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Tilang Kafi is the 30th raag and is a variant of the Tilang Raag in Guru Granth Sahib Jee. This raag first appears on page no. 726

Raag Tilang Kafi (ਤਿਲੰਗ ਕਾਫੀ) – As with Tilang, this Raag contains the feeling that your effort has been unappreciated, when trying to impress someone. However, in contrast to Raag Tilang, the individual is unperturbed by this feeling. This differentiating aspect arises from the deep love for the person concerned, which prevents the individual from becoming annoyed at the apparent lack of approval.

Section Punjabi English
Aroh: ਸ ਗ ਮ ਪ ਨ੝ ਪ ਮ ਪ ਨ ਸ Sa Ga Ma Pa Ni Pa Ma Pa Ni Sa
Avroh: ਸ ਨ੝ ਧ ਪ ਮ ਪ ਗ੝ ਰ ਸ Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Pa Ga Re Sa
Vadi: Ga
Samvadi: Ni

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