Gurdwara Harian Vailan

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Gurdwara Haria Velan (Patshahi 9) 9th Guru

Gurdwara Harian Belan (also pronounced as Hariyan Vailan, Haria Velan) is a magnificent shrine associated with visits from both Guru Har Rai and Sahibzada Ajit Singh.


The words "Harian Vailan" can be translated as:

  • Harian = Green
  • Vailan = Vines (like the ivy plant; plural)

So together the word "Harian Vailan" means "green vines".


Harian Beilan is the Headquarters of Tarna Dal. Tarna Dal, the army of the youth, was one of the two main divisions of Dal Khalsa, the confederated army of the Sikhs during the eighteenth century, the other one being the Buddha Dal (army of the elders).It is situated in bajraur, 10 Km from Hoshiarpur near Chabbewal. Nihang cantonment of Harian Belan is surrounded by many Saini villages. Traditionally, Nihangs have drawn good number of recruits from Saini community of the region.The village Nangal Shahidan in Hoshiarpur district was historically always entirely owned by Saini Chaudhries of Mangar "got", with a handful other castes in the village. Many Saini warriors were martyred from this village as part of the Khalsa army , earning the title of "Shahidan" or "Martyrs" for the village .


Guru Har Rai

Gurdwara Sahib Harian Vailan is that sacred place, where Guru Har Rai, the seventh Sikh Guru started from Kiratpur and reached here with his wife and 2200 Horseman army on 1651E samat 1708 vikrami. Guru Sahib stayed here for three days. After watching the deep devotion and love of Baba Prajapati, Guru ji stayed here at his house. The present Gurdwara is that sacred place where the Guru stayed.

During the Guru Sahib's visit many devotees gathered at this place, as the Guru, enlightened and gave spiritual advise to the sangat and (or) delighted crowds. The Guru presented the sweet word from Gurbani and explained to the congregation the benefits of threading the righteous path established by Guru Nanak.

Baba Ajit Singh


At this sacred place Sahibzada Ajit Singh, the oldest son (or sahibzada) of Guru Gobind Singh, arrived with 100 Singhs via Mahilpur, Shahidan Ladhewal and Chukhandi Sahib, Bajror in 1703 (1760 Bikrami). Sahibzada Ajit Singh came for a stay at this Gurdwara after securing the release of a Brahmin Paras Ram’s wife from the hands of Zabar Khan. Many Singhs got martyred after fighting with Zabar khan, whose cremation ceremony (antim sanskar) was done at Shahidan Gurdwara. This marble clad thara (platform) is situated on the right side of the entrance of the Gurdwara's main building, the Darbar Sahib. It has a blue coloured Nishan Sahib. Then they took Zabar Khan to Anandpur Sahib before Bharat Shah got order to dig a hole, put Zabar Khan in it and fire arrows. They did the same.

Historical Places

Darbar Sahib
The present Gurdwara is that sacred place where the Guru stayed. Darbar Sahib is there and Guru Granth Sahib is there to enlighten the congregation. The whole area is surrounded by mangoes tree

Green Climbers
Straight towards the entrance to Darbar Sahib, the green climber is firstly visible. There is one date tree inside it and the climbers are standing with the help of iron rods. It is said that the leave remain green if you do not touch it.

Moti Sarover


On the east side of Gurdwara, a Moti Sarovar is situated. That Sarovar is not used for ishnaan (bathing) purposes. It is inside shrubs and herbs (jhariyaan). The soma is there just as a remembrance. Another Sarovar made with it where people bath mostly congregation on Vaisakhi.

Khazoor Da Drakhat
Situated with Nishaan sahib where gurus horses were bind.

Thara Sahibzada Ajit Singh
Gurdwara Shahidan (Harian Vailan)

The Seva of the Gurdwara is under Sant Baba Nihal Singh. This shrine is also the center of Sikh & Gurmat Parchar.