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Dear Gurveer Singh

Many thanks for your contributions to Sikhiwiki. Your help and assistance is welcomed.

I hope you will appreciate that we should limit coverage of the caste system to a minimum and I will be obliged for your support on this front. To save excessive conflict, some pages connected with the caste system are protected to limit "edit warfare" on this topic. Please let me know if you wish to address some of these pages and we can work on a mechanism to deal with this.

I have noticed that you have changed the contents of Sikh Yoga by placing text by T. Singh at the front of the previous version. In my opinion, it would be preferred if this had been integrated into the original article to follow the normal style of articles on wiki sites ie - introduction, and image (if available) followed by headed sections.

Please let me have your comments.

Many thanks and best regards,
Hari Singhtalk 08:48, 30 December 2023 (MST)

Hari Singh I will Look into it Sir --User:Gurveerxsingh04 (talk) 08:05, 10 Jan 2024 (UTC)