Gurudwara Sangat Sahib (Nanded)

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Gurudwara Sangat Sahib is inside the old Nanded town. Its name suggests that a Sikh Sangat existed in Nanded since the time of Guru Nanak Dev's visit, or at least before the time of Guru Gobind Singh's stay here. There is a strong tradition that the treasure found at Mal Tekari was brought here for distribution among the three hundred odd warriors accompanying the Guru. It must have been a big heap of great value because the disbursement was not counted out by the single coin as usual; rather, a shieldfull was given to each warrior. And still a part of it remained which the Guru ordered buried again near where it had been found. The shield with which it was dished out is still kept in this Gurudwara as a sacred relic. Here Guru Ji first stayed on his arrival at Nanded. The forces were demanding their long out-standing wages, so at this place Guru Ji distributed money to both his and Bahadur Shah's Mughal forces generously.

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