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  • Akhan jor Chupy nahin jor.....
  • Jis Hath jor Kar Vakhy soy. Naank uttam neech na koy

Three Pillars are

NOT Nam Jpo........ Kirat Karni.......... Wand kay Shako. These are the Beams of Sikhi.

Root(Foundation) of Sikhi is Truth & resolve to become True to Truthfullness by declaring before Lord TRUTH (read Humanity) that

Path & Panth of Sikhi is Socio Political Public Commitment & faith nothing but Path of Panth

Beams of Sikhi.integrated by 10th Nank(? pl Help!! any Sikh)

  • Jpo followed by Jpaaoo (to at least your five near & dear ones)
  • Kir3 Kroo
  • Wand $koo

Supported on Three pillers

  • Naam Jaan Know Facts (Reality
  • Naam Daan Gift/share/ receive nothing but Facts(Name i.e Truths)
  • Naam Ishnaan Restructure(Transform) yourself not with better flesh & blood but with Facts & become True to your Name(Khalsa i.e. Flawless Human being)

True Name of a Sikh belonging to the order of khalsa is Khalsa xyz Singh

  • First Name Khalsa(Sachiaara) has been gift from first Nank.
  • Middle Name is gifted by Sikh society.
  • Last Name Singh gifted by 10th Nank.

Sikhi starts with Committment(First Step) & Leads to Accountabilty(Last Step)

Says Satgurbani Commit that

  • I was/should have been Truthful(Sikh.) in the gone by time
  • I am truthfull here & now & seek the blessings of Bani as a Sikh. comitted to endless daily attempt to climb 38 steps of [[Sikhi.] to finally fade away & blend into Truth
  • I will ever remain truthfull till I become attributeless Truth.


sjjn syEee naal myy cla ta naal cln, jithy lyKa mngiYyy naal Kwy disn

wise are those & them i stand by, Whenever accounts are called in me they stand by

chuppyy chup na hovEee boly so nihallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

--Updated User:One 28 Nov 08


  • Nank handed over the batton of Sikhi. to 2nd nanak & so on. the batton in now with Sikhs(read Nanaks). Let us reach Nanaks. SHe will not be found through association with high & mighty but with the low , suppressed & exploited.

Naam Japo'''Nank hukm" j' buJ" 3a haum" kh' na koe' do not care for Air to breath, breath in (NAAM ).....pvn guru ....instead......Do not care to look for water....paxii pi3a... to stay alive. Drink SatGurBani instead. Walk the Jap(u) way. Walk the Sikh way

...Amrit vela Sach Nau Vadiai veechaar (just the 4th step. it is suicidal ahead). jo 3au pr'm K'ln ka cau sir Dr 3lii glii myrii aaoo........p"lha mrx kbuul.... (kro Then only join me on this path).....ji3 mrn' 3' jgg dr" m'r' mn aan.d..

  • Whether this 'Have Not' section of Sikh Society seeks donations or not, We Sikhs need to find out what They need ??

Naam daan kro Offer your head to SatGurBani to begin with before making an attempt to discuss as to what society thinks are Sikh Issues & what Society Thinks SatGurBanii implies or means.

Let us Sikhs tell HUMANITY that

kbeera Blii mDukrii nana biD ko naaj 2ava kahuu ko nhii bda 2'$ bd raj....

baba oh na m.giy" fir m.ngx jaeiy"... ...naam daan m.gda...... (Web Sites Want Donations (sic).)

  • Analysing Translations of Pavan Bani Language is neither naam nor daan nor ishnaan. Let us declare to ourselves first followed by our committment, unconditional resolve, Challange followed by kirt kro i.e. work on ground.

Naam naal Ishnaan kro..water is not required. (Introspection guided by nothing but SatGurBani) Teach no one but your ownself to begin with

...Mithat nivin Nanaka... ...Amrit vela sach Nau vadiai veechar.... ...Mery baaba mai baura.... ...sakat sang na keejiy... ...


'Jeevan ke Chhad aas philan Maran kabool....

...Sir dhar tali Gali meri Aoo....

...Jy Bujhy ta haumy kahy na koy....

...Jinda Murda hoy...

...Jin Man hor Mukh hor sy Kandy Kacciyan.

...Bhau Dua Kutha...

...cup" nhii jor


...Jo Mangy Thakur Apny ty soi soi devyy...

...lK Ku$ia.a pa3$ahia.a j' stgur n2r kr'

SatGurBani is the Langage of TRUTHful beings. Those who believe in nothing but their ownself & are madly in search of TRUTHful beings( Nanaks ), (Nanak) alone can understand God's(his Own writings) language ie SatGurBani.Only The dare devils can be...








The above profile can be realised only if j' Satgr n2r kr'.

Satgur will grant n2r only if we walk down to Hir & stay true to Naam, daan, iSnaan

Others will not, neither will they ever . There is a condition which sets apart Manmukhs away from TRUE Sikhs the condion is.....

j' s3gur n2r kr'.... ikkna hukmii bK$ii$ ik hukmii s2a Bvaeih" ikk jg.d' na lhin ikkna su33i.a d'ei jivaal

Those are not three conditions, it is ONE in gurbani language. Gurbani can not be Translated & tought through a course. It is written on every one's heart. One has to read it from there not from notebooks or silicon chips dumped on net.

(we sikhs (are we ?)are not seeking & yerning for IDOLs of TRUTH god but are worried about as to whether we can prove that or not, as to whether Hari Singh Nalwa's ghoast ever worshipped 1 through maala 1 who seeks/requires no worship

...Avar kaaj tyry kity na kaam mil saadh Sangat Bhaj Kewal Naam (Hunt for TRUTHful beings here & now. Seek volunteers. All nanaks did & they found}

...Bin bolian sab kushh janda kis agy keechy ardaas jeeo...

Us Sikhs ( if we dare call ourself so ) can never become TRUTHfully ONE with 1 through history. All Nanaks (Writers) in SatGurBani never cared to write history but sacrificed every thing just if

....Mitti Musalmaan ki.....'

was expressed as

'....Mitti Beimaan ki...'

Let us learn SatGurMat with SatGurMat & pray to no one, Not even 1

Bin Boliyan Sab Kussh janda kis agy keechy ardaas jio......

Let us Understand SatGurBani not on the bassis of Traditions, history , IT, Scholarism , Social hipocracy & glitter typical of non GurBani cultures, but based on Mat gifted by Khalsa to us.

...Gavy ko daat jany nishan... ...Akli sahib saviy Akli deejy Daan....

Let us Commit to nothing but the culture of SatGurBani. Let us understand GurBani not as a project but as our mother tounge: habitually & intutively. Let all writings on SikhiWiki, as SatGurMat Plicy be blended mix of maximum languages. More GurBani more Truthfull be the author perceived by SikhSociety. Let us intutively understand SatGurBani through 'Gur Shabad Veechar' (not Disputes) 'aap Japy Avry naam japavy' 'suniy' 'Gaviy' 'manniy' 'Man rakhiy Bhau' 'Sakat Sang na Keejiy' 'Vaad vivaad kahoo ko nahin' 'Maas maas kar moorakh jhagdy' (no non issues, Maala is one) 'sarra din laalach attia man mukha hory gala...' 'mantri hohy athuian naggi lagga jay' Dare Devils of Naank (Counless of them in gone by time ) type believe in worshipping, discussing, crafting, expressing opening their heart to Truthful beings & Listen to idiots who yap like this Mutia

Shut up you mutia SatGurBani's Commandment is

Bahuta nahin bolna....


Jy Bolan ta Akhiy bad bad kary bahut Chup raha ta akhiy is Ghat nahin Mat

Guru Roop Sadh Sangat may this barking dog be pardoned....

Hau apradhi guneh gar Hau bemukh Manda Simer Murida Dhadiya Satgur Bakshanda...

WaKaFa !!!! Mutia

PS: Nanak vigsy be parwah .....