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KSO Sikhs: 1006

1. Sikh Names 1000

2. This Page 6

What is in a Name ?.... 'Sikhi'..!!!!

  • ...No where else, in no other Name but only in this One Name resides TRUE Sikhi.

Sayth Nanak

Gur SatGur ka jo Sikh akhavyy......

Nanak mannia maniayy, bujheeyy Gur parsad(i)...

Accept a person as truthfull being(Sikh.) if SHe claims so, however understand him as a truthful person (Sikh. only if SHe meets the Gurbani Standards.

  • The spirit of just two mahavaaks of SatGur refered to above guide us to the following understanding...
    • One has to formally & publically declare before Guru roop Sadh Sangat, his persona being that of a TRUE Sikh.]
    • Sher public image therafter acknowledges/rejects him as such. His image projected through....
    • Malicious writings....Kaly lykh
    • Photos.
    • Idols & casts...are of no cosequence
    • A being is acknowledged as a good/bad person, based on his / her
      • spoken words
      • Written Words
      • creations & work done.
      • Human Virtues of Daya, Dharam, Himmat, Leadership and accuntability

There is only one SatGurMat & ONE....

1.... Mool Mantar (There is no other mantar} alias Panth alias Path alias SatGurBani

There is only One SatGurBani...

...alias Gurbani alias Bani their is no other bani.......Satgur bajhon hor kachee hyy bani.

There is only One Granth...

SGGS....Sat Gur Granth Sahib


jinne naam Diaia ge" mskq Gal nank q' muK Ujl' k'qe $utte naal

Kha xyz Singh / Kaur Sikhi. Index As on Integrated with
Kha Surjan Singh 38/38 08 Oct 07
Kha Chand Kaur 38/38 08 Oct 07

Khalsas: Flawless Sikhs

User (xyz Singh/ Kaur) Sikhi. Index As on
Teja Singh 37/38 08 Oct 07
Amar Kaur 38/38 08 Oct 07

Saints: Visionary Sikhs

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Gurmukhs: Bani Speaking Sikhs

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Gursikhs: Amrit Vyla Dhare Sikhs

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Syhjdhare Sikhs: Sikhs committed to Sikhi.

User (xyz Singh/ Kaur) Sikhi. Index As on
Amita Singh 1/38 08 Oct 07
Kaur]] 1/38 08 Oct 07
User:1 1/38 08 Oct 07


aKx jor cup" nhe jor

Kuar hoe' so mil".g' bc' Srx jo aae a.D' ko kia khie" sae kh' na khia buJe" nank ndre paaia kUwe kUw" Tees

Budha Dl Amrit Dhare

  1. Khalsa Teja Singh - Delhi
  2. Khalsa Amar Kaur - Delhi

Budha Dl Gurmukh

Budha Dl Sikh

Budha Dl SehajDhari

  1. Sardarni Baljeet Kaur - Delhi

Taruna Dal Amritdhari

Taruna Dal GurMukhs

Taruna Dal Gursikh

Taruna Dal Sehajdhari

Bal Dl Amrit Dhare

Bal Dal Gurmukh

Bal Dal GurSikh

Bal Dal Sehaj Dhare

  • Sardar Chandan Singh - 16
  • Sardar Anusha Singh - 10

...prbh jee bury bhly hm tharyy....


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  • 7. Sdr Jatin Singh26 ( A friend to be with, Happy go lucky. Understands his inner voice..will make stones laugh & speak communicator one can find...waiting to fall in love...very choosy ...)


  • 8. Sdr Anusha9 -mini giggling mliaalee doll(what are you busy with What happened to Ideas in malialam??)
  • 9. Sdr Sikhda10 -'cakk dy phtty brand da punjaab da puttr'(ih ggvac gia??)


  • 6. Sdr Baljeet Kaur51 (Amita's Mom is her Universe....?...not withstanding)


  • 11. Kh User:Pal143(..... hau kurbanyy jau tuhady hau kurbanyy jau....ik bhori darshan deejyy.....ik bhori darshan deejyy....

talk:Amrit Vela tuhady wichon Sikhi de bhinnee bhinne khushbu au.dee hyy....darshan devo jee..... One timer mystic & cryptic on the wrong side of what???)