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Endless aspects & dimensions of TRUTH are endless.

--Thy virtues & explanations thereof are endless.

--Thy creations in the entire universe & bounties are endless.

--Endless are efforts to listen to & perceive your bounties. Thy ways just can not make one reach your limits.

--The extent & content of thy plans can not be arrived at.

--The near or far ends of your creations just cannot even be perceived.

Why should one be stupid to spend life time in trying to quantify & define non-existent limits of TRUTH GOD's Will & Ways, as different 'schools of thought' / philosophies / traditions / faiths in India & word over give out, & at times even dictate to Humanity. All such efforts are FALSE. Let us have it straight! These limits can not be defined. More one walks to wards these imaginary non existent limits, farther they go leading one no where.

-Nanak in Japuji Step 24

Jaisi mai aavy khasam ki bani......

-Nanak in Babar Bani
  • The Term 'GurBani' Literally means 'IDEAs (in short Gur, implying SatGur, ie TRUE IDEAs ) encapsulated in Words( Bani ).
  • It is the revealed wisdom of the Gurus & other Saints in their own words, found in SatGur Granth Sahib;
  • Set of devotional songs of Wisdom & glory of 'TRUTH, found in SatGur Granth Sahib.

Understanding Lord TRUTH's Language

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