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Did Guru Nanak Dev Ji told us Sikh people to believe in Sikhism? or is it really the sikh people themself who did created it?

ਜਾਣਹ੝ ਜੋਤਿ ਨ ਪੂਛਹ੝ ਜਾਤੀ ਆਗੈ ਜਾਤਿ ਨ ਹੇ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
Jĝṇhu joṯ na pūcẖẖahu jĝṯī ĝgai jĝṯ na hė. ॥1॥ rahĝ­o.
Recognize the Lord's Light within all, and do not consider social class or status;
there are no classes or castes in the world hereafter. ॥1॥Pause॥
ਖਤ੝ਰੀ ਬ੝ਰਾਹਮਣ ਸੂਦ ਵੈਸ ਉਪਦੇਸ੝ ਚਹ੝ ਵਰਨਾ ਕਉ ਸਾਝਾ ॥
Kẖaṯrī barĝhmaṇ sūḝ vais upḝės cẖahu varnĝ ka­o sĝjẖĝ.
The four castes - the Kh'shaatriyas, Brahmins, Soodras and Vaishyas

-are equal in respect to the teachings.

ਬ੝ਰਹਮਨ ਬੈਸ ਸੂਦ ਅਰ੝ ਖ੝ਯ੝ਯਤ੝ਰੀ ਡੋਮ ਚੰਡਾਰ ਮਲੇਛ ਮਨ ਸੋਇ ॥
ਹੋਇ ਪ੝ਨੀਤ ਭਗਵੰਤ ਭਜਨ ਤੇ ਆਪ੝ ਤਾਰਿ ਤਾਰੇ ਕ੝ਲ ਦੋਇ ॥੧॥
Barahman bais sūḝ ar kẖa­yṯarī dom cẖandĝr malėcẖẖ man so­ė.
Ho­ė punīṯ bẖagvanṯ bẖajan ṯė ĝp ṯĝr ṯĝrė kul ḝo­ė. ॥1॥
Whether he is a Brahmin, a Vaishya, a Soodra, or a Kh'shaatriya;
whether he is a poet, an outcaste, or a filthy-minded person, he becomes pure,
by meditating on the Lord God. He saves himself,
and the families of both his parents. ॥1॥

Sikhism is Not a Sect

Guru ji told us that we are all equal but we have not listened properly. There are no sects in Guru Nanak's Sikhi! Hari Singhtalk 01:54, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

Sikhism is Self Made

Only A Nanak can understand Nanaks. Sikhs & their Sikhi are Self Made. No one created either of them. both were, had been so far, are here now at this moment & will ever rule the universe as Truthfull Human Beings by following nothing but one universal culture encapsulated in the Gurbani Language. Gurbani Language, the mother Tounge of Sikh Society! Amita Singhtalk 12:25 PM, 17 August 2008 (UTC)

Sikhism Tattoos and Earrings

Can Sikh guys use Earrings after being baptized as a Sikh? i don't think personally that would be a major sin to have earrings in both ears.. And are Tattoos allowed in Sikhism?

A: When one becomes possessed by these things then it becomes a wrong but if you do it so that it makes you comfortable with God then it is OK. read the article - Guru Granth Sahib on adornment for a more detailed analysis. If while wearing these decorations or decorating oneself - you connect better with God then go ahead but if it brings ego or makes you "full of yourself" then it is wrong. If you can remember God better with these things then great do it but if it takes you away from God then don't do it. Regards, Hari Singhtalk 23:29, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

Sayth Nanak

  • munda santokh saram pat jhotee......

Wear the ear rings made of nothing but Patience....

---Step No 28 on a True Sikh's Journey to Lord TRUTH.

Nanak lives by ONE. Any 2nd thought i.e. No 2 does not exist in the dictionary of Khalsa!

'kiv sciaara hoveyy ??

* ghariyy shabad sachee taksaal!!

Sayth Nanak How to live life as a TRUTHFULL Human Being.

The answer is Craft TRUE Ideas & Share with Humanity (read GOD).....

--Last Step of Sikhi

The western words' concept of Copywriting an Idea is the sociopolitical brainchild of 'Haves' to exploit 'Have Nots'.

  • mera mujh me kush nhee jo kush hyy so tera.....

A True Sikh is flawlessly transparent. SHe owns & hides nothing. Hir 'ownself' does not belong to hir either. It belongs to Khalsa. If that be so, where is the issue of owning a set of ear rings / tatoos on one's skin.

Sikhism debars/ dictates nothing. it only guides those who, to begin with, may be willing to get guided by nothing but TRUTHs(facts). It is a faith, not of teaching but that of learning. Learning nothing but the TRUE process of arriving at TRUTHs & then get guided by them to live life as a TRUTHFULL Human being. Needlass for me to say that TRUTHs can be understood only in the language of TRUE IDEAs.

  • kood raja kood praja kood sab sansaar........

Any irrational questions / thoughts in the backdrop of prevailing Falsehood will cease to pop up once one holds his head & offers it to guru as committmet to obedience of Nanaks' orders which are based on nothing but TRUTHs(facts).

  • sajjan syee naal my chala ta naal chaslan jithy lekha mageeyy naal khady disan

wise are those & I stand by them, who walk in steps with me & when saught, render account of their deeds & stay Close

--One 07:40, 17 August 2008 (UTC)

can we Sikh male and females shave our hairs on our body ?

When a sikh male or female do take Amritdhari is it a must thing to grow the hairs around your body. And if not then please explain why?!

A: Strictly all Amritdhari Sikhs have to keep their long hair called kesh uncut. All Amritdharis MUST keep long head hair and all adult male must also have full beard. Matters to do with fine facial hair and armpits for women is debatable as I do not believe that these short hair can be called Kesh. The hukam refers to Kesh which is long hair and not facial or short hair.

REASON: The long head hair and beard are a clear symbol of a Sikh - Its the uniform stipulated by the hukam of Guru Gobind Singh.

Exceptions can be made for medical or health reasons. If it is impossible to operate without shaving the long hair on the head for all Sikhs or beard for men; then do ardas and allow the hair to be removed but grow it back as soon as possible as a sign to respect for the Guru. These days, most ops can be done without removing the hair. Always check with the medical staff.

Human Hair.. a living organ. I am sure any rational being will never want to chop off his legs, arms fingures etc.

If the logic given against chopping off one's limbs is pain while cutting off hair is painless, then how about doing away with the brain which can be operated upon without any anesthesia what so ever. Bubbling fashion industry is welcome to try their luck here, but let them be warned that GOD may not like it.

The world of fashion ensures that 'Haves' have more money by making 'Have Nots' chop off their hair & pay for it. May be the other way around by making 'Have Nots' grow them. Thus rule the dictates of Falsehood & their supporters.

The breed of TRUE Sikhs will Stand Out of the din & laugh it off in a King's royal way .


chakku ko kharboojy par maro ya kharboojy ko chakoo par maroo, ktega kharbooja hee.

Sayth nanak

  • vaad vivaad kahuu sy nahi .....senseless arguments are worth nothing
  • na lujhey...........never get entangled
  • akle sahib seveyy........True Sikhs will get guided by nothing but TRUE thoughts founded on nothing but TRUTHs !
--Kha Rajender Singh 07:39, 17 August 2008 (UTC)

Are Sikhism against singing and dancing?

I was wondering if singing and dance in sikhism are forbidden because those things in my opinion are meaningless! and if not why?

can Sikhs colour their hairs?

I was wondering can Sikhs do colour their hairs?

conversion to Sikhism

If your family are Muslims and you have studied the sikhism faith in about 2 years are you SAHAJDHARI or do you have to take the Amrit?..but you do follow your all principles.. which are needed as an good Sikh but you also got long hairs on your head. Can you still be a SAHAJDHARI? or do you have to .. take Amritdhari to become an good sikh?

Islam and Sikhism got alot of reltative but the differences are that Sikhism is a Punjabi religion and Islam is an Arabic religion their might be more differences.. but im just sorted it here!

is it true that SAHAJDHARI Sikhs cannot use Singh name ?

Is it true that SAHAJDHARI Sikh cannot use the Singh name as their last name or middel name?

Sahajdhari Sikhs

The reason of Sikhs should grow their hairs are because it would show more clear that your an Sikh.

But now days many Sikhs lives all over tha world and many Sikhs are popular in the Bhangra Sahajdhari are still Sikhs wether they deciding to keep their hairs unshorn.. your still a Sikh when you got a big symbol of Kara and your name tells a lot also..

I think we live in a modren world before in 50s people didn't know which religion other people do practice but now in 2008 people do know.. even im an SAHAJDHARI sikh with long hairs on tha head.. and with a kara.. i do use kaccha kara and.. kirpan but still without my turban people know i'm Sikh..

It's not a REAL REAL GUNNAH OR YOU WOULD BE PUNISHMENT .. for not growing your hairs.. but it just show you which religion do you practice.. but in my opinion if a person askin your name they would know your Sikh and if you got a Kara!

It's more gunnah to have sex with other girls and drink then to grow hairs and all that!