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The Propagation of the Principles of Sikh Dharma
kariuki-THUMB.jpg Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (GNNSJ) is an organization dedicated to selfless service in the name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1469–1539), the founder of the Sikh Dharam (Religion). GNNSJ is thus a faith-based organization (FBO) duly registered in the UK , India and Kenya ...... → read more
Wal-Mart to open first "big box" outlet in Amritsar
walmart-THUMB.jpg The world's number one retailer Wal-Mart is set to open its first sales venture in India Saturday as part of an ambitious plan to establish a foothold in the country's vast consumer market. The US discount chain has teamed up with Bharti Enterprises, ..... → read more
U.S. Sikhs condemn violence in Vienna
tv-THUMB.jpg Sikh leaders across USA have condemned the violence in Vienna, Austria, in which one person died and several others were injured. Dr. Rajwant Singh, Chairman of SCORE, said, "We condemn the violence..."..... → read more
Inspirational Bhangra
bhangra-THUMB.jpg Sikh women prefer Sikh men with kesh and dastaar. That is the message of the latest Punjabi music video by artist, Taranampreet. Donned in keskis and armed with guitars, Taranampreet and her group,..... → read more
Start Making Your Video Now
ff-notice.jpg This is a humorous SikhNet production encouraging youth to start now and make a video for the 2009 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. Prabhu Singh makes a terrible video the weekend before submission date and tries to show it to ........ → read more
The Boy With The Topknot
Topknot-THUMB.jpg I was absolutely delighted last year when I saw the shelves of a Central London bookshop dominated by a book whose jacket featured the photograph of a delicate-looking nine year old Sikh boy tensely staring out...... → read more
Sikh Awareness Day celebrated in Los Angeles, CA
SSAevent-THUMB.jpg Sikh Awareness Day was celebrated on May 19 to spread awareness about various aspects of Sikh religion among the students. "Sikhism isn't just a religion, it's a way of life. It teaches acceptance of diversity and equality..."..... → read more
Free Treatment: 100 operated on for cleft lip
nindi-THUMB.jpg According to Gurpratap Singh, putting the smile back on these children is the greatest reward and he feels blessed that God has gifted him with such a skill to bring happiness and joy into these childrens' life...... → read more
A Sikh's cost of fitting in: lopping off long hair
turban-THUMB-2.jpg He locked the washroom door, unravelled the nine-metre turban, took a pair of scissors and started cutting. Ten minutes later, three feet of hair lie in a pile and Charanbir Singh sat down and cried...... → read more
Minar-THUMB.jpg Gulab Singh learned to engrave from his father Sardar Santokh Singh and began an independent studio where he would do engraving on industrial moulds. During these years, as the family was religiously inclined, he got involved....... → read more
Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen comes to Eastside
kitchen-THUMB.jpg Dennis, a resident of the Downtown Eastside, sits on a chair towards the back of the room, his cane beside him. "The food is great and the people are friendly....I think it's important to get to know other cultures."..... → read more
Comments of British Generals regarding Sikh Soldiers
Sikh_soldiers-THUMB.jpg These comments by British Generals regarding the Sikhs soldiers and their turbans are important and, I hope, helpful for the two Sikhs who joined the USA army and are facing identity issues...... → read more
Ancient but deadly: the return of shastar vidiya
ShastarVidya-THUMB.jpg In a fluorescent-lit sports gymnasium at a sprawling sixth-form college in Hounslow, west London, three turbaned Sikh warriors are frantically battling each other with razor-sharp swords...... → read more
In Punjab, Crowding Onto The Cancer Train
train-THUMB.jpg Every night at about 9:30, Train No. 339 pulls into the shabby station in the northern Indian farm town of Bathinda, in Punjab state. Locals call this train by a chilling name — "the cancer train." It routinely carries at least 60 cancer patients who make the overnight....... → read more
“A SELFLESS LIFE to be released in USA
PuranSingh-THUMB.jpg New documentary reveals life of an unsung modern-day saint and his dedication to the living world. Bhagat Puran Singh was born in Punjab in 1904; motivated by his love of humanity, he established Pingalwara, an institution dedicated....... → read more
Panama Medical Scholarship opportunities for Sikhs
panama-THUMB.jpg Civic Society Guru Nanak Sahib, entrusted with the administration of the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Sahib has decided to grant a scholarship toward the tuition of any youngster of the Sikh community world wide who wishes to enroll in the English Medical degree program of PMMC in Panama...... → read more
Burning world: Female binge drink rates 'double'
drinking-THUMB.jpg The percentage of women who binge drink has doubled since the 1990s, research has found. "The government urgently needs to broaden its focus to reduce harms from alcohol across the whole population," said Don Shenker, Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern..... → read more
Ishmeet Singh's parents visit U.K.
Ishmeet-THUMB.jpg In loving memory of Star Voice of India Ishmeet Singh, his parents, father Gurpinder Singh and mother Amritpal Kaur are in the UK to organize and to gather support for a unique event due to begin next month...... → read more
Washington Sikh Foundation's 314 scholarships
scholarships-THUMB.jpg The Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) has awarded 314 scholarships to needy students in Punjab and other Northern Indian states for the academic year 2008-2009...... → read more
Out on foot to promote the outdoors
DyaandVikram-THUMB.jpg "Life is a journey and, therefore, the passage towards an achievement is more important than the achievement. "It does not matter what I achieve and there are no expectations."..... → read more
Turban Day Celebrations In Rome, Italy
TurbanDay-THUMB.jpg The remarkable event was supported with light spiritual music which soaked the environment with a feeling of bliss and harmony. The students were seen rejoicing...... → read more
Rashpal Kaur Performs Gatka on Zee TV's
Rashpal.gif Rashpal Kaur, a young lady from Chandigarh recently performed Gatka on Zee TV's "Dance India Dance" - reality show. The judges were not only taken aback by her performance, but also by the adversity she had experienced. She discovered........ → read more
Gurbani Anywhere - Bani on Windows Phones
searching.png Gurbani Anywhere is a free to use Gurbani application for Windows based mobile phones. It allows the user to quickly and easily search and display Gurbani when on the move or away from a PC or web access...... → read more