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Sant Kishan Singh Ji

Sant Kishan Singh Ji, also known as 'Chhote Sant Ji Maharaj' was born at Masitan, district Sirsa (Haryana) on 24th December 1900 in the household of Sardar Pala Singh and Mata Chand Kaur.

The early years of his life were spent in performing worldly responsibilities. Although he didn't receive any formal education, he learned from the village hermits Sant Surmukh Dass and Tota Ram to read and write "Gurmukhi" and also took lessons to recite the Gurbani of Guru Granth Sahib.

In his youth, he joined the ranks of artillery of Patiala. Along with the artillery priest Gurbaksh Singh, he undertook the charge of attending the service of Guru Granth Sahib. Co-incidentally, many soldiers of the Patiala artillery were the followers of Sant Attar Singh Ji of Reru Sahib. He too joined the coterie and became a disciple of Sant Attar Singh.

After serving ten years in the artillery, he relinquished his services in 1926, gave up the worldly attachments and came under the aegis of Sant Attar Singh Ji at Reru Sahib.

After Sant Attar Singh Ji left for his heavenly abode, he set out on a pilgrimage, in the company of Sant Isher Singh Ji. In 1927 both settled in the desolate hillocks of Rara Sahib. Here, Sant Kishan Singh Ji undertook and handled all the services at the Gurdwara and set Sant Isher Singh Ji free of all of all these responsibilities. When the latter left his mortal world of eternity the whole responsibility of preaching came upon his shoulders along with other services i.e. managing and running of this institution. Like his 'Guru-bhai' (Sant Isher Singh Ji) he too travelled far and wide (England, Canada and other countries) in order to propagate Sikhism. In the year 1977 he instituted a trust to organize and coordinate the services at the Gurdwara. On 1st January 1990, Sant Kishan Singh Ji resigned his being and left us for the heavenly abode. On 3rd January 1990, his body was submerged in the river Sutlej at Gurdwara Bibhaur Sahib.

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