Perpetual Guru of the Sikhs

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Sikhism was initially established by ten human form Gurus, teachers or masters, over the period from 1469 to 1708 - that is over a period of 239 years. These teachers were enlightened souls whose main purpose in life was the spiritual and moral well-being of the masses. By setting an exceptional example of how to live a holy and worthy life through the reciting of holy hymns called Shabads. The Gurus taught the people of India & beyond, to live spiritually fulfilling lives with dignity and honour.

After this tradition of human Gurus had been repeated 10 times, the last Guru in this form abolished it in 1708 by handing the Guruship to the holy Book of the Sikhs called the Guru Granth Sahib. This Granth is more than a holy Book of the Sikhs; the Sikhs respect it like a living Guru. The reverence given to the holy Granth is unique in the traditions of mankind.

The Guru Granth Sahib is the eleventh Sikh Guru and perpetual Guru of the Sikhs to guide the Sikhs and others to eternity.