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Gurbani Translations

Sir WaKaFa!,User:Mutia 180707-0815.Delhi

  • Gurbani is written on every ones heart, no scholar / scholarly Translations are required to understand Bani.Nanak likhia naal
  • Bani can be understood with only Bani's Kirpa.
  • Bani is not difficult to understand.
  • Bani is difficult to walk on. sir dhar tali gali myree aao
  • Bani is the language for nicha andar neech jaat'. Scholars may keep discussing between them selves. Neech' people can read from their heart.
  • But Still if SikhiWiki does want & is rigid to refer to some Translation why not the best available.
  • Almost all, but Prof Sahib Singh's DARPAN, serve the cause of FALSEHOOD
  • No English Translation of DARPAN, at least not to my knowledge, is available.
  • Within the Sikh Socity Punjabi Scholars, who try to Speak SatGurBani language are Dumped by FALSEHOOD.
  • the socio-political environment is no different from what it was during Nanak's time.
  • May be ONE/Two 'years+' back Maan Yog Hari Singh Sahib & this Mutia had dtailed interaction on DARPAN.
  • We jointly agreed that DARPAN was ONE 'TRUTH god' as compared to all others available.
  • Sikhi. is a faith of best ONE 'TRUTH god' option.
  • I fail to understand why SikhiWiki can't go by ONE rather than stick to what other translations say which SikhiWiki feels Nanak's neech be injected with.(sic)
  • Why can't SikhiWiki Through this forum which belongs to no one but Khalsa, the 'TRUTH god' incarnate take on the project of Translating DARPAN into English. & throw the project open to Humanity rather than worrying for & supporting ill concieved translations.
  • Khalsa is not expected to have a level based social system. But SikhiWiki does have.
  • Not much is heard in personal capacity from any one other than Hari Singhji. TRUE Sikh.s' need to stand out (A Sikhs' face & Words,... not photo, says so loud & clear)& become part of the Problems.
  • To begin with is the problem of No 2('Do Number ka minds alias Duality).
  • Will it not be in better order of things, if persons of senior level, may be Owners of the site grace the Humanity with their Valable comments on various Sikh Issues.
  • Look forward to sharing your & that of other TRUE Sikh.s' valuable Thoughts.

SatGurBani Fateh !!! --User:Mutia jul 18 07

5 Baxees

ann.d bhiaa myree may sqguru myy paiaa....

Sir thanks for the words, i no way am worthy of & thanks for being flawlessly with 'TRUTH god'.

  • ayyni thi.g no.n ybauut d origin of 5 Baxees( 5 banies which are traditionally being recited during Amrit ceremoney)
  • ... but granting the anti-gurmat lobby's strength(who love to quoat 'Traditins' & 'history'(TRUE?) as authority for social protocols, (even against the foundation spirit of SatGurBani & known TRUTHs) of numbers / histotical TRUTHs
  • (foundation gurmat directive being that virly Sachiaary need to lead
  • contention of 5 banies being forced on the society is rather unusual & subject of panthic NAAM ISHNAAN & social introspection)

Gurmat is known...

  • ..sqgur bajho hoor k~cee hyy baxee....
  • ..10th nank, huu cmpaeeld the above lines as part of the entire baxee did not approve Dasam Granth text & left it out.

what i am trying to get at, are the historical TRUTHs....any thing Known any where ??? User: Mutia0707071149

3'r' Bros'....

  • ..piary myy laad ldaiaa.....
  • ..Hau apradhe gunyhgar hau bymukh m.da simr mureeda dhadeea stgur bkshi.da....

WaKaFa! & SaSiAa!

All are children. Gurbani's commandment, suniyy...suniyy....suniyy....suniyy not withstanding, Seniors do not listen.

  • With help from my father who is retiring Shortly, plan to integrate access Web pages with Sikhi. Seek & plead for blessings of SatGurBani through Sachiaary Khalsa ji. Kh A. S. Aulakh Sahibji

Gurbani Fateh!!! jo boly, sdky usdy jaiyy, phyr nank bah ludaiyy !!

Jo bolyy gajj kyy, ohnu dyyvyy rajjky, phyr miliyy jaky bhajj ky

............--Amita Singh

Welcome message

Smiley Face 1.jpg

Hello, Sat Sri Akal, W.K.W.F, A. S. Aulakh Ji! A very warm welcome to Sikhiwiki and many thanks for setting up your User page and introduction about yourself. I hope you enjoy your trips to this website and that you will help us enlarge it by checking it, amending it, by adding to it, by discussing issues on the discussion pages, etc. Please feel free to add to or amend any of the topics that you have knowledge about. Don't worry about making mistakes, as these can be easily corrected.

With Waheguru's kirpa, may you always keep in Chardi kala. Many thanks, Hari Singh 11:31, 22 January 2007 (MST)


Your kind message

Many thanks Aulakh ji for your kind message. "Ji ayah-nuu - You are most welcome". Please feel free to get involved with this project and together we can spread the Guru's wonderful message. Chardikala from your Sikh brother, Hari Singh 16:24, 1 February 2007 (MST)


Further to your message, please note my email is: [email protected] Many thanks, Hari Singh 19:26, 2 February 2007 (MST)

Yes, I have now recd the email. Its a great idea and I will contact you my email in the next day or so as I have guests from Canada at present. Many thanks, keep in chardikala. --Hari Singh 09:31, 5 February 2007 (MST)

About S. Hari Singh Nalwa telling beeds Image

Gur savare Aulakh Ji, I appreciate your concern regarding authenticity of an image about any famous sikh personality.The image in question is from Lahore Museum courtsery F.Azizuddin and is very well placed on sikh-heriatge U.k site as well. You can read more from the source site as per link given under:

Hope this satisfies your query. In fact we are used to looking at one side of the picture that Sardar Hari singh Nalwa was a great warrior.We forget that ( Warrior-Saint charachter which sikhi very much preaches) warrior saint characters are a living legend in sikhism.In fact this picture has left a deep impression in my mind that all bravery of Sardar hari singh Nalwa ji and baba dip singh ji shahid ji was result of deep mediatation and simran which they used to practice. --Guglani 05:02, 7 February 2007 (MST)

Veerji, thanks for the reply. My concern was not about the authenticity of the image. An image may be totally authentic but still it may show a person involved in a practice which that person may not have done. I agree with you that these great men from history were deeply religious as well but I have doubts that telling beads is a practice of Sikhism and Hari Singh Nalwa was involved in that. There are numerous quotes in Gurbani which mentions that telling beads is not a practice which does any good. Also, I did not find any reference source where it has been mentioned that Hari Singh Nalwa used to tell beads. When I asked to cite a reference, I was actually requesting to cite a reliable reference from history which specifically talks about practices of Hari Singh Nalwa. As far as muslim artists are concerned, most of them (from the history) considered Sikhs as Hindus (definitely, wrongly!), therefore, their depiction of Sikh historical figures mostly has their imagination of hindu practices. By the time someone can prove that Hari Singh Nalwa used to tell beads, why not use another image from the same site you pointed? Also, please note that I am never against your observation of Hari Singh Nalwa being religious soldier, what I am questioning is that - Did he really used to tell beads? If yes please provide reliable source from history (no paintings please, they are often just imaginations of artists) A. S. Aulakh Talk 02:23, 8 February 2007 (MST)
Image of Sardar Nalua with one hand on beads and on the other side wearing a full length sword even while in deep meditation posture reflects his warrior -saint personality .Before one proclaims that telling beads is forbidden in sikhism ,one one will have to produce lots of evidence for denouncing this practice and simultaneously defame many religious saints which have carried sikhi forward--Guglani 20:44, 8 February 2007 (MST)
My comments are added here for this message. Thanks A. S. Aulakh Talk 18:43, 9 February 2007 (MST)
  • Please see my reply on discussion page of article.--Guglani 06:31, 19 June 2007 (EDT)

Sachiary A. S. Aulakh Khalsa Ji

  • Bin Bolian sab kush Janda kis agy keechy Ardaas Jeo....SatGurBani


User:Mutia 25 Feb 07

Maharaj Ranjit Singh image

Sat Siri Akal someone asked me about this image

i was wondering where you got it. i know someone who wants a copy of it.

please email me - [email protected]


Maanyog Khalsa Gurjot Singh ji,


...bhyy kahoo ko dyt ny, ny bhyy manat aan..,--SatGurBani

  • ...vada desh vad raj....,....see Khalsy da,
  • sada desh sada raj, hyy Khalsy da....
  • sara desh sara hi raj, rhyga vee Khalsy da.

Raj Karyga Khalsa aakee rhyy na koy....

jo ih boly so nihal...... Mthat neeve nanka gun changiayian tatt...

Our Family is Fan of Ranjit Singh ji. Needless to say that It interests the order of Khalsa today. Can we Mutias and other users share the communications on this page to help us Learn,.......... extend helpfull hand to others for them to learn......& carry out Social introsrpection (NAAM JAAN,..... NAAM DAAN,....... NAAM ISHNAAN).

--Baljeet Kaur on behalf of Mutias '[email protected]'

WakaFa! boln waly aqy Sat Shiri Akal de moort Maanyog Kh Gurjot Singh ji,

...ik bhoree drsn deejyy. ....ik ghdee na milqy ta klyug hoqa, hun kd miliyy pria qud

--Baljeet Kaur 06 Jul 07

Nice to hear from you

Dear A. S. Aulakh Ji,

Welcome back, ji ayaai noou.

I hope the Guru will give you huge success in your business so that you come back to SikhiWiki more and more. Bhai sahib ji, I have added a little to the debate - but it was done when it was very late and I was tired - I will add more when my mind is relaxed and closer to the Guru. As you say, the world can sometimes take you away from the Guru.

Please keep in touch. May Guru's blessing be with you, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, das Hari Singh 13:49, 18 June 2007 (EDT)

5 Baxees

ann.d bhiaa myree may sqguru myy paiaa....thanks for the words, i no way am worthy of & thanks for being flawlessly with 'TRUTH god'.

  • Any thing Known about the origin of Panj Baxees( 5 banies which are traditionally being recited during Amrit ceremoney)

Khalsa jee gajj k' bolo..."aaKx jor, cup n.he jor"

My pure 'GurMat sense' nay! 'hunch' yells at me that the number 5! nay! 6 gets justified as under.... Sikh Persona & ni3n'm

  • 1 jp
  • 2 shbd hzar'..
  • 3 asa de var
  • 4 rhiras
  • 5 sohila
  • 6 Ardaas
  • Through the day the Sikh should jp jap"(living Japuji Sahib in Human form)...'jap"' is a punjabi (originally sindhi) word closest english meaning being 'be perceived /seen in human form.
  • This is in flawless harmony with the Sikh faith of SatGutBani being Living Khalsa Nanak Singh. A TRUE Sikh's public image (m=r3) must be a Living Japji Sahib.
  • GurMat culture flawlessly & TRUTHfully suffixes 'ji & Sahib' with jp.
  • Sikh's Socio-Political; Image has to be that of Khalsa(Mr TRUTH) a slave of 'Lord TRUTH
  • I had been writing on SikhiWiki for ears now. There is an unfortunate & Sickening silence on TRUE Sikh Issues. All out efforts are being Made to snub the TRUTHfull voices.
  • Further unfortunate is Dinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn' of frill , frollic, mythology, personality glorificatin & fallcies. Vegiterianis is most popular & scientific issue.
  • 10th guru is scared of Death.....mrn kal ka 3ras vivarion.
  • I am a crude Mechanical engineer, GurMat Scholars have been branded as ManMukhs
  • Ghaggaji
  • Joginder je
  • Khushwant Je
  • Afgana je
  • Those Knowing v'dan3 are supporting Yoga
  • 3HO is Sikh Run.
  • Sankritased english can make Sheks pear Shiver what to speak of the *Mutia ttyles living in Shiti streets of India.
    • Voice Of Saciaar' Aulakh Sahib.
    • Voices of Those who left SikhiWiki in Disgust.
    • Bau dua & not e'ko Bau prevails
  • ... but granting the anti-gurmat lobby's strength(who love to quoat 'Traditins' & 'history'(TRUE?) as authority for social protocols, (even against the foundation spirit of SatGurBani & known TRUTHs) of numbers / histotical TRUTHs
  • (foundation gurmat directive being that virly Sachiaary need to lead
  • contention of 5 banies being forced on the society is rather unusual & subject of panthic NAAM ISHNAAN & social introspection)

Gurmat is known...

  • ..sqgur bajho hoor k~cee hyy baxee....
  • ..10th nank huu, cmpaeeld baxee did not approve Dasam Granth text

what i am trying to get at, are the historical TRUTHs....any thing Known any where ???


Sir just an abstract Thought to Share,

How, as per GurMat is begging defined ?

  • For me, initiating a demand for an object is 'Begging'.
  • Gurmat Says
    • Beg nothing but Naam (TRUTHs)
    • Breathe nothing but Naam(TRUTHs)
    • Drink nothing but Naam(TRUTHs)
    • Eat nothing but Naam(TRUTHs)
    • Befriend no one but Saciaaras
    • Earn nothing but Naam
    • Spend nothing but Naam
    • Garib da muh Guru/ Sikh. / Panth / Khalsa Nation de Golak]]

Else where

    • Capatalists seek money.
    • Chricians Seek Christ & Donations.
    • Muslims seek j'haa2
    • ManMukhs seek support to duality
    • Hindus seek Pooja
    • Sachiara seeks Saciaara

mallx B=le, jug Bula...kber bulana nah' na kh' na khiaa buJ"

Sir How to go about cleaning the mess.??? Where to Start, How to , When with whome ????? who will do What . Sikh Scholars believe in Sleeping.

  • 3HO is Raam Rheem of West & beloved of SikhiWiki
  • There are 9000 deras in Punjab,
  • Humans are killing each other here in India.
  • v'daant regulates Sikh look aliks.
  • SatGurBani's
  • Saciaar' Khalsa Maan Yog Khushwant Singh je do not have Hukm for joining Hm Log. So is for other Saciaaras
  • Saciaar' Aulakh je pl Help us with your valuabe GurMat Guidance ....

Profeesor Sahib Singk alias Saciaara Khalsa Nanak Singh is in Sach Khand. watching his work being ignored.

ikk na cll" naal.... gur bin Gor a.Dar...

Pl suggest Some Gur (Idea

Sir pl permit be to beg the TRUTH of 5 baxes from 'Lord TRUTH'(Humanity) through this message. SikhiWiki Managers for sure will Help this Barking Kookar.

Beg pardon for messy shody & hurried barks of this kookar I shall keep refining it with the spirit og

#al vic 3in vstu paeo sat san3oK vicaro....

Kiv Saciaara hovie" Kiv kuw" 3utt" paal

Hm Log

Sir please join us & lead us here. As on Now there are only few Mutias. More will come. As far as I know, Besides You only Lucy understand GurBani Language. Mr Incredible left SikhiWiki in Disgust. I miss him I want to Learn More from You & other GurBani Scholar. You are an AmritDhari I am a s"hj dhare barking dog (Sikhi index 3/38)....Please do oblige

O Lord TRUTH pl Help! This is an SOS!!

User: Mutia0707071149

SGGS on meat

Dear A S Aulakh ji,

I have moved the section that you created to the discussion tab as this clearly is discussion. I would appreciated if you focus not on other shabads in Gurbani but to the shabads mentioned in this article while discussing this issue. Many thanks. Hari Singh 06:46, 16 July 2007 (EDT)