Japji Sahib Pauri 26

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Page 5

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Page 5

amul gun amul vaapaar. amul vaapaaree-ay amul bhandaar.
Priceless are Virtues, Priceless are Dealings. Priceless are Dealers, Priceless are Treasures.
amul aavahi amul lai jaahi. amul bhaa-ay amulaa samaahi.
Priceless are the comings; Priceless are taken away. Priceless is Love for Him, Priceless are absorbed.
amul Dharam amul deebaan. amul tul amul parvaan.
Priceless is Dharma, Priceless is His Court. Priceless are the scales priceless are the weights.
amul bakhsees amul neesaan. amul karam amul furmaan.
Priceless are His Blessings, Priceless is the Banner and Insignia. Priceless is His Mercy, Priceless is His Royal Command.
amulo amul aakhi-aa na jaa-ay. aakh aakh rahay liv laa-ay.
Priceless, O Priceless beyond expression! By repeating continually remain absorbed in His Love.
aakhahi vayd paath puraan. aakhahi parhay karahi vakhi-aan. aakhahi barmay aakhahi ind.
The Vedas and Puraanas speak. The scholars speak and lecture. Brahma speaks Indra speaks.
aakhahi gopee tai govind. aakhahi eesar aakhahi siDh. aakhahi kaytay keetay buDh.
The Gopis and Krishna speak. Shiva speaks the Siddhas speak. The many created Buddhas speak.
aakhahi daanav aakhahi dayv. aakhahi sur nar mun jan sayv.
The demons speak the demi-gods speak. The warriors, the heavenly beings, the silent sages, the humble Sewadars speak.
kaytay aakhahi aakhan paahi. kaytay kahi kahi uth uth jaahi.
Many say He is obtained by speaking. Many having spoken over and over have arisen and departed.
aytay keetay hor karayhi. taa aakh na sakahi kay-ee kay-ay.
Having done all this, have it done again; even then, they could not describe Him.
jayvad bhaavai tayvad ho-ay. naanak jaanai saachaa so-ay.
Whatever the Great one desires so shall transpire. O Nanak, Only the True Lord knows.
jay ko aakhai boluvigaarh. taa likee-ai sir gaavaaraa gaavaar. 26
If anyone presumes to describe God, he shall be known as the greatest fool of fools! 26
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