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Rara Sahib is a village near Ludhiana city in Punjab, India. This village was transformed from simple "Rara" to "Rara Sahib" due to the visit by the sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Ji.

Rara Sahib is located 22km south-east of Ludhiana, 14km north-east of Ahmedgarh and 22km north-west of Khanna. It lies on the Chawa-Payal-Ahmedgarh road and is situated on the bank of Bathinda branch of the Sirhind Canal.

The village has become famous in recent times because of the dedication of Sant Isher Singh Ji and Sant Kishan Singh Ji. On the request of Sardar Gian Singh Rarewala, they had stayed in the village Rara Sahib and had made this desolate place their abode. Subsequently, a huge Gurdwara complex was built besides this village.

The devotees enter the Gurdwara through the base of a lofty clock tower crowned with a dome. The Gurdwara complex encompasses a Privy Chamber (Bhora Sahib), a Congregation Hall (Divan Hall) and a holy tank. Another attraction is the gallery of the divan hall where pictures of saints are displayed. It also has paintings of scenes from the Sikh history.

Near the main-gate of the divan hall is a library with a collection of books on Sikhism, pictures of saints and audio-video cassettes of their sermons.

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