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It Tells Her ouch! him Apart from His Girl Friend. Much More : -

• It reminds one of a Jungle

Thank GOD, not of desert!

• You can stroke it when in deep thought.

Links beard with mind that thinks!

• -keeps your clothes clean, as you don’t need a napkin.

Saves trees and contribution to garbage!

• - It is compensation when you’re balding

To look like a man all your life!

• - Use it to frighten kids.

Just as Father Christmas does!

• - Use it to play with kids.

Single Reason good enough to support it!

• - Use it to tickle someone.

Another good reason!

• - Trap a Brigade of Bacteria,

And saves your inner organs of the trouble!

• - Save on razor and blade costs.

And improve your economy & further reduce garbage!

• - Get rid of the girlfriend who insists you shave it off.

And get a sensible one!

(Copied from From Net) -Amita Singh 08 Nov 05