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Nangal (31.37°N 76.38°E) is a town 60 km from Rupnagar and a municipal council in the state of Punjab in northwest India. It sits at the foot of the Shiwalik Hills and is surrounded by beautiful hills, the Satluj River and canals. It is an important center for tourists.

Overlooking Nangal is the Gurdwara Bhabour Sahib, a Sikh place of worship. This Gurdwara, located 5 km from Nangal, presents a majestic view. Guru Gobind Singh is said to have mediated at this spot.

Certain kilometers ahead of Gurdwara Bhabour sahib is situated Gurdwara Nanaksar Sahib. On the 7th of each month there is a great function in the Gurdwara sahib having huge gathering and langar.


The town was named Nangal when it acquired the land of the villages of Nangal Nikku, Hambewal and Dubheta. It gained in importance with the starting of construction of the Bhakra Dam on the Satluj River in November 1955. Now it is a flourishing township attracting tourists due to the mighty multi-purpose Bhakra Project which includes, apart from Bhakra Dam, the Nangal Dam, Nangal Hydel Channel, and the Ganguwal and Kotla Power Houses.


The town is divided into two parts: Nangal Township and Naya Nangal Township. Naya Nangal serves mainly as a fertilizer complex of National Fertilizers Limited (NFL), a public sector undertaking of the Government of India, and from point of view of amenities, natural beauty and cleanliness. It is perhaps the best town in whole India. The Nangal Fertilizer and Heavy Water Factory located here started production in 1961 and was the single largest consumer of electricity from the Bhakra Power House till some years ago. The Heavy Water Plant was shut down later primarily due to national security considerations.

Besides this there is a chemical factory named as Punjab Alkalies and Chemicals Limited, Naya Nangal. These two factories has given rise to some more small factories in their vicinity. Due to presence of NFL & PACL Nangal is proud to have biggest Truck and Tanker Unions in India.

Tahliwal is another emerging Industrial Area in the vicinity of Nangal. Several small scale industries have been set up and the numbers are still increasing. International Tractors Limited, Hoshiarpur, in collaboration with Renault, France are setting up a jeep production unit at Tahliwal, which will further boost the industrial presence of this small city.