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Gĝvniĥ ṯuḝẖno jaṯī saṯī sanṯokẖī gĝvan ṯuḝẖno vīr karĝrė.
The celibates, the truthful and the patient beings sing to You, and the mighty warriors sing to You.
Gĝvan ṯuḝẖno pandiṯ paṛė rakẖīsur jug jug bėḝĝ nĝlė.
The scholarly Pandits sing to You, along with the holy Rishis and the readers of the Vedas throughout the ages.
Gĝvniĥ ṯuḝẖno mohṇī­ĝ man mohan surag macẖẖ pa­i­ĝlė.
The Mohinis, the heavenly beauties who entice the heart in paradise, in this world and in the nether regions, sing to You.
Gĝvniĥ ṯuḝẖno raṯan upĝ­ė ṯėrė jėṯė aṯẖsaṯẖ ṯirath nĝlė.
The fourteen priceless jewels created by You, and the sixty-eight holy places of pilgrimage, sing to You.
Gĝvniĥ ṯuḝẖno joḝẖ mahĝbal sūrĝ gĝvniĥ ṯuḝẖno kẖĝṇī cẖĝrė.
The mighty warriors and the divine heroes sing to You, and the four sources of creation sing to You.
Gĝvniĥ ṯuḝẖno kẖand mandal barahmandĝ kar kar rakẖė ṯėrė ḝẖĝrė.
The continents, the worlds and the solar systems, created and installed by Your Hand, sing to You.
Sė­ī ṯuḝẖno gĝvniĥ jo ṯuḝẖ bẖĝvniĥ raṯė ṯėrė bẖagaṯ rasĝlė.
They alone sing to You, who are pleasing to Your Will, and who are imbued with the nectar of Your devotional worship.
Hor kėṯė ṯuḝẖno gĝvan sė mai cẖiṯ na ĝvan Nĝnak ki­ĝ bīcẖĝrė.
So many others sing to You, they do not come into my mind; how can Nanak think of them?
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