Sikhi and inter racial marriages

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Does Sikhi allow inter racial marriages?

The short answer is "yes"; as Sikhi is all about freedom for choice for all. However, when dealing with the Punjabi culture you will find that this answer will not be found acceptable; most Punjabi will argue that Sikhi says "no" to inter racial marriages. Sikhism isn't just a religion, it is a way of life, and for someone to live that life, they have the right to select their own morals and ethical values. We all have the right to make that choice for ourselves and to run our life the way that we think fit.

Further, if both partners are Sikhs from different racial background, then there is nothing in Sikhi which will provide an obstruction to their happy union. Most Gurdwaras will happily conduct the marriage ceremony, called the Anand Karaj in the Sikh manner between two Sikh partners from different racial groups.

Race, caste and ethnicity

Race, caste and ethnicity can play no part in considerations of any kind in the Sikh faith. The Sikh Guru speak directly against any form of discrimination based on race or caste or social class. To some extent, it somewhat irritating to see that ethnicity has to be considered in any decision, it is the actual person and his or her qualities that matters; it is the virtues and values of the person that defines who they are not their color or caste or ethnic background or social class; it is the habits and passions of the person that shows us truly where they come from. If the bride and groom share ideologies, morals, values, passions, likes and dislikes surely that is what matters.

But in Some Instances If a Higher caste Person married a Person of Lower Caste; that person were out casted. By some Ignorant Proud People which Resulted in Many Castes having Similar Surnames originating from Outcastes.

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