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Did you know...

  • ....that Seva also spelt as 'Sewa' is short for the word Karseva and refers to "selfless service"; work or service performed without any thought of reward or personal benefit. In the Punjabi language the person performing such service is called a Sevadar. All Sikhs are encouraged by their Guru (Guru Granth Sahib) to perform Seva or Selfless Service.
  • ....that Tarn Taran (31°27'N, 74°56'E) is an important centre of Sikh pilgrimage 24 km south of Amritsar, which was founded by Guru Arjan in 1596. Six years earlier, on 13 April 1590, he had inaugurated the conversion of a natural pond lying along the Delhi Lahore highway into a rectangular tank.