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Gurdwara Patti Sahib also called Gurdwara Maulvi Patti Sahib (‘Patti’ (Gurmukhi: ਪਟੀ) is a Gurmukhi word meaning ‘alphabet’) is built at the site where Guru Nanak at a young age learned the various different languages then used in the Punjab, each with its own distinct alphabet.

This shrine lies midway between Gurdwara Janam Asthan and Gurdwara Bal Lilah along the road leading from Janam Asthan to the railway station in Nankana Sahib. The city has been renamed after its most famous native son Guru Nanak Dev ji. Once known as the village of Talwandi the town is located in West Punjab, Pakistan.

Born on the 15th of April 1469. Nanak was named after his elder sister Nanaki who was named so because of her being born at the house of her "Nana" (maternal granddad or grandfather on mother's side) in the village of Dera Chahal in Lahore district.

As a young child Guru Nanak first studied Punjabi with Pandit Gopal, then Sanskrit with Pandit Brij Lal and at 13 years of age he mastered Persian studying with Maulvi Kutab Ud Din. Hence Patti Sahib is also known as Gurdwara Maulvi Patti Sahib. .....More