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  • Papiji imtihan kidaan chal rahy hann. tuhada email bakshan di kirpa karo ji

wishwajeet da kee haal hai usny jabab nahin ditta.

  • GurSukh Ban Gay Ki Nahin???. main ik maheeny vich GurSukh ton GurSikh Ban Jana y.

Lucky, Vishwajeet, Pappi & Naam dhari Bal Khalsa mery naal mil javo ta panj piary ban gay. Sary mil ke Aggy di plan Banavagy

  • Do reply.
  • GurMat utty likho. Mery kolo koi help chaheedi hai tan dasso.

Mainu article e mail kar deeo tan main appni tutti Futti angreji paa ke SatGurBani to tuhady valon Sikhi(Wiki) nun Matha tek evangy. Pitaji dujy shahar wich rahindy han. ih chithi unna walon samaj lavo.

WaKaFa !! SatGurBani Fateh ! Down with FALSEHOOD Down with TERRORISM

User:Mutia 27 Mar 07

Copyright Issue

Sat Siri Akal we are in process of deleting the following articles.

Ad Dharm Akalis Bandai Sikhs Balmiki Bhatra Brindaban Matt Chowk Mehta Samparda Daya Singh Samparda Dhir Malias Divaneh Sadh Gangu Shahi Gehr Ganbeehreh Gulab Dasia Gulab Rahi Handalis Hazoori Sikhs Hira Dasia Kabir Panthi Kachoo Katieh Kirtan jatha Group Kooka Kutta Marg Majhabi Manjis Masand Merhbanieh Mihan Sahibs Minas Nirankari Nanak panthi Namdev Panthi Namdhari Nanaksaria Nihang Nikalsaini Niranjaniye Nirmala Panch Khalsa Diwan Parsadi Sikhs Phul Sahib dhuan Radha Swami Ram Raiyas Ravidasi Suthra Shahi Sewapanthi Sat kartaria Sant Nirankaris Sanwal Shahis Sanatan Singh Sabhais Sachkhand Nanak Dhaam Samparda Bhindra Tat Khalsa Udasi Sikhs

i noticed that you had contributed or created several of them, so i thought i should let you know what's going on. These articles are from the website the webmaster of that website is rightfully claiming copyright infringement. no one has asked his permission to use any info from his website and therefore it shouldn't have been put on sikhiwiki.

Sincerely, Gurujot Singh Sikhnet CS/sikhiwiki admin

Is there a problem - What Problem?

What problem? There is no problem. This is an oppourtunity and an opening. Of the 7 articles I have checked so far - there is no copyright linked to Sarbloh. So the articles will come back better and more enhanced after I have checked them carefully. Hari Singh 22:38, 1 April 2007 (EDT)

Deleted Articles

If you look at today's recent history, I have restored the articles that have significance but they need to be reviewed before the comment line at the top of the article is removed - See a list of these articles here.

The articles that have not been restored are listed here. List of all articles that were deleted is listed here. I hope this helps. Many thanks. Hari Singh 17:49, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

Fun at lucky's expense

Khalsa ji,

That is funny. Tell Dadi ji, she is absolutely right! Oh saala, kesady parvah nahee kar-da. Paar, there is nothing to worry as we took immediate steps. In fact we did more than expected. Please send me your and ask Lucky to sent me his home telephone number. Keeta, phone ta galh karaang gay!

Hor sabb theek thaak chal-raha. I must say you are making a huge effort at SikhiWiki for which I am most grateful. However, Ek gal note kar-nee - When you create an article use Title format for the name of article. For example; ABUL FAZL should be Abul Fazl. First letter is always capital and & rest lower case for each word. I think this is the normal convention. Only exception are words like "and", "or", "the", "to", etc which appear in the middle of the title. eg: Miri and Piri or Introduction to Sikhism, etc. Names always have first letter in capital, rest in lower case. eg: Japji Sahib in Gurmukhi Sahib could have been sahib but Japji must have "J" as it is a name. Also Gurmukhi as it is a name of a script.

Hor ik gal - "References" da spelling note karna.

Hor chardikala rah-na. raab phali karan. Das, Hari Singh 14:55, 26 April 2007 (EDT)

New Figures for Contributions

User Name Joined History Total Entries
The great editor 8 April 2007 - 600
Harpreet Singh 9 December 2006 1,500 + 30 1,530
Paapi Ji Khalsa 8 February 2007 770 + 1,000 1,770
User:Mutia Amita Singh 18 September 2005 Org called rsba 4,500 + 1,000 5,500
Hari Singh 2 April 2005 9,360 + 1,250 10,610

All results are to the +/- 100??., Hari Singh 22:15, 30 April 2007 (EDT)