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Gujari is an Indian musical raga (composition) that appears in the Sikh tradition from northern India and is part of the Sikh holy scripture called Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji or SGGS for short. Every raga has a strict set of rules which govern the number of notes that can be used; which notes can be used; and their interplay that has to be adhered to for the composition of a tune.

In the SGGS, the Sikh holy Granth (book), there are a total of 60 raga compositions and this raga is the second raga to appear in the series. The composition in this raga again appears on a total of 38 pages from page numbers 489 to 527.

Raag Gujari (ਗੂਜਰੀ) – If there is a perfect simile for Raag Gujari, it would be that of a person isolated in the desert, who has their hands cupped, holding water. However, it is only when the water begins to slowly seep through their joined hands that the person comes to realise the real value and importance of the water. Similarly Raag Gujari leads the listener to realise and become aware of passing time and in this way comes to value the precious nature of time itself. The revelation brings the listener to an awareness and admission of their own death and mortality, making them utilize their remaining ‘life time’ more wisely.

While not one of the most frequently used ragas, Gujari was the setting for compositions by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Amar Das Ji, Guru Ram Das Ji, and Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

Section Punjabi English
Aroh: ਸ ਰ੝ ਗ੝ ਮ' ਧ੝ ਨ ਸ Sa Re Ga Ma' Dha Ni Sa
Avroh: ਸ ਨ ਧ੝ ਮ' ਗ੝ ਰ੝ ਸ Sa Ni Dha Ma' Ga Re Sa
Pakar: ਸ ਧ੝, ਮ', ਧ੝ ਨ ਸ, ਨ ਧ੝ ਮ' ਗ੝, ਰ੝, ਗ੝ ਰ੝ ਸ Sa Dha, Ma', Dha Ni Sa, Ni Dha Ma' Ga, Re, Ga Re Sa
Vadi: ਧ੝ Dha
Samvadi: ਰ੝ Re

Gurbani Keertan in Raag Gujri

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