on armour had wondered what the chakkars were for, thought they might have been used as a weapon like the japanese shuriken or the mythological weapon discus of Vishnu, can't remember the name (sundar something)

Please look at the article i last ammended to see if my additions helped, and revert if needed. i scrolled down late did not read whole message at first saw only the notice of copyright solved.

Saw the RSS article yesterday it has a few typos but did not ammend as it was posted with similar note.

someone i do not know of , gmustuk sent me a note today saying someone from my ip had requested a new password, i have not and was only one on my computer today. i am now worried of sabotage as i logged onto a site today Sethi family to get a few notes to send to Sarbjeet (quotes). they warned they could mess with your system if you did not sign in, i thought this a joke but as the person seems to have been in programming the request worries me.

the message from gmustuk, also changes— twice now including and answer to my last question on Sikiwiki which comes and goes?thanks again Allenwalla 21:01, 13 December 2007 (MST) halfway through the article on Sikhs in WWI, interesting to read of them being prefered instead of the 'chinks' (article word for chinese) who the europeans apparently thought of as MAD according to the writer.

hello sir

Sat shri akal how are you sir ajj jaa kae paper mukkae 2 mahinae da busy bada main. site tae visitig taan ghat e gai ae lagbhag.

well pray before god enjoy life sat shri akall.....lucky

Tae eh baaz dee photo kyon laatee please ess nu hataya jaavey

Kindly Block


waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Kindly Block user:Zdzdzd for inserting porn material. I have already removed the material.Thanks

user:sarbjeet_1313me 01 jan 2008

Sat Shri Akaal

Thats Cool I am Coming to Chandigarh tomarrow(not at home), rite know i out of station & will call you then. When you will leave Mohali i mean upto what time?????????Reply soon??????? user:hpt_lucky

O sir jee Ambala baitha haan main kal wapis auna hai fir tuanu call karangaa. Punjab wich kad tak ho tusee. I am very very sorry mulaqat nahin ho payegee. main 7th 8th nu Hoshiarpur jaana jae tad mulqat hundi taan booht wadiyaa. Ambala ch tournament related zaroori kamm see. Ithey freinds kol rukyaa cant call you from here. pls do reply......user:hpt_lucky

Front page

locked and welcome banner misplaced up

font color=#FF6600>Welcome to SikhiWiki, is located several lines down obscuring items. Allenwalla 11:27, 3 January 2008 (MST)

Sri Granth

line by line Panjabi and english simulataneous translation with downloadble programme Located ultimately

Maanyog Hari Singh Ji, WJKK!WJKF! in new year 2008. Do you remember once i asked you question to tell me site about downloading programme on line by line punjabi translation of Sri guru granth Sahib.I have been most delighted to locate this programme recently when i visited Gurdwara in sector 34, Chandigarh; which is downloadable from following link:

Well thanks for keeping it up at sikhiwiki.Waheguru tuhanoo chardi kala bakshe!--Guglani 02:31, 8 January 2008 (MST)

Sat Shri Akaal

I Came at Hoshiarpur yesterday. it feel so sad and bad that i was not able too meet you. I feel myself too unlucky, too, too. Well its all god's wish. when you was atr my place i was outside and when i was at my place yopu was outside and when tried to come to9 that place frieds told me to not to come as there is nobuddy no teacher student at hoshiarpur and my that freind which join recently with user:jarnail_singh was also not at that place as he know about places and buses well then me.

Huh well not to give more excuses. Main thing is that I was not in the situation to meet you. When will you come to india again next time. Do reply Please. Next time i will meet you with user:thegreateditor and user:jarnail singh and user:hpt_lucky, user:paapi was also out that days so he also havent meet you. He also said me yesterday that he want to meet you. but i told him that you fly away to U.K. Sorry for poor english and No Mehman Nawazi and all



So Nice

Sir ji,

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Its my pleasure that you have assured for visiting my home during next visit. This time also i wanted the same so i waited a long for ur phone call as you promised to call me when you will be free. I was even ready to come to a place you specify 4 our meeting but i think everything is in the hands of almighty Waheguru this time. Hope in near future i"ll have a Darshan of you soon. 'Jo deesay gursikhra tis niv niv lagey pav jio' Thanks 4 keeping myself in ur mind. Please extend my kind regards to all respected family members. Guru Fateh. user:sarbjeet_1313me 19 Jan 2008 07:40pm

Mata Sahib Kaur...

....not wife of Guru / Mata Jito ji (aka) Mata Sundari ji was patni Of Guru

SSA, Hari Singh ji, how was your trip to India. Did you get any good photos see family, do business, just me being inquisitive.

Re. Article on Mata Jito ji

This article says Mata Jito ji is also known as Mata Sahib Kaur

Mata Sahib Kaur ji is recognized as the spiritual mother of the Khalsa. People not conversant with the Amrit ceremony mistakenly assume that Mata Sahib Kaur ji was the wife of Guru Gobind Singh ji. As Guru Gobind Singh ji is the spiritual but not the biological father of the Khalsa, Mata Sahib Devan ji is the spiritual mother of the Khalsa. ...

Mata Sahib Kaur, who was called 'Sahib Devan' before recieving Amrit, was the Spiritual Mother of the Khalsa, however some historians have mistakenly confused Mata Sahib Kaur as having been married to Guru Gobind Singh.

This article is currently continuing the confusion.Allenwalla 20:19, 21 January 2008 (MST)

Above from articles linked in this article Mata Jito ji and Mata Sahib Kaur Allenwalla 20:19, 21 January 2008 (MST)Allenwalla 20:31, 21 January 2008 (MST) RegardsAllenwalla 20:31, 21 January 2008 (MST)

Active Contributor

WAKAFA, Kindly allot active conributor template to Mr Allenwalla.Thanksuser:sarbjeet_1313me

29 jan 2008

Regards front page article

SSA, Sir,

Every year on January 26, the global Sikh community celebrate(s) the birthday of this courageous soldier of God. He is one of the most honoured martyrs in Sikh history and the founder of the Shahid Misl as well as of the Damdami Taksal. He was a tall, strong, and uncommonly brave Sikh who was a bold and fearless saint-soldier, ever ready to risk his life for the Panth.

some suggestions above in bold type. i have come to realize articles are (a, the) little used in stories, even in the press, in India. I suspose they probably don't exist in Hindi, urdu and Panjabi. Pain has a habit of waking me a few hours after going to sleep so i occasionally look and see world news and see what has happened on sikhiwiki as the other half of the world awakens. was surprised to see you had changed the robust portrait of Baba Deep Singh and added a cropped portion of the 'line in the sand painting' where you flipped the painting and have the Sardar holding his sword in his left hand. Surprised i was to find the source of the ruler across my hand, as a grammar school child, a reason my teachers were and still are un aware of. Though my brother, a fireman, recently surprised me telling me that Atlanta firemen had been taught not to reach for an Asian's right hand to shake and to be careful in using their left hand to touch Asians. well, back for another attempt at some sleep. Rabb Rakha and SSA Allenwalla 04:03, 22 January 2008 (MST)

I was very surprised when Shah Rukk Khan in Devdas going up the stairs on returning from London told his relatives "no they only use paper and no water". The joke drew a loud laugh. i was, of course in the Atlanta area Desi theater. I rather like the first film where (Dilip Kumar's Devdas) is more true to the book and only makes it to Kokatta, if i remember my Chatterji well enough.Allenwalla 04:03, 22 January 2008 (MST)

Had sent Suggestions to you

SSA, Sir i had sent the suggestions to you as i had tried to fix the front page the day it went wrong, while you were in India, and i had discovered i had no way to do that, my changing the article has no effect on the front or main page. wih respect Allenwalla 20:19, 22 January 2008 (MST)


Thanks for the answer, i had thought it might have to do with the humbleness of the Guru rubbing the elder's legs.Allenwalla 23:31, 23 January 2008 (MST)

Your Search for Gurdwara in Kenya

SSA, Sir, Often i have done searches on Gurdwaras only to find the exact same article on four or more different sites, my apology for not thinking to do that this time. It was probably late or i was in a hurry and I thought someone had done a good job getting several good pictures which is rare as there is usually the same picture at each site. I thought that someone who posted the pix might have the info. Sorry to have troubled you. Thanks for the answer on Pipli, as many names of Gurdwaras have a name associated with the story, as yesterday or today i came across one named after a Guru's horse's Hoof. So i thought maybe there was a story to tell in the name.

regards, Raab Rakaah Allenwalla 23:20, 24 January 2008 (MST)

Feed Back: Page Arpana Caur

Ca't Reach Edit Mode

Sir I am not able to open the discussion page to log comments thereon. On clicking the 'Discussion' Tab, the system throws forward the question 'do yow want to save this Page?'

Kindly guide & Help!

Gur Fat'h --Mutia1 09:33, 26 January 2008 (MST)

The Problem presists.

Maan Yog Hari Singh jii, WaKaFa!

Thanks for the help & lighting response. Sequence leading to the obstacle :-

  • Reached article 'Arpana Caur' through 'Search' mode avilable on all pages
  • Reached the 'Talk: Arpana Caur' page in 'read only' mode .
  • On clicking the 'Edit' tab comes the error Message "do you want to Save this page?"
  • A Tool bar (this tool bar appears to be part of the Operating System) at the bottom of the 'Desk Top' window says "discussions not available on 'htpp://www.sikhiwiki/"

Hope this will throw some light on the culprit in the sys.

Gur F3'h...--Mutia1 09:33, 26 January 2008 (MST)

PS: Sir pressing the signature button on top of the edit space writes the Signature Block of the User in plain text. Is it possible for the button to yield the Sig Block as a link to the user page like the above block which i have done mannually? That will be Chdadii kla for Sikhi. "...Why does it say 'read only' mode - Do you know? Does it say this on any other discussion page...."

Sir the literals ('read only') are not part of the message that was my own expression saying that I am able to Read the article 'Arpana Caur'

"...Also, I note that your are able to post on the Ragmala talk page - Doesn't this page give the 'read only' warning?...."

Sir, it does if I press the edit tab on top of the page, thus requesting the systen to show me the WHOLE page in edit mode. this status of the problem is universally true accross SikhiWiki.

On all pages which carry individual sections, I am able to open ( in edit mode ) individual sections one at a time. That is why before I loose the Thoughts I posted the text on Ragmala with the plan of moving it to the right place once things get smoothened up.

Since page 'Talk:Arpana Caur' has no section whatsoever for writing fist character of the first section of the page, I have to press the page tab thus requesting the system to give me whole page in edit mode, which as I said above system does not provide. System want me to save the file named index.bmp on my hard Disk

"Could you please post a image of the screen ...".

Sir, Here it is--ONE 18:45, 28 January 2008 (MST) --ONE 18:55, 28 January 2008 (MST)

Extent of Problem

Sir, Text on all pages before the Table of Contents can not be reached. System is adament on instructing me to save the page through the error message in the above graphic

As on now I am heldup for page User:Mutia/Sikh. I want to reach the text above the contents table in edit mode. I shall keep you informed whit whatever gets known on the subject with the only aim of seeing Sikhi in cd2ii kla --ONE 23:01, 28 January 2008 (MST) gur f3'h warm regards !!!

PS: Am i the odd person out of of the entite Order of Khalsa. Interesting it is.

Logged on from Diffrent Computer

Sir WaKaFa! " need to log on, with your account from a different computer...."

i m puting the screen of my Friend's PC below. Hope it will refine the search for the culprit in the sys.--ONE 08:27, 30 January 2008 (MST) Arpana from Frnd's PC.JPG

Issued Command from Add Bar

Sir WaKaFa! here it is gur f3'h Arpana from Add Bar.JPG--ONE 17:26, 30 January 2008 (MST)

Logged as test1234

Sir WaKaFa! & vDaeii.a gur f3'h--Test1234 19:07, 30 January 2008 (MST)