Japji Sahib Pauri 19

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Page 4

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Page 4

asaNkh naav asaNkh thaav. agamm agamm asaNkh lo-a.
Countless names, countless places. Inaccessible, unapproachable, countless celestial bodies.
asaNkh kehahi sir bhaar ho-ay. akhree naam akhree saalaah.
Even to call them countless is to carry weight on your head. The Word brings Naam; the Word brings Praise.
akhree gi-aan geet gun gaah. akhree likhan bolan baan.
The Word brings wisdom and the singing of songs of His Glory. The Word brings the written and spoken words and hymns.
akhraa sir sanjog vakhaan. jin ayhi likhay tis sir naahi.
The Word brings destiny written on one's forehead. But Writer of the destiny – None are written on His Forehead.
jiv furmaa-ay tiv tiv paahi. jaytaa keetaa taytaa naa-o. vin naavai naahee ko thaa-o.
As He proclaims, so do we receive.Whatever You do, its in Your Name. Without Your Name, there is no place at all.
kudrat kavan kahaa veechaar. vaari-aa na jaavaa ayk vaar.
Think about the mighty Creative Potency? I cannot even begin to describe You.
jo tuDh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar. too sadaa salaamat nirankaar.19
Whatever pleases You, All will be blessed, You always protect us, Formless One! 19
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