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Aim of Life ??.... is to become Sachiaara in Thy Abode & Khalsa Court.......... How??

  • "Of all the eight million and four hundred thousand species, 'TRUTH' conferred superiority on man" (pg 1075 )
  • "All other species are man's water- bearers;you have hegemony over this earth" (pg 0374).
  • "now that you have got a human body,this is your turn to blend with 'TRUTH god' " (pg 0378).
  • "Listen, listen to my advice, O my mind! only good deed shall endure, and there may not be another chance"(pg 0154).

kr3a purK hriself: Jbabdyhee,....Mohkamiat,....Himmat,....Dharam,....Daya is thy TRUE NAME

True Sikhi.JPG

Naam Jaan.... Naam daan.... Naam Ishnaan is Thy TRUE NAME
In Gate of kr3a purK