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Khalsa Standard Organisation(KSO) or Srbt Khalsa

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O Dear visitor ! - You are 'A Penpal^^^^^ & TrueName Writer, Khalsa Singh Nirvair, Living Treasure Steadfast , Self Realised & focused Jpuji Sahib !! Please permit this Nanak's Pen to welcome you through your True Name - KHALSA! All Khalsas jointly make ONE 'Srbt Khalsa'!

We 'The Khalsa' are One Universally Organized Socio-Politically Religious Social Order

KSO is an updated Standard Name of the only universal religio-politicaly Secular Party of 'Khalsa Nanak Singh Jpu' founded on 'Language of True Ideas' formally documented By Sikh Gurus, Hindu & Muslim Scholars in One & only One universal scripure reveringly & politicaly known accross the world as Satigurbani / Satgur Granth Sahib.

Satgurbani, the Grammer of the 'Language of True Ideas' spreading over 1430(less Ragmala pages) Angs (Pages), is Solution to all Problems . All in One Logo of KSO Ideology, Guru, God, Godman, Father, Mother, Mother Tongue & that of all its individual members is....

A Penpal02:26, 1 January 2011 (EST) TrueName Writer, Khalsa Singh Nirvair, Living Gurbani , Steadfast, SelfRealised through Gurbani's Grace and Focused Jpuji Sahib

It is a flawlessly transparent & universal writers' web site belonging to 'Khalsa Nation' founded on 'Khalsa Martial Satgurbani Culture' dedicated to & owned by no one but your own True Language 'Satgurbani'.

A free for all platform for those human beings who want to succeed. For those who are born Kings & for those who want to become Kings. For those who want to be daily born, reborn, live & die as flawless Human beings as ordained by Lord Truth. For those who want to earn the testimonials from even their enemies while living & after death as well for times to come even beyond eternity.

For those Who Care to Dare It is for integraters, creaters, Khalsa finders , binders, grinders, learners, singers, listeners, speakers, seekers, (not sneakers), believers, fighters, bullet bitters, organisers, thinkers, visionaries, planners, terror fighters & writers who are detatched hermits of True Type .

In short it is for 'Aam Aadmii' seeking vote from Aam Aadmii to implement 'True Rule of Law' cutting accross all known boundries. It is for hir (her/him) to express hirself frankly & fearlessly. It is for hir to get librated to think, Speak it up, Discuss it, Decide it, Publish it followed by to Act on it & improve upon it till it becomes flawlessly True. Hold it! All this is subject to of approval by the 'Nank' cum 'Language of True Ideas' cum 'Srbt Khalsa'.

'Srbt Khalsa' is self creative, self sustaining & self regulating socio-political system encompassing all systems including Democracy. It is an ultimate democratic system founded on nothing but Your free will encapsulated in Khalsa Language & Culture called 'Language of True Ideas'. It is flawlessly open & transparent never ending ballot on real time basis, free to all those daredevils who agee to offer nothing short of their heads to SatGurBani. Just Join in & put your Head Down on Nanak's kind terms which are briefly summarised below.

MemberShip: it is Free for all. You are by default member of KSO If ...... are identified, defined & acknowledged by all the Lady Members (Daya, Dharm Himmat , Mohkama & Sahib Kaur) of your 'Standard KSO Team' as a person committed to realising your only goal of Life i.e.....

' leave behind in your own hand, your written work documented as Memento of True & Sweet memories for humanity to relish & prospor even beyond eternity as. Uou live for ever as A Saint-Soldier who was born as ONE... Truthful, lived life truthfully & departed living True to hir Name 'Religio-Political Idology' called ....

Ikk Sarbat Khalsa Standard Organisation.....Avz 2 hm 1 hyyn.... Ikk NAAM: Khalsa Singh Nirvair Ikk HUKM: Hukm Rzaeii Chllxa Ikk S~CH: Khalik Khlk Khlk Mhi Khalik Ikk LIFE: adi, jugadi, hyy , hose bhee Ikk.