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The Six Qilas (or Forts) of Anandpur sahib are the six forts which were constructed by Guru Gobind Singh, during the 25 years that the Guru spent at Anandpur sahib. The neighbouring hill Rajas and their Mughal allies became increasingly hostile towards the success of the Sikh community thriving in their midst.

Seeing the need to protect Anandpur from its hostile neighbours the Guru ordered the construction of a series of six defensive forts (Qilas in the Persian language). One central fort with five others encircling the town. There were several other minor forts around the city, but the five forts encircling the fort surrounding the city were the main defensive forts that bore the series of attacks and seige that led to the Guru's eventual decision to leave the city under its attackers solemn promises of safe passage to Punjab.

The six forts constructed by Guru Gobind Singh at Anandpur sahib are:

  1. Keshgarh - Keshgarh.
  2. Lohgarh (fort of steel) - Lohgarh,
  3. Agamgarh or Holgarh (fort of colour) - Agamgarh or Holgarh,
  4. Anandgarh (fort of bliss) - Anandgarh.
  5. Fatehgarh (fort of victory) - Fatehgarh and
  6. Qila Taragarh - Taragarh ' .....More