Sikh Code of Conduct

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Text for children

The following is a brief summary of the conduct expected from a Sikh of the Guru. Full instructions for the Sikh are given in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib which is more than a holy book for the Sikhs - It is their "Living Guru". By reading the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh can learn about the Sikh beliefs and the type of conduct expected from a Sikh.

An online text with English translation of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib can be found here.


  • 1. There is only one God; worship and pray only to Him (Simran).
  • 3. At all times practice Truth, live a Truthful life and engage in service (Sewa) for the community.
  • 4. Remember that women are as good as men and must be treated as equals.
  • 5. Always remember the whole of the human race is one. Distinctions on caste, colour and class are wrong and against Sikh principles.
  • 6. Do not believe in superstitions; nor follow empty rituals; nor believe in Idols, magic, omens, fasts, frontal marks or sacred threads, etc
  • 7. Dress yourself in a simple and modest way; gaudy clothes and revealing dress bring no credit and will take you away from Sikhi.
  • 8. Sikh women should not observe the veil (pardah); neither should they observe any other distinct customs like fasting for their husbands ("Karva Chhor"), make payments in marriage (Dowry); etc. Women have the same rights as men before God.
  • 9. Live a married family life; asceticism and renunciation are needless exercises.
  • 10. Put your faith in the Holy Granth; no other Holy book or living person can claim Guruship (for Sikhs).


(Given at the time of baptism (Amrit))

  • 1. Do not cut your hair. (Kesh)
  • 2. Do not use tobacco; alcohol or intoxicating drugs.
  • 4. Do not commit adultery.

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